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Outside of Eustace Mullins -- there are probably only a handful of non self-censoring historians who even come close -- but Wayne Jett in this interview, does manage to skirt some points deserving of everyone's attention surrounding the discussed time period , that are not only distilling, and revelatory, but go a long way in connecting more of the pieces missing from some of Eustace Mullins previous works, such as The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

"Wayne is self effacing when giving the account of his own personal research, which makes hearing what he has to say much more compelling and credible."  Wayne was not unlike most people in the world who've unknowingly played the role of Pollyanna Their entire lives, only to be confronted one-fine-day by the stark truth and realization that most everything They'd been led to believe was in fact, an outright lie, and that They Themselves were the ones responsible for the perpetuation of those lies, by having believed in them to start with.

The interview conducted by Dunagun Kaiser of the Reluctant Preppers, was well balanced and courteous from the standpoint that Mr. Kaiser allowed Mr. Jett the uninterrupted time necessary to coherently unpack his findings so that a clearer picture could be had by-one-and-all. One final note, the beginning of this video is a bit slow, with all the advertisements, and what have you's, and does take a while to get going, so be patient, sit back, relax, and absorb what this dude has to say, because it is truly priceless.

What if you discovered that our grandparents' and parents' generations barely survived an all-out coordinated attack designed to starve out and permanently obliterate the American middle class and restore a two-class system run by the global financial elite? Or worse: what if you learned beyond a doubt from first-hand accounts that this heinous campaign has been perpetrated for over a century AND STILL BEING WAGED by a collusion of corrupt government leaders and trans-national financiers? Our guest faced just such a chilling revelation, and chose to go public with his findings, at great personal risk.

Wayne Jett, attorney who has argued cases before the US Supreme Court, and author of the scholarly book "The Fruits of Graft," joins Reluctant Preppers for this first segment in a blistering expose of corruption and genocide perpetrated by US Presidents at the bidding of the real owners behind international banks and off-record governmental organizations which have been pulling the strings at our families' expense for generations.

You owe it to yourself and your ancestors and descendants to absorb what Wayne Jett reveals about the shocking documented historical evidence that puts our upside-down world into perspective, and brings razor-sharp focus to what we are up against and what we must do about it!

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