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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From:  AM
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2015 5:47 AMSubject: Re: God Aton on sexuality
Dear Patrick,
I undesrtand that God Aton says that an intercourse between a man and a woman, is allowed only with the intent to procreate a child.
Does that mean that we cannnot "make love" even if it is non for our selfish pleasure and lust?
I believe that we are naturally actracted toward the other sex and that if a intercourse bertween a man and a woman, is made in complete love and caring, it should non be forbidden or punished by God.
What is your opinion on this matter?
Do we infringe a God's law if we have a sexual relation inside a marriage or outside, without the intent of procreation, even if it is not for our selfish pleasure and lust?
Many thanks for your reply.
In Love and Light
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  AM
DATE:  May 27, 2015
Dear AM:
    You have asked a very important question that lies at the very heart of humanity.  The Phoenix Journals are quite clear on Creator God Aton's requirements on human sexuality and sexual relations.  They run counter to our present standards in today's civilization on Shan, and are rejected by most people.  Such has been the demise of all past civilizations on our planet.  We cannot get it right.
    Let me begin with the absolutes.  Human sexual intercourse is forbidden outside of marriage.  Human sexual intercourse is only for the procreation of the species.  Marriage is between one woman and one man.
    This raises the question of what is marriage?  Is it by authorization of the state, as in legal marriage, or is it under the authority of religion in some form, or is common law marriage acceptable.  Creator God considers marriage to be the union of two "hearts", two souls at a spiritual level, not some man-made institution.  Having this understanding, we must also understand that we are to live according to the just laws of society.
    Certainly, sexual intercourse within marriage but not for the purpose of procreation, is allowed.  The high standard is to focus on the inner spirit and beauty of one's marriage partner, and gradually move away from the physical deisres of the human experience.  Sananda says to be kind to each other, as you mature spiritually.  The desire for physical union will decrease as the spiritual union of two souls increases.
    Nurture the inner world of spirit, of reality, for the physical world is all illusion.  Great blessings are in store for those, who seek the higher standard.
    May you be blessed for caring enough to ask these crucial questions, my friend.
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer