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Patrick H. Bellringer

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     TO:  Anne and Patrick Bellringer


DATE:  March 27, 2016

SUBJECT:  Communicating with Creator God


Dear Anne and Patrick Bellringer:

          I really enjoy the “Central” articles, and have enjoyed the Easter posts this week.    I should have dropped the Easter thing when I learned about the lie about the rabbit and colored eggs.

          Questions:  When did Hatonn stop the radio transmitions to us?   Why did Hatonn stop sending them?  How does Anne receive her messages from Hatonn?

          I had these questions pop into the half of a brain I still have the other day, so I got on the net to see if I was missing something from Hatonn.

          Looks like everyone except me has been hearing from Hatonn.   The voice inside me suggested I ask Patrick and Anne about this.

          Since Hatonn stopped His transmitions by radio, has he a new word for us?  I can’t dig a hole to protect my family.  Daily I look for the Light beams to appear.  Looking forward to be settled in the place Sananda has prepared for me.  Are we still preparing for the end of this cycle?

          Reading the journals takes up most of my free time.  I’d hate to start digging a hole.

                                                                      Love you,




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

      TO:  BF

DATE:  April 2, 2016


Dear BF:

          Thank you for your continued and generous support to Fourwinds.  Your help came just in time for us to complete payment of our Internet expenses for the month of March.      

          Hatonn stopped further shortwave radio transmissions to the Ekkers in 1998, when they left their work and went to the Philippines.  Hatonn needs a clear receiver and also speaks to any souled being through their God spirit within, who will listen.  Anne does the same through her God spirit, but she wishes to not be a receiver for the general public, as that is not her mission.  Listen to that voice inside you, my friend.  Your God Spirit knows all Truth.

          There is no need to dig a hole in the ground for your protection from nuclear or anything else.  Ask Creator God for His White Light and the Golden Light of Sananda and the Violet Light of Germain to surround you totally and permanently.  You can be protected from all evil, if you ask in sincerity, and then believe that you have it.  Doubt and you do not!  It is that simple!  Creator God Aton of Light protects His workers, if they but ask. It’s all about freewill.

          Yes, we are at the end of this last 3D civilization on Shan.  Any “Heaven on Earth” shall be in 5D.

          Peace be with you!

                                                                      In Love and Light,

                                                                      Patrick H. Bellringer