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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From:  F
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 7:10 PM
Subject: Ascension
Dear Patrick,
A lot has been written on Ascension these past few years.  Some of the writings hae been channeled which I  regard as highly questionaqble.  Then other sites I find are very "New Age" and I find it hard to believe that we will Ascend with Mother Earth as she enters 5D.  This is not what the journals have reported to us.  We won't live through her major cleansing.
What are your findings on Ascension? Can a person reach a very high vibrational state in this lifetime?  Are there any enlightened souls at this time living among us?
The journals mention several times that we were Ascended Masters in another lifetime and that we have chosen to incarnate in this life to help other souls to attain a higher vibrational state.  Am I recalling correctly or, have I been influenced by the readings other than the journals of this fact?
I look forward to your response.
Love and Light to you and Anne,
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  F
DATE:  Jan. 23, 2015
Dear F:
    Thank you for your crucial question concerning "ascension".  For centuries this concept has been distorted byDarkside lies and misinformation.  Much of this wrong understanding came from the Pharisee, Saul/Paul and his writings recorded in the Bible.  His claim that the so-called Son of God, Jesus Christ, had the power to forgive sins through the blood of his crucifixion, and died as a ransom for us, is the greatest lie of all time.
    Upon this lie Christianity was built, and today millions of Christians are expecting to be "washed clean" of their evil and raptured away to Heaven to live forever in eternal bliss.  This concept of ascension is a trick by Lucifer/Satan to fool everyone.
    Most channelings today come from fourth dimensional beings, who have little more understanding than do other 3D enlightened beings. Often such messages are distorted by the receivers perceptions or are influenced by Dark Spirits and Satan's angels, who ever wait for such opportunities.
    For these reasons Creator God Aton of Light chose to make direct contact with Shan's people and present the Truth by means of the Phoenix Journals, through short wave radio communication from The Phoenix, command ship of the Pleadian Star Fleet.  The Phoenix Journals state clearly ascension is granted only to those, who have lived The Laws of God and Creation to the best of their ability here in third dimension.
    Those, who have learned their lessons in soul growth and have passed their tests, shall graduate and ascend to the higher frequencies of fifth dimension, Heaven, where no evil is allowed.  Creator God Aton/Hatonn states clearly that all souled beings presently on Earth Shan are Returned Masters, who have agreed to return at this time to assist our planet and her people during Earth Shan's transition from 3D to 5D.  Many of these enlightened masters have not awakened spiritually, as yet, and may be trapped in the Lie of 3D.  You are quite correct in your understanding of "Ascended Masters" returning to Shan.
    You ask, "Are there any enlightened souls at this time living among us?"  Yes!  You are one!  Un-enlightened souls would not be asking these questions!  And, yes, you can reach a very high vibrational state in this lifetime.  It's a matter of going within and allowing your God Spirit to teach and guide you with wisdom.
    When Mother Earth finally, again tips on her axis and enters her cleansing cycle in preparation for the fifth dimension energies, all of third dimension must leave.  Few shall graduate into 5D.  Most shall return to another 3D experience on another 3D planet to continue their soul growth lessons.  We have been there and done that many times, but we need not repeat it, unless we so choose to do so---by neglecting the Laws for right living.  We must learn Heaven's rules here ad now!  We shall not "ascend" until we do so.  Aton's Laws are absolute with no exceptions allowed!
    We have been given the power within to overcome all evil.  We have been given the help of the Realms of Light to assist us, if we but ask.  Ascension is ours ,if we so choose!  Aho!
 In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer