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A Cashless Society Looms: Cui Bono?

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[Ron: Be aware that a cashless society is not beneficial for the general population. A cashless society is not a moneyless society. A moneyless society is a spiritually oriented society in which everyone in the community contributes according to their ability and as needed; and the community as a whole "owns" the planet's God given resources, which means that, among other things, each community as a whole, is the responsible guardian and controller of all relevant physical planetary resources and the locally available technologies, robots, machines and human resources needed to sustain everyone in abundance while preserving the integrity and ecology of the planet and the wellbeing of ALL of inhabitants, human and other. Such societies will develop in due course, once humanity evolves in consciousness and integrity. But unfortunately, we are not there yet. Currently private individuals purport to "OWN" the corporations and governments that purport to "OWN" the planet's God given physical resources; and the factories, technologies, machines and intellectual property etc that CAN produce abundance but they only produce what they require for their own use and benefit, and/or can sell for a profit.

As private individuals and the corporations (including governments) they own, also currently "own" the resources from which abundance is produced, a cashless society will have the opposite effect from a "moneyless" society. Why?  Because the money meme and the materialist Capitalist ideology it has spawned, will remain dominant. As a result, at best, everyone will be required to remain a free range serf, ie a wage slave dependant on employment, welfare payments or other "charity" contributions and “benefits” from governments, corporations and plutocrats, for needed wages, sustenance payments, "compensation" or other charity, however described.

Moreover, taxes, charges and levees of all kinds are currently extracted, by force and violence by governments but in a "cashless" society they will be extracted at the press of a keystoke. In that environment the elimination of cash, ie physical "money" tokens which "wage slaves" can currently hold in their hands and exchange for goods and services, will usher in an era of total enslavement, and dependence upon those who control society including of course the banks who contol the issue of digital money credits to be used in lieu of cash wages and other cash payments.

THINK ABOUT THAT! Once a society becomes cashless, everyone becomes totally dependent upon the banks and those who control the banks, for the ability to satisfy their daily needs in virtually every way. Assuming that the banksters and corporatist controllers of governments even allow them, the sole exceptions will be gardening communities and co-operatives where the members are virtually self sufficient in food production and other things. Anyone dependent upon wages, salary or government handouts or "compensation" packages processed by the banking system will live or die depending upon whether that system provides them with appropriate digital credit payments, when needed. So, if an individual's access to his/her digital "cash" is eliminated for any reason (for instance if relevant computer systems crash, electric power supplies cease, or banks, governments or other authorities simply terminate that facility for a given individual or individuals, the individual(s) affected will starve unless supported by the charity of others, if any, who still have access to "cashless" digital money tokens or some physical means of sustenance.].