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David Crafrord

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By David Crayford

Jul 30th 2018


We can change our politicians every 4, 5, or 6 years when applicable, but it doesn’t make much difference because those politicians are part of the mechanism that constructs the system in which they have a preferential interest in the same old system we are all controlled by. Yes, politicians may appear to make a few changes and make it appear that such changes add to the betterment of our lives, BUT, BUT, BUT, although assisting to control the system, they are equally controlled by the system as anyone else, so do such changes really make any real difference.

When one looks at the political structure in any one country, one party benefits the more wealthier of society, which the other benefits the average and poorer members of society. The third party, which is usually positioned in the middle between the other two, ferment and relish changes, some call it liberalism, to society rather than specific socio-economic groups.

So what is this SYSTEM I refer to?

Let’s take a look at some aspects of our lives to answer and define the question above.

EDUCATION: We learn what others decide that we must learn, there is always a curriculum, but is it the truth? That learning applies to all age groups from pre-school right through to old age. One subject that isn’t taught anywhere in the world is “The History of the Global Debt Facility”, a highly important and historic subject which the economic and financial graduates and majority of people know nothing about, whereby they are effectively forced to believe the lies, myths, and narrative surrounding same without realizing they have been brainwashed, and that is the main objective of the system. It is what the system wants you to know whether it is the truth or not.

There are certain basic subjects like arithmetic, basic English language, or other native languages, spelling. However, even languages and spelling are subverted such as American English, Australian English, Singaporean English, South African English, and so on, so even the language you learn is subverted within the curriculum of specific countries. Nothing has a solid foundation from which we can learn correctly and learn the real truth, our politicians see to that.

Main Stream media and even the Alternative Media are all educational tools, but again, is it the truth we are learning when there is an enormous amount of deliberate “Fake News” which means ……  Lies and deliberate misrepresentation and disinformation. Many people around the world believe the Alternative media is more reliable than the Main Stream media, but an increasing number around the world are beginning to be enlightened and appreciating that even the Alternative Media is manipulated by unscrupulous sources behind it, which have personal interests, political interests, destructive interests, and sheer support for criminal activities.

Working and living within the arena of your specific interests allows you to understand it more, and thus dispels a lot of the lies and myths that one faces everyday from both the Main Stream media and the Alternative Media. It allows one to learn the real truth and that might come as a serious blow to those who once believed in virtually everything that they have previously read.

But that is the current system and you, as Mr. & Mrs. Average, can do very little about it, unless you make an effort to learn the truth and question the narrative previously placed before you.

THE LAW:   Common Law, the structure of which is written and defined within the “Magna Carta” for which England and all its colonies were guided by for centuries that is until the politicians decided that although being good for the people, it was not good for the system or them. So, the politicians enacted laws that were based upon Maritime Law (Admiralty Law) which was far better for the system as you are guilty unless you prove yourselves innocent. The “Magna Carta” and Common Law has died an un-natural death at the enormous expense of the citizens.

You no longer have rights that you once used to have. Let me extend on that subject if I may. Once upon a time you and other “Same thinkers” used to be able to peacefully protest / demonstrate without fear or favour. Now, in many countries, you need “Approval” from your local government whereby you cannot protest / demonstrate in the area you wanted to because that would be far too embarrassing for those, usually government and their ideology; you are demonstrating / protesting about / against. Even if you do protest / demonstrate, your given area is lined with police, with back up fully armed forces strategically positioned just in case your protest / demonstration gets out of hand. If your demonstration is not lined by police, you can be absolutely sure that under-cover police and intelligence agents are mingling amongst the demonstrators (Spies in the camp). Then, of course there is the “Rent a Thug” aspect to disrupt your demonstration, which is far more common and purposeful than people think.

If chaos with your demonstrations happens, you are then treated like loose and wild animals, bombarded with Tear Gas, bludgeoned by police truncheons, forced to the ground and forcibly arrested and pushed into police vans like “Sardines in a tin”. If the latter doesn’t happen, then certainly you are being watched, and can be identified, by facial recognition cameras, whether you like it or not. Hello, George Orwells book 1984.

If say you committed a “Traffic Offence” in times gone by and in a Common Law society, you would receive a warning only and told to be careful because the next time you would receive a fine. You had a degree of respect for the police because they were human and well trained as well. Nowadays, the police, which is a limited company in most countries (and they operate more like gangsters than police, and are not trained), have to make money to assist them to finance their operations because the government have cut their annual budget, so now you do not get a warning, you get an immediate ticket for say £100 pound and 3 or 4 points on your driving license. You are Guilty and don’t bother fighting the charges because the system makes sure that you cannot afford it. If you did fight it and win the case, it would probably cost you £1500 - £ 2000 pounds sterling in the UK, as the Solicitors are all part of the system and they will take your money whatever the final outcome of the case. Many people today say, “Better to pay the fine and put up with it as I haven’t got £1500 - £2000 pound sterling to pay to fight it and I cannot get Legal Aid.”  In other words, accept the system because you cannot afford to fight it.

You believed, from what you learned, that the law would protect you. How wrong you were to believe this. You are guilty unless you prove otherwise, and you didn’t know it because what you were taught, although maybe right at the time, was no longer applicable as the basis of law has changed. Now it is a minefield and you need a lawyer to decipher it, but you cannot afford a lawyer you just don’t have the money to pay for one, and if you try and claim Legal Aid / Assistance you are informed that your case is not applicable and Legal Aid / Assistance is not available to you, because the government have reduced the categories that are applicable for legal aid, to save costs which will be used to finance the development of the system they are part of.

But that is the current system and you, as Mr. & Mrs. Average, can do very little about it, unless you make an effort to learn the truth and question the legitimacy of what you learned previously.

FINANCE:  You were once taught to be prudent with the money you earned. Pay your living costs, save a little and spend a little. Nothing wrong with that at all, it taught us to respect money and live within our means.

Not any longer. Now governments want you to spend your money as fast as you get it, on consumerism because they benefit from the “Sales Tax” or “Value Added Tax” on most of the goods that you buy.

The Governments, of course, need that money for the little empires they are building to control you even more than they do now.

So you buy the goods that are available to you today, only to find that what you bought goes wrong and doesn’t work. Well it is under warranty, or so you thought, so you take it back to the shop you bought it from who inform you that they can do nothing as it has to go back to the manufactures, or the manufacturers agents who just happen to be a few hundred or a few thousand miles away at the other end of the country, or in another country; and that could be 4 – 8 weeks before you get it back, but you have to pay for the shipping there and back because the warranty only covers parts and labour.

In the U.K. alone, businesses have fostered the “Contractor policy” or “Self Employed policy” or even “Zero Hours Employment Contracts” because then, they don’t have to pay “National Insurance” contributions, Employers Tax Contributions, or provide “Private Health”, “Day Care”, “Sick Pay”, “Holiday Pay” and so on. That’s extremely good for the employers because it actually means increased profits, but real jobs are in short supply and those persons whom are regarded as general employees have decreased in numbers quite dramatically over the last 30 – 40 years. Unemployment also assists the system and is a tool of the system, because if you do not do your job, or the employer wants you out for whatever reason, there are hundreds at the door waiting to do your job.

The less employers have to pay the better it is for profits. At the same time government lose out in tax revenue so that is one reason why they need you to keep buying goods because of the “Sales Tax” or “Value Added Tax” which fills the treasury, and that is only part of the problem. It won’t be long before that part of the system becomes super-saturated when you decide your do not need any more. That is the time when Government will implement further changes, which will probably confuse and frustrate you, but that is the system and you are controlled, or guided by control, to do what the system wants you to do.

Then they ensure that they keep the money rolling in, which keeps their system in place; by increasing everything in price, year of year, within the annual budget, which in turn adds to the national inflation rate which lowers the value of the currency, your savings, and the purchasing value of your money.

If, for some reason you lose your job, or your business doesn’t survive, you are forced to “Beg” the government to support you temporarily, until you can get yourself back on your feet. Then you find that what you have paid into Government sponsored schemes, such as pensions, and welfare benefits, is just not what you expected because the government has devalued your pension, or sickness benefits, disablement benefits, welfare benefits, and so on, because they claim that the country is in debt and they can not afford to pay you what you have previously paid for. All the time the government (Past and present) is the one organisation that has got the country into debt, and you as a citizen has to suffer for it, at a time when you least expect it and when you need it most. Governments, past and present, should be held fully accountable for the mess / problems / losses they create and for which the people suffer.

If you wanted to borrow money to start a business, or buy a house, or car, your local Bank Manager had a far better idea about you, your idea, and the market you were entering, than the Head Office faceless desk dwellers who now make the decisions, and who probably haven’t a clue about your local market conditions or your targeted catchment area, but that doesn’t matter to them because all they want is to lend money, which in fact is generated out of thin air as soon as you sign the Banks’ documentation for the loan; to make money and the more they make the better it is for them and their highly questionable bonuses at year end.

