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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From:  Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer
To: Bellringer
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 2:00 AM
Subject: Bounty Hunt
Hello Bellringers!

       I seem to have formulated what I believe to be a challenging question, which I suspect may reveal something new to me.

I was thinking, "If Russia has use of the Keshe Foundation's plasma nullification systems, then why would they require some kind of Seal-like, Special Forces type bounty hunter, vigilante squad somewhere out there, in the rest of the world, when they could just seize them utilizing the new technology?"

It may be that he wishes to hide the technology from those who have placed the bounty, and even from the masses of people in the world.

But, I immediately get stuck on how open and sharing the Keshe Foundation seems to be, and why all the governments of the world wouldn't be in on the utilization of this technology, if they wanted to, and also in possession of something more effective, if that were possible.

I think it would be foolhardy for anyone to think they can approach these criminals, seeing as, now that this list has been released, they could protect themselves with the technology, and even know who needs to unite together into safety. This seems counterproductive.

The whole thing strikes me as highly improbable after more careful consideration. The whole Starwars program, cosmospheres, etc. is valid information from the Contact which does point to them possibly already having this kind of protection or something quite effective, which we may have no idea about.

In that circumstance, it would be more reasonable to employ plasma warfare off the record, if those on the list were able to evade the extraction attempts utilizing the same technology or even better, because what are a dedicated, hardworking group of Special Forces going to do against any of those sophisticated energy weapons?

Thus, this leaves me with no actual satisfying answer, and also raises questions about the validity of not only the use of the Keshe Foundation's military system applications during the "demonstration" with that one ship (sorry, the name escapes me and I can't seem to find the article I read), in which it turned out that some of the US Navy quit after the incident, since the vessel was running with its tail between its legs, in shame... but, also, if the technology is legitimate this raises questions about the power and abilities of Russia, or their goals, if they do not wish to help extract those persons.

Why they would even need to consider putting out a bounty with the new developments in Russia with the Keshe technology? Does Putin really mistrust the 'Asian factions' and 'White Dragon Society' SO much that he would be willing to sit back and let some 'Special Forces' team become nullified by the criminal's protection technology? I definitely question why they would do that, assuming the Keshe technology is legitimate. What is stopping them from getting these people themselves? What is stopping them from nullifying them all, right now, and restoring the world to order?

There is another possibility that this bounty is legitimate, but obsolete and rather silly, if you ask me. People put it out who are unaware of the technology? I thought the article was great~!  I really liked the idea! But, then, I realized it may be just absolute nonsense, even after being legitimately placed, due to the hidden military energy systems. Did they all just kind of disconnect from reality? Or are the Keshe military applications a lie? Or, what is happening here, because it seems like false-alternatives?! Strange.  

Does this call into question the credibility of Fulford, these Asian factions, and White Dragon Society?

Does this call into question the determination of Putin to help restore goodness and order, if he lies complacent in helping with the bounty?

Does this call into question the Keshe Foundation's new technology as being legitimate, and would be instead some kind of sick hope-scheme to mislead us?

I can't seem to bring myself to accept any of those possibilities. I think maybe Putin will grab them. lol!

I'm waiting.

What do you think? I very much look forward to your responses when I write. Thank you! Many blessings to you and your family, and please know that you have greatly helped change my life for excellence and truth. I am honored to be on this journey with you. ^___^  May you always find the truth you seek. Salu!

Love and Light, 

       Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer

[Please, show my name, if your okay with that. I am not scared of evil, and I want people's attention. Thanks!]

PS Also, to change the subject, I am considering leaving everything for a long walk East. I would become a beggar, and may face many perils, but I can solve a 5x5 Rubik's Cube and play great guitar for change! I would come from California, and head into Texas, and then up into Kansas. That is my crazy 'Spirit Calling' plan to find solace from the oppression and ignorance here. I have no money or income, due to injuries which I can't seem to get a doctor to help me with, and cannot purchase holistic cures for. I, maybe, just want to tell people who understand about just 'up and leaving', when it seems very strange, and I may be even a little afraid, but I just know that the God-Spirit within me has been calling me that way, whenever I quiet and listen... whenever I reconnect, in healthy thought and mind.

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer
DATE:  July 27, 2016
Dear Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer:
        Thank you for your challenging question concerning "bounty hunting the Cabal."  Considering the surveillance and military technology available today, there is no where to run and no place to hide.  This raises the question of, why the need for "bounty hunting?"
    Mr. Keshe insists that his plasma technology  be used only for good intent for the benefit of mankind.  It would seem that removing these evil creeps would qualify under "good intent for the benefit of mankind", unless for some reason it would go against freewill.  Hantonn says "evil shall destroy itself", and "The Realms of Light do not use force".  Do we need to exercise patience, and let evil destroy itself?
    Vladimir Putin is not a fool.  He will make every effort to protect Russia and the Russian people, but he will not take aggressive actions unilaterally against other nations or people.  He understands the Law of Returns!
    Why would the White Dragon Society issue a decree and a reward for hunting down and arresting the Khazarian Zionist Cabal, and give a list of those to be arrested?  I believe the game plan is to use the same tactics the Zionist for centuries have used against the whole world, that of fear!  By listing their names, the attention of the public is focused upon them.  They detest this, because they prefer to work in secrecy. 
    They may now have to curtail their activities.  Old George Herbert Walker (Bull Moose) Bush may be afraid to attend his baseball games, and Barack (Big Ears) Obama may be fearful to take his million dollar golf outings.   Ditto for these other Zionist Creeps.  Frustration and stress can cause infighting in the "Family".  "What do we do?  Where can we hide?"  Disagreement and anger can lead to violence, and evil destroying itself.
    Apparently, the U.S. Military and others, who should be acting responsibly to remove these creeps from Shan, are scared witless by death threats, loss of pension and other nonsense.  Knowing that the Light does not use force, as Lightworkers and Truthbringers, we continue with our creative power through our God Spirit to project positive energy to confront negativity everywhere.  Thus, Light overpowers the Darkness---and we win! 
    Keep in touch, my friend!  Be in peace!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer