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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: LS
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 1:43 AM
Subject: Dear Bellringer
Thank you so much for the Fourwinds page and the work that you do. I am glad to know that you are back in good health and I hope you are feeling good.



I write to you from Norway. I have been reading the Journals for some years. And now I am writing to you, hoping that you can give me some answers I so dearly need.

I am the mother of three children, and it is for a heartbreaking experience waking up to see the insain and evil world we live in. The evil being perpretated today from companies and governments is just total. Everyday our skies are filled with poison, our children are being fed the lies and the energy of evil, our food and drinks are poisonous. And most people just close their eyes. I am so sad about living in these dark times. It is hard to carry. I pray everyday for the people in Gaza and everywhere else there is suffering. I pray for relief, truth, health and that all may live in communities of companionship, caring, and love.

But mostly I see darkness. I see no way out of this. I look up at the clouds and sometimes it is like I see ships, the energy of ships in the clouds. And I see the stars twinkling in different colours. But I don't know what I can do to help. Except educating myself and taking care of children and house and preparing for economic meltdown. Do you have any advice?

Please excuse my english. And please excuse my "depressed" approach.



With gratefulness and love, LS
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:   LS
DATE:  August 19, 2015
Dear LS:
    Thank you for your letter.  Your English is fine.  To be a mother and to be responsible for the guidance of the souls of three children is a noble calling.  To care for your home and family is a full-time job.  My wife and I raised four children, but the times were easier then with less evil.  To do so today is most difficult.
    Living in our very Dark world today, you ask what you can do to help make a difference.  You are already doing far more than most, by caring for your children and teaching them the Laws of God and Creation.   Most Lightworkers do not realize the power they possess to change the world.
    Our God Spirit within holds the creative power of Creator God.  We can focus that energy of Love and Light on any aspect of evil and neutralize it anywhere in the world.  You can do that from your kitchen table.  United in our efforts, we can change the world.
    Our task is to learn our lessons in soul growth, present Truth to those, who will listen, and to help where we can.  Do not become depressed by all the evil.  That is a necessary part of this 3D experience.  Conquer it with Love and Light (Truth)!  Live in hope and peace and joy!  Creator God is bringing good things for His People!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer