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Patrick H. Bellringer

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     TO:  Patrick and Anne Bellringer

       DATE:  August 29, 2018


Dear Patrick and Anne:

          Thank you for your faithfulness.  The more that I read in the Journals the more I understand.  I think now that I look back to my younger days and the blows to my head football in Jr. & Senior High, as well as accidents as a child may have contributed to slow learning.  And then a stroke two years ago didn’t help any.  But the Journals have given me hope and joy.

          Any ideas on “Why” (Jesus) willingly allowed himself to be hung on the cross?  I can’t picture the Father wanting a blood sacrifice of a Son to wash my sins away.

          Thank you,




FROM:  Patrick Bellringer

     TO:  D F

DATE:  August 31, 2016



Dear DF:

          We are glad you have found the Phoenix Journals helpful to your enlightenment.  Thank you for your help and prayers for our work of bringing Truth freely to our world.

          Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda was crucified, but he did not die on the cross, as the Bible claims.  That story originated with Saul, the Roman soldier Pharisee, who later changed his name to Paul.  Paul became a missionary for the early Christians and wrote the Pauline Epistles found in the Bible.

          Saul/Paul was the one, who paid Juda Iherioth, the High Priest’s son 30 pieces of silver to identify (betray) Esu Immanuel by kissing him in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Saul/Paul also paid Juda Iherioth 70 pieces of silver to steal the writings of Esu, which were written and kept by Esu’s most trusted disciple and friend and keeper of the money for the disciples, Judas Iscariot.  Names were twisted and Judas was blamed for these evil deeds in the historical records for the last 2000 years.

          Paul never personally listened to Esu’s teachings.  He had only Esu’s writings with no first hand explanation.  Thus, Paul taught and wrote many untruths. He coined the name Jesus.  Believing that Esu actually died on the cross, Paul spread the lie that Esu came back to life.  If this were true, then Esu had conquered death, making him a god or son of a god.  Paul added the name, Christ, denoting divinity, so Jesus Christ, the Son of God was added to the lies about Esu Immanuel, the Truth Bringer.

          The lies increased and expanded and were picked up and repeated by other writers.  So, today, the Bible portrays a falseness that has fooled Christianity to the core.  Christians believe the lie that God sent His Son to die, as a ransom for the sins of everyone in the whole world.  His blood can wash away all evil, and mankind has absolutely no responsibility or accountability for their wrong doing.  If you truly believe the lie, you can live like “Hell” and die a saint!

          Esu knew his pathway was to bring Truth to the people.  What he taught were the Laws of God and Creation.  His teachings were contrary to those of the Scribes and Pharisees, the powerful religious leaders of the day.  Because what Esu taught the people was not socially and politically correct, he was seen as a rabble rouser and a threat to the “system”.  Therefore, the Pharisees, with Saul as a leader, tried to kill him.

          Esu’s pathway led him to finally confront the “system” and their control center of Jerusalem.  As an enlightened being, Esu did not believe in the use of force.  He was willing to sacrifice his life, if necessary to bring Truth to those who sought to destroy him.  Escaping the Pharisees’ attempt to murder him, we read in Phoenix Journal #2 that Esu Immanuel fled to Damascus, Syria.  From there he went to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea areas to teach Truth.  Traveling east he finally reached India, where he spent many years as a Truthbringer, and died at Syngar, Kashmir at the age of 107 years.

          Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda has said that through his life Judas Iscariot was his greatest friend, and Saul/Paul, the Roman Pharisee, was his greatest enemy.  The Pharisees have carried their evil work against Esu’s teaching of Truth forward to the Khazarian Zionist Jews, who are our greatest enemy, today.

          We are here today to learn our lessons in soul growth by living the Laws of God and Creation in this very evil “Pharisee” controlled world.  We must earn our “salvation” and graduation into Heaven.  No one does it for us!

          May this give you a better understanding of Esu Immanuel’s life and purpose.


                                                                      In Love and Light,

                                                                      Patrick H. Bellringer