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'HELLO, CENTRAL! THE REMNANT (Updated June 15, 2016)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From:  CE
To: Bellringer
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2016 6:09 PM
Subject: Question concerning Remnant, Photon Belt, Ascention

Greeting Patrick and Anne-My question for you today concerns the topic of the Remnant making it through the Photon Belt. Please know that I have read every single Phoenix Journal and listened to hundreds of the “Meeting Tapes- Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn”

Throughout the Journals and the tapes Hatonn makes repeated reference to the “Remnant” that a portion of the “Remnant” must make it through the transition. Tape Tape: 9205011-1a Silent Wars Cue-48:10 states:

“As you move through the Null time you will be moving into a time-gradually at first but then into a time of total light. That means you will not have night and day after a while, now that may seem impossible for you to comprehend but just yesterday morning-your point on your globe of Alaska, United States of America moved into a period of time of light. For eighty two days there would be no sunset-no night time. So hold these things in your mind as we move on because also moving into the lighted time of experience your whole frequency-your whole being will be expanded and lifted and lightened. It becomes a time when evil cannot flourish well-for you don’t have the dark time to hide and do these dastardly deeds so well.

But this too can be impacted and the plan is to prevent the Photon Belt arriving you moving into it as long as possible and to utilize that period of time to the best advantage of the adversary-and he is busy-he is absolutely as busy as he can get. And then the ideal thing is then to utilize the time at least to the year 2000 to structure things on earth so that when you move into this time of light he will have total control of you. That’s why the plan 2000 is so important-not politically, all of the politics involved are only spiraling around while things are getting in order to be in proper serviceable order according to their wishes for this planet before you move into there-to that period of time.

So in your book of Revelation when it talks about moving into a time where there is no night-that means you are coming into the higher frequencies of the higher energy forms and evil will not be allowed within.

Either in the transportation system once you are placed-or in your environment as you move higher into this frequency. That does not necessarily mean that the core central part of earth itself will not have darkness, because as the major final separation comes there will be a portion that will be left and it will fall into total void-that’s called hell in your language.

That means the absence of light-the absence of knowing and the absence of God. I’m not here to give you timing; I’m here to bring the word of truth. And to guide the remnant through-also to make sure that if soul energies are going to be damaged those souls and housing for those souls are removed to security. It is also to ensure the remnant the people of God are lifted off into security to make their evolution according to the higher plan. There always has to be a remnant because the earth itself will shift for cleansing.”

Tape: 920601-1b Cue 44:04

“we are bound by cosmic law to keep out of your business and those who brake those laws will pay most dearly-they have already done so. They forfeited their right to return to the universal skyways-they are bound now to your dyeing planet. Those who came in peace and a portion to the cosmic plan do their work and research their prior agreement with the entities involved. They do not harm-do not mutilate animals or humans and do wondrous good, only good for your species.

There is no way precious one that you can just drift up to some cloud of fluffy vapor and somehow just fly around with the master Christos. When the day of reckoning comes you will be picked up by space craft and you will be beamed through a high frequency light beam-that’s what Ascension is. That is if you qualify and you request it-that means you ask for it. And if you deny the existence of the fleet-how are you going to ask for it?...God went to prepare a place for you at the end of earth journey-and He did it. What have you done to prepare for Him?”…We are prepared to receive you of God who await His coming and do so in intent of justice in effort of living within the laws as given…”

Question: How can the adversary prevent the “Photon Belt” from arriving? Where are we presently with regards to the Photon Belt?

Also- I am left with an impression that a “Remnant” must make the Ascension process with body intact, But “Hello Central-Light Bodies” states,

“If you graduate, meaning you have passed your lessons and tests of 3D experience, you go in your Light Body to 5D, which is Heaven, to continue with your new lessons in your journey to perfection back to Creator Source.”

What am I missing here? Why must a Remnant make it through?

The Journals and Tapes frequently make reference to “God went to prepare a place for you at the end of earth journey-and He did it. What have you done to prepare for Him?”

Perhaps I am taking this statement too literally, but the non-physical placement after the Ascension process simply does resonate within me so I am trying to understand this.

Are there 5D planets with dense physical bodies like we have now?

Sorry this is so long-I would greatly appreciate if you could please shed some light on this topic for me.

Thank you kindly-Love and Light to you and Anne.




