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Patrick H. Bellringer

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----- Original Message ----
From:  GW
To: Bellringer
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2015 3:07 AM
Subject: Building a Community



I, for one, am a fervent believer in the truth of the Phoenix Journals. This is because not only have I discerned, over many years, through the coherentness of the MULTITUDES of information, which was dispersed SO quickly (validating [to me] its authenticity just that much more), but ALSO because I HAVE ASKED FOR SIGNS WHICH HAVE BEEN GIVEN AND SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE EXPERIENCED THE GRACE AND MERCY OF THE PUSHING TO THE VERY LIMITS OF NON-INTERFERENCE, FOR OUR BENEFIT, WITHOUT "going over", as many of us would wish to have happen in our current lack of complete understanding of the law.

That is, of course, not why I am writing to you; although, I consider it a GREAT honor. 



I have a question for you, since the fourwinds website seems like the only sane place to discuss this possibility.  


Do you think it would be beneficial for those of us who wish to abide within the Laws of God and Creation to join together into a similar community?  If many of us get in touch with each other, we could, perhaps, be able to all meet somewhere and begin a friendly brotherhood environment. This would take money.  This would take trust. I understand that.  And, worst of all (maybe, maybe not), it would put us all into the same pool together, just ripe for a strike by the darkside.


I have considered these things and do not dismiss them. I do, however, remain questioning whether or not it would be 'worth it' for us to attempt this. I have been thinking that if many of the fourwinds readers decide that this is a plan which has benefits which FAR outweigh the negative-consequence probability outcomes, then it should be put to them, by you, to decide for selves, if it is something you wish to support (given your mission statement).


Providing the truth is amazing. Thank you.  


Now, don't you think it's time we turned this Lighthouse into a Beacon of Communication? Is it possible to ad a forum section to your site, for us all to live-chat?  Contacting each other through our shared interest in the Phoenix Journals, through the fourwinds website, could be the greatest thing that's ever happened to this planet... to bring a true law-abiding community together.  If not in some town somewhere, getting our little jobs and making ends-meat together, then maybe just a more interactive online format? The thought enters my mind that it is in no way your responsibility to provide us with this kind of service and that I should be careful of asking more of someone who has given so much. The truth is that I have not seen any other means of direct link between your readers (in physical) other than you! So, to you I ask! That is all.


This idea could be it. Imagine that world in the article 'Imagine'. How does it begin? Does it begin from someone outside of us doing something for us? Do we wait for Russia, or for Nesara? How long do we wait for another to help us when there is this possibility for us to JOIN TOGETHER and help ourselves? I can see it beginning with the readers of your site joining forces in physical, with either their words or a joining location. What neighbors we could have~!


An end to the barking dogs of being surrounded in ignorance~! : Do you think that is a possibility?

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  GW
DATE:  July 20, 2015
Dear GW:
    Thank you for your letter!  Thank you for your kind words and thoughts for our work.  It is greatly appreciated.
    To answer your question, those of the Light are already connected on a spiritual level.  Hatonn said it was planned for the Lightworkers to be separated and isolated, so they could carry out their missions without interference and distractions.  That is one reason why we do not have a Fourwinds chat room.  Such can lead to trivia and gossip and negativity, and a waste of time.
    Yes, it may be helpful to have physical contact with other Lightworkers.  Would you like me to put your name and address out there for others to contact you?  The Eme-whit Wise One?
    We already have the power within to change things, and great change is happening across Shan because of our efforts.  Creator God Aton of Light is in charge!  Be patient!  Be hopeful!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
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----- Original Message ----
-From: GW
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2015 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: Building a Community
I think you're right!  Unfortunately I am still living at my parent's house, due to the loss of my job, via injury, a while back (I'm in school now). So, the hope was that others would have the available financial means... I thought it was worth asking, but not very likely, right? -- that maybe enough of us could pool together enough money to live within the same neighborhood.  I just think that would be great, but I understand the reasons for it not yet being that way, which you have now mentioned.
However, if anyone would like to contact me from this site, please feel free to reach me at  I am not afraid of the Darkside knowing my name!  It is Graeme Whitmeyer. I stand in the Light of Truth and with my Creator God/Aton of Light, in my Heart of Hearts~!  Therefore, I fear NOT!!!  



And if anyone is wondering why they SHOULD contact me, it is because I have an extreme interest in the Phoenix Journals and would LOVE to simply discuss almost anything about the information, with anyone who's interested. If anyone feels as if, "nobody believes these things except me", and would simply enjoy having conversations re-affirming that there are, indeed, others like you, or that you have questions which you are kind enough that you don't want to bother the great Mr. Bellringer with, then I shall be waiting on stand-by to be there for you. It my pleasure, and an honor to be known by others who read this site, and I hope many of you have facebook and contact me~!   Together, may our vibrations of love overwhelm the darkside into it's own healthy destruction of self, as it has chosen this by its will to do restless battle against Creator God and the Laws of Balance. Thank you. May you always find the truth you seek.  ^__^   Namaste, Adonai, and Salu!!!