Even if your bank makes serious mistakes, and are ultimately insolvent, the system (in Europe) is that the banks can take money, either in part or full, from your account and replace it with share certificates, or some other form of loose security. You do not have any choice on that issue as that is the law and that is the system. If you really wanted to be a shareholder of the bank you would have purchased shares yourselves, but no, the Government and the law have done this for you and you have no choice.

Unfortunately, the law dictates that when you put money in the bank, that money becomes the property of the bank for which they issue you with a receipt (Bank Account Savings Book, or something like a Time Deposit Certificate) and you have no say whatsoever as to how they use, what is effectively your money; to finance their operations.

But that is the current system and you, as Mr. & Mrs. Average, can do very little about it, unless you make an effort to learn the truth and question the legitimacy of what you learned previously, plus, go out and buy a safe to keep your money in, secure it correctly and keep your money in your safe. It is readily available to you and, other than the cost of the safe, doesn’t cost you anything in Bank costs / fees / charges.

HEALTH:  Years ago you were taught that if you were ill there was always a doctor available for you to see, and, if necessary, a hospital bed, all provided under a National Health or private system that you paid for with your Insurance / National Insurance contributions.

With continuous budget cuts, year on year, you now have to look at Private Health Insurance, if you can afford it, because Doctors are overworked and you cannot get an appointment for 2 weeks, or hospitals do not have an available bed for you for 6 months or more. Even Accident and Emergencies are limited because the facilities are highly limited as are the doctors and beds availability. So don’t go and get yourself seriously ill, until you have checked with your doctor and hospital that they are ready for you and that the appropriate facilities are readily available for you when you decide you are going to be ill. If you do everything wrong and actually die, then the government, hospital and doctor do not have to concern themselves about you ………… Next one please.

All the time you have paid for this service and you believed it was readily available to you. You forgot to add in “Unknown Factor” which is “What your elected government are going to change in the future which will seriously affect you and your calculations.”

But that is the current system and you, as Mr. & Mrs. Average, can do very little about it. Just don’t get ill and don’t die which will let the system off the hook.

HOUSING:  The Governments want you to buy your own home as it takes the pressure and liability out of Government hands and into your own hands and you hold the liability if things go wrong, whether it’s your fault or the fault of others.

You lose your home, for one reason or another, whether because you have lost your job and cannot afford the mortgage payments, or you have been seriously ill and have to survive on the meager “Sickness Benefits” that the government has decided you are entitled to, so you can no longer afford to pay the mortgage. Or, as a tenant, you have an argument with the landlord because the landlord hasn’t kept to the rental agreement. So you go to court on the issue and the court rules in favour of the landlord.

Out you go, and the local Council can not assist you because there isn’t enough Social Welfare Housing available (They have sold most of it off in the last 40 years) and the Councils / Government can only finance so much new construction per year which is insufficient to meet demands. Now you have to look at Private Rental which effectively places you in “Slum Housing” unless you have sufficient income per month to pay for the more “Up-market housing”, but that is not possible because you haven’t got a job or you have been seriously ill and have extremely limited income.

If you are single, you can drop out of society and live on the streets or live with several others in a small flat and share the rent and expenses. No one, including the Government is going to help you these days. A totally different atmosphere and ideology from that following WW I and WW II. Government then set a course to build Welfare Housing to accommodate their citizens. They didn’t want anyone, or any citizen, without a suitable house to live in. If it was a family, the husband worked, the wife stayed at home and looked after the children, or, took a part time job so that the extra income would be to their benefit in the future. These days, both husband and wife have to work just to make ends meet and look after their family as best they possibly can.

But that is the current system and you, as Mr. & Mrs. Average, can do very little about it. Just don’t go beyond your financial reach, be prudent and protect your family because no one else will do it for you.

The system is designed to see you grovel, work for pittance, and face servitude for the benefit of the system. Furthermore, with globalization (although that appears to be falling apart at the seams) your employer is sourcing your jobs to Third World countries because it is more economical for them to do so, and it assists to increase profits for the shareholders, who are also part of the system even if some of them don’t know it.

Now the system is looking to rid countries of their identities and Sovereignty, as in the European Union, ASEAN, the proposed Arabian Union, the proposed N. African Union, the proposed S. African Union, and so on.