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  CE
DATE:  June 11, 2016
Dear CE:
    Thank you for your letter and thoughtful questions.  In the "Hello, Central!" archive you will find further information concerning these topics.
    First, I feel the Sunday night meeting "tapes" were really for the benefit of the Tehachapi ground crew, as they were not reproduced and valued, as were the Phoenix Journals.  I question the credibility of these tapes, because often the information became Doris Ekker's opinions and interpretations, as she answered  questions at the meetings, rather than Hatonn's input.  As you know, these Sunday night meetings gradually became devoid of spiritual meaning and were finally abandoned.
    The Contact Newspaper was used to make public quickly much of the Truth being placed in the Phoenix Journals and being prepared for publication.  Most of these Journals were never published for lack of funds to do so, but the Angels provided us with their electronic files, which enabled us to present most of the Phoenix Journals on the Internet.  I say "most" because a few of the files were corrupted and could not be reproduced.
    My point is that Hatonn has said that all the Truth we need today to make our journey is recorded in the Phoenix Journals.  That is why we consider them to be our guideline for our work of presenting Truth freely to the world. 
    Our planet, Shan, entered the Photon Belt in 1962.  The three days of darkness as Shan passed through the null zone was "cloaked" to avoid panic of the people.  The further Shan moves into the 2000 year wide band of Light energy of the Photon Belt, the higher the frequencies she encounters .  This affects all of us by the "good" getting better, (more positive) and the "evil" becoming more negative.  As you have observed, this is now seriously happening.
    You ask about a time of total Light.  There is much misunderstanding about this concept. In our 3D world we have day and night, as a necessity for living things to grow and re-vitalize with light, and to rest with the dark period of night.  The Alaskan summer of 82 days with no sunset is a matter of the earth's tilt on its axis and the earth's position in its orbit around the sun. In summer that tilt is toward the sun, resulting in no sunset and only twilight during the night.
    Total Light is total Light Energy, which occurs when Shan enters the fifth dimension, where no evil is allowed and no dark energies exist.  The second sun is a part of this phenomenon.  Currently, we are fifty-four years into the Photon Belt of 2000 years wide, and in no way can the Darkside slow or detour Shan's progress.
    The Remnant are "Sananda's flock" of enlightened people, who have lived the Laws of God and Creation to the best of their ability.  When it becomes unsafe for human survival on Shan due to earth change in her cleansing cycle, the Remnant  shall be transported to the starships to safety through a transporter beam of Light.
    They shall arrive aboard in physical form because their frequencies match those of the beam of Light.  The less enlightened to Truth with lower frequencies, and upon request, shall be beamed aboard the starships, but their physical body would not survive such frequencies.  Everyone goes to 4D or the Astral Plane.  All souls shall stand before Creator God Aton of Light to judge themselves according to the Laws of God and Creation.  Those, who graduate, receive a Light Body (Spirit Body) and go on to the fifth and higher dimensions.  (This is the meaning of your quote from "Hello Central--Light Bodies).  Those, who do not graduate ,return in a physical body to a third dimension planet to continue their lessons in soul growth--right where they left off.
    A Remnant is needed to survive Shan's transition to begin a new civilization on her in the fifth dimension.  It takes 3000 earth years to restore Shan to her original pristine condition.  ( In 5D there is no time)  Instantly, a new 5D civilization shall be established.  Hatonn says it takes 144,000 people to begin anew.
    Only 3D planets have people with physical bodies.  The Fourth dimension is a transition plane between 3D and 5D.  All planets of 5D and higher have spiritual or Light Bodes.  All souled beings on Shan here and now are Returned Masters, who have chosen to return from their higher dimensions, leave their Light Body and enter a physical body in 3D to assist Shan in her transition to 5D.  Sadly, many (most) have not awakened to their mission and will be returning to another 3D planet to continue their lessons.
    May you continue to find the Truth you seek!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
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----- Original Message -----
From: CE
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2016 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: Question concerning Remnant, Photon Belt, Ascention
Hello Patick and thank you so much for your response. I always check the Hello Archives and the Journals in my search for Truth however there are many things that I still don't understand in the Journals especially when it comes to the Sciences or workings of the Universe.
This is why at times I seek you out-you have a way of explaining things in simple terms just like when I wrote in asking about Humanism.
You just have a way about you that is such a gift-I thank you for bringing clarity to me in my ongoing search in bring home the Truth into my heart.
I KNOW I am one of Sananda's flock-sometimes I just can't believe it-little old me, that my/our Star Family would seek me out-doing whatever that had to do to awaken me to my mission; I am one spoke in the wheel serving the One.
At the very least I do understand the Laws of God and the Creation-efforting the bring the Word to any and all who might listen.
Again I thank you-some day you and I will meet again Patrick
Salu and Blessings
Love and Light
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From: AM
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 12:38 PM
Subject: Re: 'HELLO, CENTRAL! THE REMNANT (Updated June 13, 2016)
Dear Patrich,
In your response to the above question, at the end you state:
A Remnant is needed to survive Shan's transition to begin a new civilization on her in the fifth dimension.  It takes 3000 earth years to restore Shan to her original pristine condition.  ( In 5D there is no time)  Instantly, a new 5D civilization shall be established.  Hatonn says it takes 144,000 people to begin anew.
Question; if Earth Shan will need  3.000 years to restore her original pristine condition, and the remnants will be established  instantly on Shan to begin a new civilization, when this will happen?  After the 3.000 years? And if this is the case, where the remnants will go meanwhile? 
In Love and Light
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  AM
DATE:  June 14, 2016
SUBJECT:   Reply
Dear AM:
    Yes, I said our planet, Shan, shall require 3000 3D earth years to be restored to her original pristine condition, but remember she is moving into 5D where time does not exist.
    While you and I are sitting around having a glass of pink lemonade, or I mean "Liquid Light", Shan shall be restored in "no time" and waiting for us to come aboard.
    All is created by thought.  In 5D we think it and it is done. Is that fast enough for the Remnant, so no one will be standing around doing nothing?  Thought is way faster than the speed of light, and to my knowledge, is the fastest "thing" in all of Creation.
                            In Love and Light,