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By Patrick H. Bellringer

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Three” on our planet. It is Cosmic Law that evil is not allowed in any frequency range of fifth and higher dimensions. The greatest opportunity for lessons in soul growth are found in the dimensions where evil exists, namely that of third and fourth dimensions.

Our planet Earth Shan is constantly increasing in frequencies, as the intense Light energy of Creator God streams in from our helium sun, from the Photon belt and from “Heaven’s Gate” in the Cosmos. Earth Shan’s energy is approaching fifth dimension, making it most difficult for evil to remain on our planet. The darkside is in panic as Truth is “breaking out” everywhere. Their lies are being uncovered as enlightenment sweeps across the cities and lands and battlefields of our world. Many people are awakening to their spiritual potential, and are choosing to walk in the Light of Creator God. They are leaving the darkness and lies behind, as they dump the heavy load of fear and hatred they have carried so long. Others are choosing to remain on their dark path and to continue their soul growth lesson in third dimension in another lifestream. In so doing they are choosing to leave planet Earth.

The people of Earth Shan are approaching Heaven’s Gate. This is the time of sorting of which the prophets have spoken so many times. This is the time of choosing between a pathway of Light or a pathway of darkness for Earth’s people. This is the time to repent of one’s errors in failing to follow the Laws of God and Creation. Those, who choose not to follow Creator God’s Laws for the good of all, will leave Earth Shan. That is now happening. Many young and old souls all around us are leaving in so many sad and unexpected ways. The darkside controllers are panicked as their numbers continue to dwindle. This is the “end times” when the darkside loses on Earth Shan. This is the time of joy when Creator God wins! Will you be one of those joyous souls, who enters Heaven’s Gate? This is truly the time of choosing.

Over the ages people have asked, “What will Heaven be like?” Artists, prophets, seers, and highly spiritual people world-wide have created paintings, and visions, and word pictures of Heaven. From early childhood most of us have dreamed about a place called Heaven, and we all have our own ideas of what Heaven must be like. In the last two chapters of Revelation the last book of the Bible John gives his vision of Heaven. For two thousand years John’s vision of Heaven, as a magnificent city, has shaped the thinking of millions of people. John saw a new heaven and a new earth and the holy city, new Jerusalem, with the radiance of a rare jewel. The city had a great, high wall, with twelve gates and an angel at each gate. Each gate was made of a single pearl, and the foundations of the wall of the city were adored with jewels, jasper, sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, carnelian, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, and amethyst. The streets of the city were made of pure gold and transparent as glass.

The city had no need of sun or moon to light it but only the Light of God. Because there was no night, the city’s gates were never shut. No evil was allowed in the new Jerusalem. The middle street of the city was divided by the river of the water of life. The water, as bright as crystal, flowed from the throne of God. On each side of the river were growing the trees of life, with each tree bearing twelve kinds of fruit year around. The leaves of these trees were used for healing the people of all nations.

The vision of F. E. Weatherly of heaven is similar to that of John of Revelation. In his song, “The Holy City” he writes:

“And once again the scene was changed,

New earth there seemed to be,

I saw the Holy City beside the tideless sea;

The Light of God was on its streets,

The gates were open wide,

And all who would might enter,

And no one was denied.

No need of moon or stars by night,

Or sun to shine by day,

It was the new Jerusalem,

That would not pass away.

In the Phoenix Journal number 4 entitled, Spiral to Economic Disaster, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of the Pleiadian Star Fleet, writes about the future of our Earth. He says we shall have a new solar sun. That has already happened. In 1998 our hydrogen sun was changed by the Forces of Light to a smaller and greater intensity helium sun. When Creator’s new Kingdom is established on Earth Shan, there shall be no darkness. There shall be constant light. Our earth shall have a new moon. That, too, has already happened. Our present moon is a hollow metallic ball that echoes when struck. The astronauts of our first and only authentic moon landing can attest to that fact. The moon echoed for an hour after their touch-down. Hatonn also said that Earth Shan would move into a new place in the cosmos and would have a new orbit. That is also happening at this time, as our entire solar system is presently moving to a new place in the cosmos closer to the higher energies of the Great Central Sun. This is part of the reason for our rising frequencies at this time.

In paraphrasing Hatonn, the Father’s Kingdom shall be established upon our earth, and our Mother Gaia shall again become a new Garden of Eden. She shall be given rest and be brought forth into youth in newness. She shall shine forth in glory and shall know no more pain. Our earth shall be peopled with ones who have awakened, who shall remember their history, and who shall abide within the Law, which is eternal. Each shall be a lawgiver and keeper of the Law, for each shall ethically keep the Law. There shall be peace, for each shall be at peace with himself, and a keeper of the peace for all. No one shall covet another’s possessions, and no one shall know hatred. Creator God shall reign supreme, yet man shall work as “one” in harmony, peace and love. There shall be rest, and there shall be freedom in magnificence, for the doors of Creator’s House shall be open to all who have awakened. Hatonn’s thoughts give us much insight for our future.

