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Merrimack College, where liberal professor named list of 'fake news' websites, found to have been DENIED accreditation, warn students... 'Please don't come to this hell hole...'

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Nov. 17, 2016

(NaturalNews) Merrimack College, the hub of liberal hatred and totalitarian censorship dreams that gave rise to crybully professor Melissa Zimdars and her targeting of independent media websites, was DENIED accreditation for its business school, warn its own students.

"When Applying To Merrimack College there were many promises that were made. Such as new accreditation and new Buildings," writes a student at "They were denied the accreditation and have made no progress on a new building."

Another student describes the academics at the school as "pretty much non-existant" and adds, "dont bother being a science major, you wont get a job and you wont have easy access to grad schools either... med schools dont even know what merrimack is... the business program has NO accreditation. There is an occasional party, and that is broken up very quickly by the prison guards, err I mean the wonderful public safety department."

All this is rather hilarious for a college whose faculty ridiculously claims that dozens of legitimate, free press websites are "fake news" sites. As it turns out, Merrimack College is largely a FAKE college, with its only accreditation coming from some crappy regional accreditation agency that looks like a diploma mill scam.

The accreditation body of its engineering school, for example, is called "ABET" which appears to have the same name as this scammy diploma mill company named "Abet International". It's not yet clear if that's the same "Abet" that's associated with Merrimack College, but this page from goes to great lengths to explain why Abet claims it is not an "accreditation mill." The lady doth protest too much...

Merrimack College is run like a lawless communist police state: "Campus police officers treat the school like communist Russia..." "Getting out of there as fast as I can..."

This will surprise no one: Merrimack College is run like a totalitarian police state, according to a multitude of student reviews which often contain the kind of desperate phrases you might hear from escaping citizens of North Korea or Venezuela. As you read the student reviews from Merrimack College, note carefully that none of them can write above a 7th grade level!

They do random room searches and go through student's belongings when they are not there. They take what they find and tell you that you cant pick it up for two weeks. The campus police officers treat the school like communist Russia. They search the cars on campus and issue tickets to students after they pay $150 to get a parking permit. The worst thing of all is that they do not abide by the laws of the state.

I find myself and others visiting friends at other schools every weekend because there is nothing on campus to do, and if you do decide to go out, you will probably end the night written up or in major trouble since its such a small school the "cops" catch everything. Library closes at midnight. your backpacks, duffle bags, and even laundry bags get checked everytime u walk in ur dorm because alcohol is apparently the worst thing you could possibly do here.

Campus Police is stricter then the Military Police. If you are walking anywhere on campus after dark be ready to be questioned. Alcohol seems to be worse to them than murder. The freshman dorms are very strict and punishments are harsh. I wouldn't recomend going to Merrimack to anyone that's why I'm getting out of there as fast as I can.

I wouldn't be surprised if Merrimack College has razor wire fence and armed guards to keep students IN!

Students desperately seek to escape the liberal Hell hole of Merrimack College, a totalitarian university run by commie libtards... "Everyone I talk to hates this place..."

More comments from students of Merrimack College warn of efforts to escape the communist compound for dear life:

The worst part about Merrimack is the residence life office. They make no attempt to make the college better. They go out of their way to make life harder for students.

Everyone i talk to hates this place, wants to transfer, or already has. I plan on transferring in the fall thankfully i wont be here EVER again.

Do not come here... there is numerous other reasons everyone despises this school but this would be probably a book long if i included that. so it is not worth ur time or a year of your life please dont come to this hell hole.

Its so bad I cant even stay another semester at this sh#thole. I'm not the only one who feels this strongly either - i have four roomates... two of which are leaving next semester(including myself) because this place is so bad. Many people I talk to have the same things to say. End of story - dont even bother applying here, and definitely do not come to this school.

College cafeteria food so nasty, "the homeless probably eat better food" decry students... "the library is disgusting..."

It's almost like Merrimack College is ripped right out of modern day Venezuala, another collapsing communist regime run by the same kind of radical leftists who run Merrimack.

More comments from horrified students paint a picture of a collapsing sh#thole run by clueless leftists:

The library is disgusting, noisy, outdated and small. The homeless probably eat better food then this "dining hall" gives us.

The place is misreable, there is nothing whatsoever to do here. The ground are not very well kept, there is a disgusting fake pond outside the science building. The library is poorly lit, dusty, and dated. Most all the buildings as well are spartan and not very well maintained. In brief, the dorms are filthy digusting! You wont feel bad if you end up throwing up on the floor after a night of heavy drinking.

This is a very close minded school. The faculty and administration are not approachable and leave the premises as soon as they are done with class. Hard to get office hours for most instructors. The grounds are not well kept and there is a lot of maintenance needed in the dorms.

If you'd like to attend this totalitarian communist sh#thole to pay through the nose for a degree in F##ktardery Studies that's taught by commie-leftist libtards, you may apply to the college by contacting them as follows:

Merrimack College

315 Turnpike Street

North Andover, MA 01845

(978) 837-5000

Their infamous "politburo" commie leftist media analyst is Melissa "Mish" Zimdars at:

or you can read her profile here.

I also encourage you to read Michael Krieger's analysis of Merrimack College and its declaration of war on the First Amendment. It's very educational... perhaps moreso than the college itself.

And of course, don't forget to check out the Zero Hedge entry on this exploding topic for more fun details.

Read more amazing student review of Merrimack College at

Merrimack College claims its mission is to "enlighten minds, engage hearts and empower lives."

I will pay $500 to the first student of Merrimack College that gets me photos of all the filth described in these complaints, with permission to publish them on Natural News. This is called "photojournalism," by the way. Reach Natural News through our contact page on this site. Your identity will be protected, and I can pay you with Bitcoin or PayPal. You must show us proof of enrollment at Merrimack, but your identity will be held private.