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Many readers have asked how to find a particular article on Fourwinds other than searching through the Archive (7 day, 30 day or Full Archive) which is listed under the articles on the Homepage.

For that reason we are again directing our readers how to find the article they wish to read which is listed under our “NEWS” in our MAIN BLUE MENU at the top of any page.

Fourwinds has 20 main categories of news articles listed under “NEWS” in our main BLUE MENU at the top of any page.  Under these 20 Main Categories are 166 sub categories and some sub-sub categories.  



1.  Business

        A.  Currency

        B.  Economy

        C.  Corporate Fraud

       D.  Corporate Growth

2.  Education

        A. Books

        B.  Public

        C.  Private

3.  Entertainment

        A.  Art

        B.  Music

        C.  Sports

        D.  Movies

        E.  Drama

       F.  Comedy

4.  Environment

        A.  Humans

                1) Chemtrails

                2) Fire

               3) Nuclear/DU/Radiation

               4) Restoration


               6) Pollution

        B.  Plants / Animals

        C.  Earth Changes

        D.  Water

        E.  Weather/ Climate

        F.  Disaster Relief/Relief

        G.  Recycling

        H.  Exploration

        I.  Agriculture

        j.  Maps

5.  Government

        A.  Banking / IRS /Taxation and   /Insurance  

             1) Social Security

        B.  Homeland Security / Patriot Act / FEMA

        C.  Fraud

                1)  9/11 Attack

                2)  UK, Australia / Canada Government

                3)  G.W. Bush / G.H.W. Bush

                4)  U.S. Government        

                5)  Elections/ Campaigning

                      a) Vote Fraud      

                6)  State

               7)  Israel

               8)  Mexico

               9)  Russia / China

             10)  Africa

        D.  Native American

        E.  New World Order

        F.  United Nations

        G.  U.S. Constitution

               1)  U.S. Constitution/Gun Control

        H.  War

                1)  Bush’s Afghan/ War

                      a) Bush's Afghan/Pakistan War

                2)  Bush’s Iraq War

                3)  Bush’s Terrorism War

                4)  Israel / Palestine War

                5)  Bush’s North Korea War

               6)  Bush’s Iran War

               7)  Israel/Lebanon War

               8)  Bush’s Somalia War

               9)  Russia/China

              10) Serbia / Kosovo/Bosnia

              11)  Georgia/Ossentia

              12)  India/Pakistan

              13)  U.S. Russia

        I.   Foreign Policy/Government

       J.  State Government

       K.  Judicial / Courts

       L.  Immigration / Emigration

       M.  So. Am. Nationalism

       N.  Corporate US

       O.  Obama Government

6.  Health

        A.  AMA / Pharmaceutical / Insurance

        B.  Disease

        C.  Harmful Products

        D.  Holistic / Alternative Medicine

        E.  Mind Control

        F.  Abuse

        G.  Vaccinations

        H.  Disabilities

        I.   Food

        J.  Exercise

        K.  Safety

        L.  Intentional Death

        M.  Drugs

        N. Racism

        D.  Middle East

        E.  World

        F.  Africa

        G.  Cosmic

       H.  Asia

7.  History

      A.  American

           1) Skolnick

      B.  European

      C.  Zionism

      D.  Middle East

      E.  World

      F.   Africa

      G.  Cosmic

      H.  Asia




8.  Media

        A.  Alternative News

        B.  Mainstream Media (MSM)

        C. Internet

        D.  Television

        E.  Radio/Telephone/Cell Phone



               D.  History

                H.  News 


10.  Peace / Freedom

        B.  Patriotic Statements

        C.  Peace Statements

        D.  Rallies

                1)  Peace

                2)  Freedom

        E.  Pictures

       F.  Patriots/Protesters


11.  Religion / Cults


12.  Science / Technology

        A.  Cloning

        B.  Computers

        C.  Energy/Free Energy

        D.  New Technologies / Inventions

        E. DNA / GMO


13.  Space

        A.  Cloudships / Starships / Syllphs / Jinns

        B.  Crop circles / Light Wheels

        C.  Planet X / Nibiru

        D.  Photon Belt

        E.  Space Exploration

        F.  Time Travel

        G.  UFO’s / Aliens / Orbs


14.  Spiritual

        A.  Earth / human transition / Light Bodies

        B.  General Channelings

        C.  Specific Channelings

                1)  Diaclosities

                2)  El Morya

                3)  Gabriel                                 

                4)  Germain           

                5)  Hatonn/Aton/                               

               6)  Kadjina                                 

                7)  Kirael                                   

                8)  Kryon

                9)  Mary

                10)  Metatron

                11)  Michael

                12)  Sananda

                13)  Sanat Kumara

                14)  Soltec

                15) Ashtar

               17)  Hilarion

                18)  Creator Source

                19)  Korton

                20)  “Sheldan Nidle”

        D.  Inspirational – General

              1)  Daily Motivator

               2.  Omraam

               3)  Elder’s Meditation

        E.  Prayers

        F.  Poems

        G. Pictures

        H. Thoughts To Ponder


15.  Bellringer’s Corner

      A.  “Hello, Central!”

      B.  People of the Lie

      C.  Writings

      D.  NESARA Updates

      E.  Astronomy

      F.  Meditation

             1.  Poetry

             2.  Songs

             3.  Prayers

     G.  Anne Bellringer

     H.  Vital Articles


16. Valley of Radiance


18. Projects


B.   Environmental

C.  Educational

D.Provide Expertise

E.   Provide Funding

F.   Project - Ideas







To find the article you wish to read follow these directions:

1.        Hold your mouse over “NEWS” in our main BLUE MENU at the top of any page.  (Don’t click yet)

2.        When the blue box pops down, scroll down to the category of news articles you wish to view.

3.        When the page appears, scroll down to “SECTION  NAVIGATION” and click on the category of news articles you wish to view.

4.        When the page appears there will be 10 articles per page, all in dated order.

5.        Click on “Next” to view the following pages.

Please note  that "SECTION NAVIGATION"  lists the SUB-categories of main categories .   Some SUB- categories, as listed above have a Sub-sub cateorgy, such as under #4 Environment or #5 Government. 

For example the section “GOVERNMENT” has 16 SUB-categories listed under “Section Navigation”.  If you click on  “Banking/IRS/ Taxation/Insurance  that would take you to the articles listed in that Sub Category.

However, to get to “SOCIAL SECURITY”, you would have to scroll down again to “SECITON NAVIGATION” and click on “SOCIAL SECURITY”, as it is listed as a Sub-sub category. Under this section there are 73 pages of articles that include "Banking/IRS/Taxation/Insurance and Social Security."

The same hold true for GOVERNMENT / WAR/ Bush's Afghan War/ Bush's Afghan-Pakistan War.   The recent articles on Afghanistan and Pakistan are posted under this sub-sub category:

To find the articles on Voting Fraud:  GOVERMENT/ Fraud/ Elections Campaign/ Vote Fraud.  (In this case "Vote Fraud" is a sub-sub-sub category as in the chart above)