My friends, what are your thoughts about Heaven? Share them with your friends, your family and feel the energy and the excitement that you create. Many Lightworkers in recent days have shared their visions of our coming Heaven on Earth. I remind everyone that no one is leaving the planet to go to heaven, but that Heaven is coming to us. We are creating “Heaven on Earth” in the etheric, and Earth Shan, our planet of tears shall become Terra Nova, our new earth. Terra Nova shall become a star in fifth dimension and shall shine like our sun does now. Only those of good intent, who have a kind and loving heart, shall remain on Terra Nova and enter Creator God’s “Heaven on Earth”.

In fifth dimension (Heaven) our physical bodies will have a larger size and appear somewhat different. Even now, the bodies of those, who are enlightened, are changing. Our carbon-based cells are gradually changing to crystalline-based cells to allow for the higher frequencies of fifth dimension. This is also happening to all other living things on our planet at this time.

Due to the density of third dimension, all living things are compressed. Our physical bodies will expand and become larger and taller in fifth dimension. We shall be restored to perfect health, and we shall appear to be whatever age we so choose. We can then remain healthy and young in appearance for as long as we wish. We will have a larger diaphragm, and a larger head to accommodate a larger pituitary gland. Two new organs will expand the waistline to assist in removing discarded carbon cells, and two new organs will expand the chest. These two new chest organs will produce cells able to utilize photon energy. Light energy can then be collected and distributed to all body cells for energy. This will greatly reduce our need for food. This is what Hatonn probably meant when he said the Pleiadians drink “liquid light”.

In fifth dimension we shall have our full memory restored. We shall remember our past lifestreams and the people with whom we have lived and worked. We shall remember the places where we have lived and all that we have done in the Cosmos. We probably could sit around and reminisce for a thousand years and rest, if we so choose!

We shall no longer need to work to survive. We shall have the ability to create that which we need or trade with someone else for what we want. There is no use for money in fifth dimension (Heaven), so we shall not have any. We shall spend our time in teaching younger souls, in caring for flower and vegetable gardens and orchards, and enjoying our beautiful planet.

There are super beings being born at this time on our planet. Some are known as Indigo children. They have special gifts, huge imaginations and great energy. They will be sharing their learning from other more advanced planets in the use of new technologies in fifth dimension. Many others will help them in restoring our Terra Nova. The water, soil and air will be returned to their original pristine condition and maintained that way in balance and harmony with all life. Terra Nova will again become a paradise in the Cosmos, the “water planet” known for her beauty and variety of life.

We shall have technologies and conveniences beyond our imagination. Cosmic energy shall be free for everyone. Travel shall be by thought, electromagnetic levitation and starship. The levitation carpet shall be your “magic carpet” to anywhere. There shall be low levitation mass transit trains moving hundreds of miles per hour, three person beam ships moving at the speed of light, and starships moving at the speed of thought. Think it, anywhere in the Cosmos, and you are there! We shall visit our brothers and sisters everywhere in the Cosmos, for we shall be representatives of Terra Nova, the thirty-third and newest member of the Galactic Federation of Planets.

Mental telepathy or communication by thought will be the most common means of communication. Few words will need to be spoken with the ability to read other’s thoughts. This will remove the language barriers for all peoples and life forms everywhere. For those who will be teachers, the information needed by them will be instantly down-loaded to their minds when needed. Those who are their students will learn at a slower pace. There will be a great need for education and learning by the people of Terra Nova to bring them “up to speed” with their brothers and sisters of the Cosmos. They will be taught earth history, cosmic history, the arts, the sciences, and new technologies.

My friends, life in our Heaven on Earth on Terra Nova will be utterly magnificent. You will experience total joy and happiness and total freedom to live, to travel, to enjoy nature, to help others, to sing and dance, to rest or to do whatsoever your heart desires. As no evil is allowed in fifth and higher dimensions, your freewill choices will be between good, better and best. You will need only two to three hours rest a day, you will have no health problems, and you will not need much food to eat. Your task will be to continue learning your lessons in soul growth to perfection and to help others learn theirs, as we all continue on our pathways to oneness with Creator Source.

We of Terra Nova are a whole new breed of humans. Our Grand Experiment as a freewill third dimensional planet is ending, and we have won. Twice we failed to defeat the darkside, but this third time, in spite of the unfair advantage of off-world darkside interference, we now declare victory. Our troops aided by the Forces of Light are now finishing the clean-up. Never before has a third dimensional planet been given freewill to choose between good and evil without outside help and won! Never before has an entire planet and her people been allowed to move into fifth dimension en masse in the physical, but we are doing it!

No one needs to die any longer on our planet to “go to heaven”. Creator God has decreed that all on Earth Shan at this time may choose to go into fifth dimension in the physical with no physical death. We keep our bodies and make transition into Heaven with them intact. There (here) we are made new! There (here) we shall have a “new heaven and a new earth”.

Creator God knows the heart and who is on the side of goodness. All who are of goodness are invited to the grand finale at Heaven’s Gate! You were birthed onto this beautiful planet by special invitation, and you are invited to enter Heaven’s Gate. A beautiful program is being laid out as a welcome home party, and you will be welcomed by all the Ascended Masters, the Forces of Light, the Angels without number and all the bells and trumpets of Heaven. All your tiredness, all your pain and suffering, and all your discouragement will be forgotten in the overwhelming joy and peace of having reached fifth dimension. It shall happen in the twinkling of an eye.

My friends, I will be standing at Heaven’s Gate, and I will be watching for you. Will you be there? Will you be one of those who joyously enters Heaven’s Gate?

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