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Patrick H. Bellringer

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On 2/18/2017 6:43 AM, LB wrote:



Hi. What significance is the four winds? I have heard some about this latley through spiritual development. It keeps poping up recently. I believe it to be the four cardinal direction princes of hell or the four angels. How can there be such a contrast of belief though, or are these entities all of God but used and percieved differently? I also had a line come to my mind about the blowing of 4 winds, but cant remember anymore than that. It was like it was an oath.

FROM;  Patrick H. Bellringer

    TO:  LB

DATE:  Feb. 21, 2017


Dear LB;

    You have asked a most important question:  What is the significance of the term "Fourwinds', found in the name of our website?  I have waited for twenty-one years for such a question to be asked, but no one has done so until now.  Our enlightened Red Brothers and Sisters would know the answer.  Let me explain.

    Two thousand years ago Esu Immanuel Sananda told his disciples that he would return in two thousand years at the "end of the age", and that Truth would go out one last time to the "four corners of the earth".  By this Esu meant that Truth would be given to the whole world.

    Esu, also, told his disciples to go into all the world the preach the "Good News" that he had taught them.  Christianity has continued to do this by sending missionaries to every nation and people on Earth Shan, believing that until everyone had heard the "Good News" Esu Immanuel would not return.  Over time the "Good News" became their version of "Good News:", that of "being saved from Hell by the blood of the Lamb of God".

    Truth never reached the entire earth, but became twisted and even lies.  In my younger years I would wonder, how would  Truth ever reach the whole planet?  Then came the Internet, and the miracle of our mission opened up before us.

    Our understanding was that the Phoenix Journals were given to us of planet Earth by Creator God Aton of Light, the Ascended Masters and Esu Immanuel Sananda to provide Truth one last time in these "end times" for this 3D civilization  Thus, Fourwinds was born!   The Winds of the Internet would carry the Truth in the four primary directions of North, South East and West to the "ends of the Earth". 


    As Esu said, this mission had to be accomplished "to set the record straight!  So it was ordered!  So it has happened!  So it is!  Aho!  May the world see and hear and understand, and rejoice!

    Thanks for asking, my friend!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer