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Patrick H. Bellringer

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April 14, 2016

Recently, Anna Von Reitz has written much about common law, which has spread throughout the Internet, and has proven helpful to many people.  We honor her for her work.  Anna has gained a large following, who now believe her every word.  This may be a problem for her readership, as I shall explain.

Often a writer/researcher gains credibility in a certain area of knowledge, then moves into the spiritual realm to give their beliefs and opinions, which are  not founded on Truth.  People are then misled, because they assume the person with such knowledge in one area would have credibility in the spiritual area as well.  Such is the case with Anna Von Reitz’s work.

Two recent articles by her are:  “Law of contract is void; Law of Covenant is Valid,” and “The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts”.   In these articles Anna makes reference to the Realm of Spirit and demonstrates her lack of knowledge of spiritual Truth.  It is apparent that she believe the Biblical record as Truth and has little or no knowledge of the Truth given recently to us in  the Phoenix Journals by Creator God Aton of Light.

          Some basic Truths that Anna fails to understand are:

1.     The main God of the Old Testament is God Jehovah Satan, a god of evil, Darkness, violence, wrath, sacrifice and death.  He is the enemy of Creator God Aton of Light.


2.    The Old Testament history was stolen from the Sumerians and re-written to be that of the Khazarian Jews (Israelites).


3.    The Bible is called Satan’s Warbook by Creator God Aton of Light, due to its many lies to fool the people.


4.    The eight covenants of which Biblical scholars speak, were not necessarily made with the God of Light, and therefore may not be considered valid and Truthful.


5.    The Ten Commandments have been re-written and distorted, and do not represent the whole Truth of God’s Laws.  There are eighteen Laws of God and Creation and are presented in detail in Phoenix Journal number 27.


6.    Because religions have created the vast bulk of the law, law today is flawed by man’s interpretation and bias.  All religions are man-made and, therefore, do not reflect accurately the whole Truth from Creator God Aton of Light.


7.    There is no such thing as luck or fate.  Whatever happens to us, we have created, and for which we are responsible.  We create our way.  We are here for our lessons in soul growth, and much that happens to us we have agreed to experience by prior contract with Creator God before entering this present lifestream.


8.    Contracts are valid and binding, when signed with voluntarily consent of both parties. [Quoting]  Law 14- Phoenix Journal 27,  p. 46-47.  “You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father the One within”


[Quoting] “Your most important commitment in service to God is to wisely understand and obey The Laws of God and the Creation”. “Other commitments which are made in service to God include marriage, parenthood, feeding and tending the physically hungry,  poor, ill, and spreading the Word of Truth about the Spirit of God and the Creation to all your spiritually ignorant and starved brethren who will listen.”  [End Quoting].


You are to honor all promises or commitments you make to a fellow brother or sister on the physical level, as these are made in service to God.  [Quoting] ”Your word represents your integrity to honor to the best of your ability all promises made to the other.  Your personal power is in direct relationship to the integrity of your soul”. 


“If your word of promise means nothing, then you dishonor yourself, your brethren and God and become ‘powerless’, and thus a tool for evil.” [End Quoting]


Contracts we make with our brethren are valid, for we make them in service to God.


9.     Creator God lives within all of His Creation, from rock and trees, to bees, birds and souled human beings.  Contrary to what Anna claims, we do not live ‘inside of God”.  We are free willed beings and must choose to follow His Laws. 


10. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience here and now.  We are our soul, which lives forever.  We re-incarnate into the physical world and put on a physical body, as one would a coat.  Anna claims that we die because God “withdraws His Spirit from us”, that He has to destroy us. This is a lie!


At our soul level we decide, when we shall die!  Our soul is that fragment, that spark of Light, given to us by Creator God.  Our soul is our real self, our being, the very Spirit of Creator.  He does not withdraw it from us or destroy us.  Creator God does not destroy his Creation.  This is nonsense.  Our soul lives on.  Our physical body re-cycles to continue the process of Creation.





11.  Because we are a fragment of Light from Creator Source, we are His Sons and Daughters initially.  God does not elevate us to become such, neither are we born in sin.  We are born pure and innocent.  Sin is a creation of man of the third dimension.


12.  Finally, the concept of Original sin is a tool used by Satan, that due to Adam’s disobedience mankind is inherently evil.  Adam had a freewill, and he chose wrongfully.  He was here for his own lessons in soul growth, as are we, and his choices do not make anyone else evil, nor does it subject us to Death.  Death is only a natural and necessary process to shed our physical coat to leave the physical realm and return to the spiritual realm, to our home in the stars.

I suggest that you read carefully with discernment the following two articles to which I have referred by Anna Von Reitz.  May Anna wisely concentrate her writings on common law until she has learned more fully spiritual Truth.



Law of Contract is Void; Law of Covenant is Valid

by Anna Von Reitz


People are very confused about how religions create the vast bulk of the 'law" we encounter so I have recently delved into the subject a bit and pointed out that except for Natural Laws like the Law of Gravity or Thermodynamics, all law comes from religion because religion is where --- for whatever reasons --- mankind has defined what is "wrong" and what is "right". 


As discussed in a recent article, the Law of the Land in the western world is defined by the Law of Moses, specifically the Ten Commandments, which are known as the Moral Law, and the Christian and Islamic variations that derive from Mosaic Law are also part of the Law of the Land tradition by inheritance of this foundational Moral Law.  This is why many courthouses had (and many still do have) art depicting Moses receiving the stone tablets containing the Moral Law.  It is upon this Law that our nation-states are founded and that The Constitution is part of. 


The international Law of the Sea derives instead from other very ancient religions of the Middle East, most especially the religion of Ancient Summer, which involved worship of the god of the Sea, known as Satan to the Hebrews and Poseidon to the Greeks, the god with "one eye", as opposed to two, the Father of All Lies, the Great Hunter, the Accuser, and various other guises. It also involves worship of Satan's wife, Ashtoreth, the Mother of all Harlots and inventor of idolatry--- graven images and money.  As an off-shoot of this religion we have Hammurabi's Code, which made the first attempt to codify the ancient Law Merchant --- the Law of the Sea as it pertained to merchant transactions.


Here, then, in very broad strokes are the two jurisdictions --- national jurisdiction of the land and the Law of the Land, and international jurisdiction of the sea and the Law of the Sea, one based on the Moral Law of Moses, one based on Sex, Death, and Rock and Roll. 


It is expedient at this point to discuss contracts versus covenants. 


Covenants are contracts made by God.  There are eight such covenants in the Bible, two that are conditional "If you....then I......" covenants, and six unconditional, unilateral promises that "I will" do this or that, without regard for any action taken by men.  Covenants are universally true and reliable because God is competent to make contracts.  He lives forever.  He has the power to do what He wants.  He can deliver.  And God doesn't lie. 


So there you have it, the reason that covenants which are contracts made by God are valid. 


And you now also know why contracts--- which are covenants made by Mankind-- are not. 


It is initially a very disturbing thought for most people that absolutely none of the contracts they have ever signed, none of the agreements they have ever made----none of them---are valid. 


If we are honest we must lament with the Prophet Jeremiah that we can't even control a single step.  We start out in the morning planning to do one thing and do six others instead.  We plan to build a house on the seashore and get cancer instead.  We count on our money from the beet crop, and a flood washes it away.  We build a temple we think will last forever, and the Romans raze it to the ground. We start out as a histologist and become a judge instead.  


As my Mother said, "Life is funny....."  


Nothing we propose ever quite seems to go exactly the way we intend, and rough hew things as we might, there is a nagging feeling at the bottom of our stomach, an inconvenient suspicion that quickly turns to certainty if we think about it-----that everything about our lives is actually dependent on factors that we don't individually control.  Whether we succeed or fail, whether our intentions manifest as reality or not, isn't up to us. Even with our very best intentions and most strenuous efforts, we are limited and dependent. 


We are dependent on the sun rising in the morning, on rain clouds coming or going, governments rising or falling, other people remembering to flip on their turn signals----a whole massive, incalculable, complex-beyond-imagination matrix of conditions and interactions that we live in-- and don't control. 


As a result, any contract we make is just an expression---- at best---- of our guesses about the future and good faith intentions at any moment in time.  It's a "promise and a wink"---- or, if my Mother is involved, a promise and a rolling of the eyes toward the ceiling, implying, "Help me, God, this is what I want to do.....please help me carry through and make good on it...."


This is why it was once very common for people to add the phrase, "God willing" to everything they said or proposed to do.  Earlier generations were better equipped and better educated to consciously appreciate and admit the Truth about our weakness and vulnerability and lack of control, which in turn informed their resistance to forming any contracts and also their reluctance to ever dabble in any form of credit. 


My Mother, at 96, has never had a credit card.  And never will.  It's all cash on the barrelhead. Either buy it, or don't.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no.  It's hard enough to control what you reasonably have control of---- your own thoughts, feelings, and desires --- without trying to control things you can't even make a dent in --- exchange rates, the price of oil, and whether or not your heart keeps beating. 


Our house was built by my Father and his friends working nights and on weekends.  It was built in stages, often months apart, while he accumulated materials and saved up money and prepared for each step: dig the hole for the basement, buy the tools and cement blocks for the foundation.... For many years after our own house was built, Dad spent his nights and weekends helping his friends and neighbors do the same thing.  Nobody ever had a mortgage. They built "as they could"--- that is, as their own resources and labor and skills would allow.  The bank never saw their shadows cross the door except to make deposits and withdrawals from private accounts. 


And of course, the bank didn't like that.  Not much business or profit for them.  So they spooled up the whole credit card industry and everyone got on the bandwagon, promising their lives away, buy today, pay tomorrow-----some purely theoretical "tomorrow" that never comes, or at least never comes the way we expect it. 


It has been a giant reprise of the bank actions of the 1920's---- turn loose the flood taps of "easy credit", seduce everyone into "over-extending" themselves, then cut off the flow of currency, let the whole balloon collapse, and then go in and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar, pay men almost nothing for their labor, have a good, old-fashioned Banker's Holiday, and then convince the victims that it is all their fault. 


After all, you didn't have to accept all that easy credit and bet on "tomorrow".  You know or have cause to know what your limitations are and even if your expectations were reasonable given the conditions at the time you signed the dotted line, you actually did something so foolish as promising to pay a mortgage for thirty years when you can't even guarantee what you will be doing at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. 


The bankers have a point.  There's just one problem.  They have cause to know all the same things you do.  They know that no contracts made by Mankind are valid.  They extended all that "credit" in hopes of making a usurious profit--- eventually making you pay back five, six, or even ten times what you "borrowed" to build your house---- and they have no excuse for their actions. In fact, with their superior knowledge and bad faith and self-interest and ill-intent and false advertising from the beginning, they are the ones bearing primary liability for all mortgages and all mortgage failures. And all credit card debts.  And all car loans.  And all college debts. 


To be brutally honest, there can be no such debts at all, because there are no valid contracts.


And everyone involved in making contracts knows --or has cause to know ---that this is true.


This is fully reflected in the fact that a "loan" is not a "debt" or even evidence of a debt.  


Now that you know that no contract you ever signed is valid and know why, you can, if you will, break any contract ever conceived of and the most anyone including the judges can say is, "Go, and do not sin again...." 



This is, in fact, what the Jubilee Year is all about.




April 10, 2016

The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts

by Anna Von Reitz

The Ancient Language of Our Kind and the Web of Trusts

The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics.

The letters (and the sounds we translate them into and use to communicate verbally) are just symbols in the same way that numbers are symbols.

Our brains are hard-wired to function mathematically and our bodies are hard-wired to function according to vast networks of mathematical formulas and within set parameters of probability.

The atoms and the molecules they form all follow and derive their order and structure and meaning from mathematical structures interacting first with electromagnetic energy to form templates and then with the awe-inspiring leap into material existence.

If you can grasp Einstein's simple (and somewhat incorrect, but you will get the point) equation--- Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light Squared--- and stop and think about how much "mass" is represented by your body or a tree, much less a mountain, you will begin to have some idea of how much energy it takes to create and maintain and preserve the planet called Earth.

All that structure and order--- mathematical, electromagnetic, and material -- is created and maintained by one living Spirit, the Ordering Principle, that we call "God" and conceive of as being outside of ourselves, when in fact we live and move and have our being entirely inside of God. There is only one Life and it is "His" Life, which He shares with each one of us, with every tree, every frog, and even every rock.

(For the sake of communicating, I adopt the convention of saying "He" and "His", though in fact the Spirit is not bound to any sexual persona.)

This truly miraculous being loves all of His creation, loves each one of us, and pays the price of our existence, is always the same, and yet, also ever changing in the manner of all living beings. There is no aging, only transforming, and the length of His days are beyond all counting or knowing.

In a sense, we are not living our lives, we are living His lives.

So intimate is our bond with our Creator, so constant, so necessary to our existence, that we can't have a thought or feeling that is not instantly shared. And at the end of our lives, when we reap the wages of our mistakes, the only way that we can die is for God to withdraw His Spirit from us in a final act of love.

Imagine being in constant terrible pain and not being able to die?

Imagine loving your creation and out of mercy, having to destroy it?

This part even came as a surprise to Jesus---- "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"

If God didn't withdraw His Spirit from us, we could not die.

Getting back to the mathematical language which so many of you have been curious about----

Anu:hotep means literally "House of God" --- in the same way as we might speak of the Lawful House of Smith or the Lawful House of Fisher. It refers to God's Family House, which is, of course, vast and peopled by many kinds and forms of beings.

In a prior post I talked about the Eight Covenants expressed in the Bible--- why covenants are valid and contracts are not, by nature.

One of those Covenants is the Adamic Covenant which creates the First Divine Trust. You, by virtue of your physical form and being, are automatically a beneficiary of the Adamic Covenant as described beginning at Genesis 1: 26-28. We are all considered sons and daughters of Adam.

