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Whats Up With Room 322 At Hotel Zaza?


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Feb. 24, 2013

Hotel ZaZa is a stylish inn located in Houston, Texas. While the hotel is known for its luxurious suites, a recent post on Reddit revealed the existence of the mysterious “Room 322″. This room it is not advertised on the hotel’s website and, in short, is the definition of creepy. This is what the Redditor posted:
"stay here frequently when on business. Hotel was booked solid and my colleague managed to score a room unplanned. We all had normal zaza style rooms (swank) and he ended up in this goth dungeon closet.
Seriously- the room had a chain holding the bed to wall, pictures of skulls and a creepy, incongruous portrait of an old man. Room was about 1/3 the normal size with the furniture blocking part of the TV, bed and window.
We asked about it at the front desk and the clerk looked it up and said ” that room isn’t supposed to be rented.’ and immediately moved him."
- Source: Reddit

The floor is hard, dirty concrete, unlike any other room in the hotel.

The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some Redditors to think that it is actually a two-way mirror...
Skull clock
This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.
To me this haspdeophile elitist dungeon room written all over it.  I don't know why but its super creepy and bizarre.  The obvious symbols to secret societies and elitist ties and the weird decorum of it all its just weird.  totally bonkers off the wall that this exists.  The question is: why? -Mort