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Adam Casalino

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President Trump has taken a lot of heat from his stance on China. And I mean a lot of heat.

Judging from what all these economic “experts” say, you’d think they were Chinese lobbyists! It seems like Democrats and even many Republicans would rather have China hold all the cards.

The fact remains Chinese has been taking advantage of us for years. Congress and past presidents sat back and let it happen.

Americans companies closed up—most of our manufacturing dried up and died. China took all the jobs. And to double down on it, they stole American intellectual properties, selling bootleg versions of our devices overseas.

All that amounts to trillions lost to our economy. And to our businesses and workers.

Trump has been fighting back with strategic tariffs meant to encourage businesses to buy American. China, terrified of that implication, tried to hit back with tariffs on American goods.

But we’ve just seen whose economy is stronger than the others. Because China just caved.

From Reuter:

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said on Monday that China is willing to resolve its trade dispute with the United States through calm negotiations and resolutely opposes the escalation of the conflict, a state-backed newspaper reported…

The comments come after U.S. President Donald Trump last week announced an extra 5% duty on some $550 billion of Chinese goods, the latest tit-for-tat move announced hours after China unveiled its retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. products.

The Chinese Vice Premier said they are willing to come back to the trade table to end this war.

That’s after China has suffered from a slipping currency and struggling Asian markets. What does that tell you?

China needs our business more than we need theirs! They tried to hit us with tariffs, but they only suffered more.

China really needs American consumers and businesses to buy all their stuff. The same is not true the other way around.

If we stop buying their goods, their entire house of cards will crumble. That means President Trump’s plan is working.

China will have to agree to a trade deal that is fair for both countries. They can no longer get rich by taking advantage of us.

They’ll have to work fairly to ensure they don’t succeed at the expense of American industry.

President Trump is more than happy to negotiate. The tariffs were just the stick to get China to cooperate.

All those “experts” claiming this was the end of the world were wrong. Once again. And, once again, Trump’s brilliant leadership has paid off.

Glad he’s on our side, huh?

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Source: Fox News