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The Unhived Mind [UHM] / David Andrew Christenson

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May 5, 2013 2:41 pm theunhivedmind 2 Comments

Published on May 4, 2013

V367 YouTube stood by me and the 1st Amendment. Huge victory against Obama. Katrina Virus.

Thank you Google and YouTube for protecting the Constitution and most importantly the 1st Amendment.

Big, Big victory and news. YouTube/Google has decided to stand by me and keep my “David Andrew Christenson Channel” open. The 1st amendment lives. Obama put a great deal of pressure on YouTube to close my account. Threats were made. The Patriot Act was used. My being classified as a terrorist was used as well. It took the board of directors to make the decision. Sorry that I have not posted a video for a couple of weeks. YouTube froze my account while the decision was being made. The fight continues.

I am starting to win. One person can make a difference against a corrupt government. I took an oath and I intend to honor that oath.

V294 I hope and pray that Obama is assassinated to save your life and your families. Katrina Virus. (This is the video that got all of the attention. This is the one, as well as my whole channel, that Obama wanted YouTube to take down. ************* Why???)

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V292 Google “murder suicide”. Obama is using suicide to murder you. Katrina Virus. (This video was deleted and then reinstated.)

V147 Here is the story of how you will be assassinated by the Federal Government. Factual and Verifiable. V261 I hope and pray that Obama and his family are assassinated. Katrina Virus.

V142 What is the Katrina Virus, where did it come from and how does it spread?

V354 Here are the 600+ murderers. Just one of them could stop the Genocide today. Katrina Virus

Look at the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Why does it take a SWAT Team to remove the landing gear? (05/02/2013) The World Trade Centers housed classified DOD and CIA chem warfare labs and storage facilities. Why do you think the government classified the 14 cancers? Wake up!!!

The Katrina Virus is real.

theunhivedmind on May 5, 2013 at 2:54 pm said:

I do not find any information within this video which is of major concern why any U.S. Government would go after this man. The comments on Obama and assassination would bring down the Secret Service on anybody regardless of information and content of a video or article. This is mostly information we already know on the U.N Agenda 21 population reduction by the Club of Rome. He may be onto something with biological weapons and viruses but I have not researched those yet so look into that Valley Fever Fungus if you like.

What I will say about 9/11 is the cancers are not just about certain chemicals released. The cancers are from the nuclear radiation and chemical exposure. The towers were demolished using two 150kt nuclear devices which were surrounded by granite rock underneath the Towers as part of the Emergency Nuclear Demolition Scheme. A quake like shaking was recorded above five on the Richter scale but was doctored as above just two in order to cover-up the scale of the hidden nuclear blasts with the acceptable nuclear devices for civil usage. This is why first responders were riddled with cancers and why hazmat teams were there with nuclear precautions and cleaning procedures. For example bringing in and removal of soil just as was done in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. For more on this study Dimitry Khalezov.

We have a problem right now of higher than normal background radiation and plenty of chemical exposure. This creates a dangerous synergistic effect of the two which is deadly. So since Bombardier Master Trust blew up the Deepwater Horizon oil rig this and the already present background radiation have combined. Now to top it all off you have the Fukushisma Daiichi mess on top. This is how pandemics can be started where genetic mutation of viruses occurs to create something new and unknown even to the eugenicists.

This is all Geo-engineering of both the human and planet. A human being of today will not be able to exist in the World which is desired by these swines at the top. How can a human live in a solar system without the planet Saturn? What will happen to a humans sexual base-chakra system if that is destroyed? What will happen when we are moved out of the orbit we are in today? We are all inter-connected. A human being has a circadian cycle and we need darkness for melatonin production with the night time as an example. In a World with two suns and consent day and climate temperatures we could not survive for long. So we have to be altered genetically or simply destroyed and replaced entirely with five-hundred million hybrids suitable for the New World.

-= The Unhived Mind