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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: GN
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2016 4:37 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10
It seems like about 6 months ago (but time gets away from me) that you wrote a letter that Zap was a no good so and so. You left no doubt abut his ill intent. I have never seen a retract of that opinion. Here he is again begging for money as of yesterday. I know RMN and FW needs donations to keep going. His news about Banks seems to fit but it makes me wonder about the real intent. Please steer us in regards to this. With love GN   



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  GN
DATE:  Feb. 5, 2016
Dear GN:
    I have held your email for over a month with no response to you, as I pondered the signs of the times and their likely outcome in relationship to "humanity's status".  Fear and dread grips much of our world today, as many people believe the Darkside media propaganda.  The Khazarian Zionists Bolsheviks (KZB) are blitzing the world with their lies to counter the Truth, that they are losing badly.  They are in panic and intent to take as many as possible with them into the abyss very shortly.
    Sadly, the negativity of Darkness has influenced many spokespersons today in the financial world, the political/military world and the alternative media.  Gloom and doom is their message, get into survival mode, for our country and our world is lost to Darkness.  There is no God of Goodness, only third dimension exists, and we are born, live, and die like a dog.  Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.  That is the Satanic message upon which Darkness thrives.  There is no hope!  All is lost!
    I know for a fact that such shall not be the ending of the play between Darkness and Light for this civilization and for our beautiful planet, Shan.  There is a God, Creator God Aton of Light, who created Shan and the entire Nebadon Universe in which we live.  The Darkside is here for our lessons in soul growth, but Aton has decreed that the Light shall overcome the Darkness, and in the ending play, Goodness wins!
    To relieve the fears of so many people of the U.S. today, Aton has said that the U.S. of A. would not be subjected to an economic crash.  Such would not be allowed, for the people have suffered enough at the hands of the KZB.  Also, the U.S. of A. would never be put under martial law.  This is a blessed country in that it is the only nation in our world to have been established upon The Laws of God and Creation.  America has slipped far from its original foundation, but the Light is returning as people wake up to the Truth.  Once again she is destined to become the "Light House" to our world.
    The Truth shall set us free of the Khazarian Zionist control.  The bankers with their fiat money and usury shall not prevail.  Obama shall not take the guns from the people.  In fact, he shall not complete his present term in office.  The times are changing in America and in our world.  Global Family is carring out the Divine Plan of establishing a new gold standard international banking system, through which abundance shall be brought to all sovereign nations and their peoples.  Russia has shredded the Khazarian Zionist plans for control of the Middle East oil resources, and Putin stands as the world's only true stateman today.  Under Aton's guidance, he is working to stop World War III, and to bring world peace.
    Our world is sick of war.  The people have had enough of the Zionst agenda and U.S. Empire evil of destruction and death to gain control of land and resources.  Europe is awakening to the Zionist plot of destroying white "Christian" Europe by flooding it with Muslim refugees.  In America the people are realizing that Zionist Obama is moving fast on a plan to turn America into an Islamic state.  The nations of the world have finally identifed their common enemy, and in unison are working to quickly defeat their Satanic Zionist foe.
    The Light of Truth is breaking across Shan.  The people desire peace and harmony, and they shall have it!  In the battle between Truth and Lie, Truth always winds.  We are in the ending play, where Goodness overcomes evil.,  Put your shoulder to the wheel and push, put your prayer power to  work, and use your God Spriit within to creat anew.  Indeed, there is hope!  The times are a-changing, my friend!
 In Love and Light,
 Patrick H. Bellringer