You were once a British, French, Italian National. Not any longer, you are a European National. Your National Government is no longer working for its Citizens / Nationals. It is just a small part of a bigger system that controls it and you as the Taxpayers contribute to the running costs and system ideology of the bigger system and you really didn’t have a vote on this matter. Eventually your Government will be obsolete (it is close to that now) and you will not have any chance to object about it, or change it.

There again, you did not learn enough about it in the past, nor did you seek to find the truth, you just accepted the narrative at the time. How foolish you were, but to be fair, you did not have the time or means to seek the truth. Neither was the “Freedom of Information Act” available at that time. Even if it was, the Governments make financial charges for the information you want and you just cannot afford it out of your meager salaries. The system took care of that factor for you.

Someone once questioned me on the fact that The Global Debt Facility was the biggest owner of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Precious Gems, etc, in the world, which by the way is real FACT. That person didn’t believe one word I stated to him and said, “there was only 120,000 MT of Gold ever produced in the history of the world and all that gold is accounted for, so what are you talking about.” He firmly believes the false narrative which was put out deliberately and has never changed over decades.

I responded by saying, “When currencies were backed by Gold where do you think the countries obtained their gold from to back their currencies as almost all countries did not hold sufficient Gold to support the amount of their currency in circulation. Furthermore, if there was only 120,000 MT available in the whole world and with 203 countries, it would mean an average of 591.13 MT (19,005,271 Troy Ounces) of Gold per Nation at $35 USD per troy ounce = USD 665,184,485 USD, available to back currencies, which is far from what was required even for the domestic market let alone the International market, considering that even in those days countries, especially the more developed countries, were trading in the tens (10’s) and hundreds (100’s) of billions of USD per month, which is a lot different to the tens of trillions of USD traded each day in this day and age.

That person then stated “Now you are confusing me with figures”. No I wasn’t, I was just stating FACT.

I continued by saying that Gold and Silver from the Global Debt Facility was allocated to each and every country so that limitations were eliminated, National and International economies could continue to operate, and countries could grow and develop their economies.

When the Gold Standard was unceremoniously withdrawn in August 1971 by Richard Nixon, former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, who was the Master Holder and M1 of The Global Debt Facility at the time, went about devising a system to ensure that countries still had the backing of Gold to develop their economies and finance the growing international trade factor. The Gold no longer held a legal charge against it, so Ferdinand Marcos introduced The Global Settlements Treaty which was executed by 852 Government dignitaries from 203 Countries and 11 International Organisations. That Treaty was never implemented, although an attempt was unlawfully made by the Allied Nations to utilise the Treaty in conjunction with the Mitterand Protocols; and Ferdinand Marcos (The most powerful person on this planet of ours) became the unwanted and was removed in 1986 by the EDSA Revolution with enormous assistance by the CIA.

That Gold, and there is an awful lot of it (I will not give the actual figures) and which is regarded as the Holy Wealth of our Holy Father in Heaven, is legally owned on planet earth by The Global Debt Facility and is available to assist the countries of this world, give financial independence to each and every country, and bring stability to a financial system that is on the verge of collapse. It legally belongs to the Global Debt Facility, not the Allied Nations or the original beneficiaries, or the Trustees / Custodians; of which The International Treasury Controller is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of same.

After all that explaining, that person walked away nodding his head, but still believing in the old and incorrect narrative. Some people you just cannot educate, because they do not want to be educated as they are comfortable with the old, but totally incorrect, narrative, but that is the system which has brainwashed the majority of people with its selective education and deliberate misinformation; and you are probably one of the brainwashed.

There is, of course, many other situations that could be explained to you, but limitations need to be applied to articles, otherwise I would be writing several books on this subject. On that subject, my first book entitled …… The Global Debt Facility --- The Chaisse Conundrum  ……  has now gone through its first reading by publishers. I have to make some adjustments / insertions when I have the time, following which it will go for publication. Our policy is …….   “Let the truth be revealed without Fear or Favour so that people can learn the truth and know the truth.”

In the meantime, whilst waiting for the publishers, I have started to pen my second book entitled ……… The Global Debt Facility --- Takedown. Hopefully a percentage of the public will enjoy the reading and learn from it. Both books are Non-Fictional.

So much for the present System which doesn’t allow us to learn the truth, doesn’t allow us the freedom of Common Law, doesn’t provide for or treat its citizens with respect or dignity, and which constantly issues disinformation that they want us all to believe.

What a non-wonderful world we live in.

The onus in our world today should be on PPP (People, Peace, and Prosperity), not PWI (Provocation, War and Insecurity)


David P. Crayford.