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After reading a blurb on an alt news site attempting to show individual house hold costs related to government spending, I looked at the situation from a fresh perspective. Then I looked at the process of money and its creation. Surprise surprise I am the CREDITOR.

Every corporation or government operation is forced to obtain funds for its operation and sustainability from the money system. Yet none of these characters ever identify where the essential value of the money obtained comes from. Here is one piece of the puzzle, perhaps the fundamental piece.

I use the Social Security Administration as the example because that identifying number affects every American. Further, the flow of Law, money and obligations surrounding S.S. is representative of all government or corporate enterprise and their funding of operations.

The premise that Social Security is government spending is wrong and completely with out basis in fact, law or commerce and accounting, particularly for tax purposes.

S.S. Is a depository account held for management purposes at the US Treasury, depository custodian. The depositors are the individual account holders and their employers who match originating funds. The accounts are exempt from attachment in law or equity under the original never altered SS Act. 42 USC sec. 407.

"The S.S CARD itself tells its own true story exposing the Creditor. "The Social Security number shown on your card is yours alone. Do not allow others to use your number as their own." "This card belongs to the Social Security Administration and you must return it if we ask for it." Note the identifier associated to your name is your property. This is a gift that carries no strings. The other number identifier on the back of the card is associated to S.S.A. and its legal relations to both government and the bank. Yes the term the bank is correct. There is only one bank in America because the FED owns the all money and distributes its private property through franchised store fronts called Banks.

The SS card itself is a legally binding contract with terms stated on the card itself. This is your proof of a TRUST in operation. Trust by result or construction, resulting trust or constructive trust. One is proper the other may be proper given its operational contexts.

The deposits are property of the depositors who never authorized the depository custodian to use, redirect, transfer or convert the funds deposited. The SS Administration nor any other government agency including Congress is authorized to use these funds in any manner other than to pay for administrative costs to serve the beneficiaries.

The essential misconstruction of private deposited funds being an entitlement gift from government is fostered to support and cover up theft and use of stolen property. The funds are stolen because no American account holder ever gifted their property, money deposited, to government nor ever transferred ownership in the property, funds earned by labor, to government or FED use or ownership.

Federal retirement and benefits on the other hand is an entitlement paid for by taxpayers who are not only the ultimate employer of all government workers yet the payer of the matching portion by the employee through wages.

  • Quite the bait and switch scam exposed by simply reading the law and following the creation of money from its source through its administration and transfers to the ultimate beneficiary.

The source of all money is human labor. Wake up Americans, you are the depositing creditor funding all US money now issued as private money by the Federal Reserve under Congresses creating money out of thin air to fund its expenditures.

  • The flow is simple to understand once the scam of misleading statements is avoided.

Congress creates an act. In order for the act to have value or motion it needs money to pay the people who execute the act. Congress sends its request for funds to the President who signs off on creating the funds.

The President sends the authorization to the Treasury under order to create and issue T bills, T bonds, T notes.

There is no difference between a home owners issuing a note to purchase a home and the President signing the note from Congress and ordering Treasury to create the money.

These Treasuries are transferred to the FED which issues its private money, Federal Reserve Note, into circulation and use by its store fronts called banks. The FEDs money is private because the FED issues the note under surety and guarantor signatures by US officials. This is the only identifiable asset the FED has to back is issued instruments no matter how denominated. The private FED money is actually FED credit based on holding the Treasuries.

The issuing parties are liable completely for their acts and the proving that essential value backing of their issued money is their free and clear titled asset prior to use as money.

What this means in the simple world of commercial accounting is the American depositor having an identifiable account and deposit record at the SS held and administered at the Treasury is the only provable creditor present in the system.

The taxing of individual Americans who are not subjects of government when viewed in debtor, creditor relations defines and identifies the parties in each position.

No other party to this set of transactions is able to identify their value, property or property right in the money system other than the creditor.

  • How's that for a brain un-twister provable from the public record facts created by our loyal government servants?

The real issue to understand is PRIVATE MONEY. Any thing that is owned privately is under complete control of the owner at all times in all places under all circumstances.

  • Does this statement prove the FED owns the Money system?
  • Does this monograph expose who is the creditor and who or what is the debtor and more to the point expose what the transfer mechanism is and who operates it?