You can also freely choose to accept the Covenant of the New Testament, "For lo, I give to you a new covenant..." which is the Second Divine Trust, and by that choice and longing to be with God elevate your status to become sons and daughters of God.

You may be born into God's Family or you may be adopted, but in any event, you may also accept and become a beneficiary of the Second Divine Trust.

And then something happened. Pope Boniface had a brainstorm and got greedy and overstepped his role as Trustee, asserting responsibilities no man has and rights to go with them, in the formation of the Unam Sanctum Trust, 1302. This trust seizes upon the Earth and all three jurisdictions of it defined by the trust--- air, land, and sea---as property owned and managed by the Holy See. You don't have to honor this trust. It's not Divine. It's just another mental construct composed by men and for men in an attempt to control and organize things.

And as usual when men try to overreach and act outside their pay grade, things continued to go awry with the Holy Alliance of 1213, in which King John of England attempted to buy back his soul by "granting" (as in granting a trust) his Kingdom to the Pope and agreeing to act as a Vassal Trustee himself. This, too, is a manmade trust that you don't have to honor or be part of---observe the response of the British Barons and People in the Magna Carta two years later, also Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell, and the entire Protestant History of England, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, and Wales.

Because our country started out as colonies pioneered by the British, Spanish, Dutch and French Crowns (all commercial companies) and because British interests continued to gain ground against the others over the course of time, at the end of the day, The Treaty of Paris 1779 created the United States Trust and several years later The Constitution for the united States of America implemented it; this grant from the Holy See through the Spanish King, is a land grant. [Remember that in the Global Estate Trust scheme of things, the British Monarch was granted control of the international jurisdiction of the sea, while the Spanish Monarch was granted control of the land jurisdiction.] Our individual actual nation-states each have a grant of land held in the United States Trust, and everything that exists upon that land, including our bodies, our homes, our businesses, our parks and public resources---all that rightfully belongs to us as heirs and beneficiaries of the United States Trust.

This, too, is a man-made trust. We are not compelled by our Nature to partake in it. We can abandon it and in fact, that is what our enemies are trying to claim--- that we all voluntarily and knowingly abandoned our interest in the United States Trust. But let me suggest that this is your rightful inheritance and land and country, and this is your most powerful role and position, enabling you to direct the Trustees of the Global Estate Trust to act in your behalf and honor your interests, to take back your legal title from the British Monarch for Breach of Trust, and to return the legal title from the abdicated Spanish King to your own control, free and clear.

Otherwise, for lack of "known" beneficiaries and claimants, the international Trustees have no choice but to throw open the doors and hold an estate sale.

The choice is yours.

Things got a bit confused and dodgy thanks to the Civil War and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Administration--- a Rump Congress acting without authority and a private corporation's administration that should have been called "Fraud, Inc." --- managed to do two things: (1) establish the Public Charitable Trust as a welfare trust for displaced plantation slaves following the Civil War and (2) for FDR's part, trick everyone into seemingly "voluntarily" pledging all their interests and assets to the Public Charitable Trust and thereby remove them from the United States Trust.

Well, as we all know now, that is completely fraudulent and bogus and thanks to a lot of hard work by a great many Americans it isn't hard to prove that we are the lawful beneficiaries of the United States Trust, we did not knowingly or voluntarily place our assets in the Public Charitable Trust, and we are in fact victims of Breach of Trust by the British Monarch, who thereby forfeits his office. We have suffered great and incalculable damage because of this Breach of Trust, damage that can never be repaid and thus must be forgiven; but we are not liable for this circumstance and won't continue to suffer and be misrepresented.

Let this and all other posts to this page serve as Public Notice of our claim to our natural estates and our land, notice that we reclaim our rightful place among nations on the sea, and that we sue for the protection of our lives and being in the jurisdiction of the air from those evil men who have misrepresented us and betrayed us by fraud and venal self-interest in Breach of Trust.

Let our names be scribed as living men in the Book of the Living and erased from the Book of the Dead.

Now let's go back to where we started -- the mathematics underlying our lives and our language.

Anu:hotep means "House of God"

anathoth - emmett means "ana" (mother) combined with "thoth" (male) is true (emmett) ---- "anathoth"

And here we confront the Magnum Mysterium, the mathematics of God, instead of the mathematics of Man, for it is universally observed that if you add one plus one, you get two.

But in the mathematics of God, you add one plus one and get one.

In other words, in the mathematics of God, separation yields unity.

In this little phrase "anathoth" we also confront the Original Sin, the unholy and destructive union of our mother and a male angel, Satan, to produce a hybrid race of men and long-term genetic pollution----the "tares" among the "wheat"--- which subjects us all to Death.