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SOTN: ust because you don’t like the messenger does not mean these radioactive GREAT RESET revelations are not true.


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Never Before Seen Glaring Details

of the GREAT RESET Revealed

SOTN Editor’s Note: Folks, the highly classified info/data that follows about the “never seen before” details of the Great Reset is as radioactive as it gets.  If there’s one conclusion about this planned transition to the utterly demonic New World Order, it’s the obvious reality that such a diabolical plan will be impossible to carry out.  Truly, the “glaring details” presented below prove that the NWO cabal is populated by hardcore genocidal maniacs and criminally insane psychopaths hellbent on creating Satan’s paradise on Earth.  The more Patriots who are aware of this nefarious NWO agenda, the easier it will be to torpedo the whole harebrained scheme; so please disseminate this post far and wide—post-haste!


For more information on this highly consequential subject, please click here to read numerous articles and exposés on the Great Reset:  Be sure to keep on clicking “Older posts” on the left side below each new “Great Reset” title.

Special Note: As the title stated, “Just because you don’t like the messenger does not mean these radioactive GREAT RESET revelations are not true“.  SOTN has repeatedly proven that the QAnon psyop is run by the US Intel Community.  However, Q still puts out a LOT of content which is quite accurate, although that 90% truth is always posted to red pill the Patriots who can then be profoundly deceived by the 10% crucial falsehoods (See Operation Trust).  The critical point here is that truth-seekers are well advised NOT to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  It ought to be obvious that the preceding disclosures were purposefully presented to the Q audience, as they now represent a massive political demographic.  So, just ignore the Qspeak and carefully read what the power elite really do have in store for US.  Yes, it’s totally daffy, but so was OPERATION COVID-19 (multiple variations of the COVID-19 bioweapon) and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda (weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ bio-targeting specific victim groups) WHICH BOTH CONTINUE FULL BORE TO THIS VERY DAY!!!  The comment sections that tear apart this post, and there are many because of how “radioactive” this ultra-classified intelligence truly is, need to be ignored by Patriots who are serious about forever obliterating the GREAT RESET.

State of the Nation

July 16, 2022