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October 15, 2016

Several Fourwinds readers have had difficulty in sending an article from Fourwinds.  Here are the directions.

1.  Click on the article you wish to send.

2.  Clkck on the "send" but at the top of the article

3.  A second page will appear.  Fill in the three blanks with  A.) your name.  B.)  your emal address  C.) the email address to whom you are sendiing the article.

4.  Type in the CODE given in the box below.  You can use either capital or low case letters.  If the code is not clear, you can go to the little red box to the right in the code box and click on the circle arrows.  The code will refresh to a different one.  If the code is still not clear, click until you are certain you can see all the letters given.  The CODE is to assure you that the article is safe from SPAM.

5.  Then ciick on the send button