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July 27, 2015

Hi, Jim [Stone]

I am an engineer from the US now living in New Zealand. In America, I first started noticing something going on with the libraries in the late '90s. Previously, I was able to use Northwestern's federal depository and law libraries anytime they were open and also found great documentary and scientific information even at my local suburban public library. Then suddenly, the university installed turnstiles and restricted most hours only to students while the local libraries were purging some incredible books (a few of which I got practically free before they were tossed).


This past weekend I was at the engineering library of the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ) and noticed that a lot of the books I had seen previously were no longer there. I found out that they were merging the previously separate science and education libraries into the engineering library, but with no additional shelving. To make room, they've been purging huge numbers of valuable technical books and almost all of the old engineering journals. Someone mentioned that the aeronautics section was only one-quarter of what it used to be. Nothing was being stored and no record was being kept (or at least made available) of what had been removed.


This plus the prohibitive cost of good technical books, the uselessness of the Internet as a serious research tool and Draconian penalties for "copyright infringement" leads me to but one conclusion. All knowledge will be in the hands of a small number of NWO corporations and it will be impossible for would-be independent inventors to challenge them.




My response: There is nothing corporate about it. What you are witnessing is the total destruction of Western Civilization, which is based in those books. Destroy the libraries and hard print, and you destroy the civilization. This has been part of a Jewish plan for world domination since the 1970's in America. Most American libraries, even in small towns, were still great in 1990 because at that time they had not made a lot of headway. Now the libraries have been purged of all, and I MEAN ALL technical info of any substance. I remember going to a library looking for the light spectrums of various light sources in 1990 and it was SUPER EASY to get that information. You won't find that type of stuff now, and that is what libraries are for. If you cannot do that, you have no library. And yes, it was for an invention, just as you state.


Here is a previous article I typed years ago on this topic:


The Jews have set a goal of destroying the value of every printed library in Western Civilization


If you ever visited libraries in the past, back in the 80's, you would know that at even a modest public library you could find every book you needed to understand all aspects of the sciences. You would have been able to find accurate history, All the information gained from the nuclear tests, the truth about EMP's and nuclear tsunamis, all the great works of all the great writers, all the musical compositions and scores for all of the great musicians, detailed maps of every square inch of the earth, all of the local laws and codes, all of the electronic theory, all of the formulas for organic chemistry, all of the engineering information for the different types of steel, all the Chiltons manuals for automotive repair, every last topic about astronomy and astrophysics, folks, it does not take a lot of books to cover all those topics and far more, I can't think of them all, everything even a modest public library which, for example, a small city of 10,000 people would have had even 20 years ago. Or should I say 30? because starting in the mid 80's our libraries went under attack, to annihilate their value as a reference base for Western Civilization. Their destruction was deliberate.


I am an inquisitive type who would actually USE the libraries in the past. And it was never any problem to get detailed information, I can't even begin to tell you what types of things I would look for, for example, when developing a new type of bug killer lamp (it worked great) I was able to find the exact light spectrums of the various mercury vapor lamps. I could set out to find a fact, and everything I ever set out to look for would ALWAYS be at ANY library. I know I am unique in the type of things I would look for and therefore can serve as the library canary, giving the signal of DOOM. I knew the libraries were turning to garbage, but could not figure out why. That is, until my experience with the Jewish community. And now, even in cities with populations of a million plus, I can't find jack. I can't get a single question answered. Only the most basics of basic are there, the libraries have been stripped of real value and replaced with fluff.


Fluff like 94,000 feminist books, books about gaydom, alternative religion, new age B.S, 93 trillion ridiculous "self help" books, aisle after aisle of fiction and fantasy and virtually NOTHING of value with regard to what was once the fabric of Western Civilization. Any book with any science at all has the science buried under volumes of convoluted text, obviously intended to confuse. What once could be found within a few minutes now takes hours or days, if it can be found at all, or at least before frustration drives me out the door. Now, information which was once free to the public has been quarantined, for access only to the discrete few willing to pay thousands for that information via college text books or pay window documents on the web, and I have seen enough of those to know that even THEY are now intentionally convoluted and watered down.


It was intentional


The Jews made it a huge point - the value of having your own HARD PRINTED LIBRARY. And even poor Jews have enormous hard bound libraries in their homes. Jews will spend enormous piles of money on hard printed works, because they know that hard print cannot be changed via an online "update" and the only solid record of fact is a printed book. And while building their own private libraries, they set out to destroy the public libraries accessible to any non Jews. They got into all the library staffs, and made the decisions of which books got thrown, and which books got kept. If you go to any public library, you will discover that somewhere in each library there will be a Jew making the decisions of what will be in that library. Go to the dumpster out back, I have done this as part of my investigations of the Jews following leaving them, and even in little old bakersfield, I witnessed an enormous number of great books going out through the dumpster, with absolutely nothing of value replacing them inside the library. When I was in Vancouver, after leaving the Jewish community, I visited the library there and found a lot of the old good books still in place, only to discover that key pages were consistently ripped out of many of the best ones. And it was not vandals or geeks, because vandals don't care about technical writings and geeks know what a copier is, and also have a lot of respect for written works. I of course had the advantage of knowing Jews were doing this to our libraries, and checked the dumpsters and pulled key works to see what new atrocity had been committed on a fairly regular basis.


The internet has changed


Once upon a time you could go to Alta Vista, type in any scientific fact you wanted to know, and BOOM, it would be on your screen. It was like a library on steroids. But after Google that changed. Google buries all truthfully technical information behind a pay wall, and even Alta Vista now does as well. So unless you plan to spend hundreds or thousands buying technical writings in the hopes that one nugget will be there (chances are it will not) the internet has now been rendered totally useless as a scientific reference tool. So they FIRST destroyed the libraries, and then destroyed the web, and if you think Wikipedia is great you have a lot of learning to do.


Via the destruction of our information base, the Jews have made an enormous step towards gaining our rightful future


It's no secret our schools have been destroyed. It's no secret that our kids are now graduating with honors, while not being able to think or even knowing the basics. We are about to be made irrelevant as a civilization. There is still a key pool of 50 plus year old engineers who got real educations, who are designing CPU's and whatever else was at the pinnacle of our society. As far as technical advancement, there are enough of these people from America's great past still in the system to hide the damage that has been done. They won't be there forever, and when they are gone we will suffer a collapse more enormous than the world has ever witnessed. And rising from the ashes of that collapse will be the Jews, with all of our works carefully preserved within their homes and private libraries, and with their children carefully educated with OUR advanced knowledge they will rise to the top. Our civilization, with it's great technical reference base destroyed and children intentionally sabotaged via tainted vaccinations and worthless "educations", will slip into irrelevance.


Destruction of records - yet another account


A family member of mine was a senior engineer for NASA. When they went computerized on all records, he asked if he could keep the files for his particular area of expertise. He took all of it home and they still call him ten years later for questions they don't have the answer to. No wonder NASA can't even make a rocket anymore.


My response:


Once in digital form, it can all be edited and deleted. This is obviously what has happened to Nasa if the above account is true, and probably is.