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Patrick H. Bellringer

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----- Original Message -----
From:  JS
To: Patrick Bellringer
Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2015 8:18 AM
Subject: Proposed Regional Council Concern

Dear Mr.  Bellringer,

I hope this message finds you safe and well.  I don’t normally get involved in politics since it’s seems rigged here in the US, but in this case, and with You, I feel I must and can speak.  I have been an avid reader of Fourwinds for years.  God Bless You and Keep You Safe for Speaking Truth and providing a forum for the Truth to ring out!

I am writing you based on a recent post titled: 

“Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers”


I had to write you because I am concerned about how this “Earth / World Federation Council” will be divided up regionally.  It does not seem just, or fair, for any single country to have one vote on this council, while grouping all of Africa, or all of Europe with Russia or the entire Western Hemisphere together.  I believe in order for it to be truly regional representation governing, each Seat/Region/Vote MUST represent the majority vote of a collective of national members, not some Votes representing multi-national groups with others representing only one nation.

No single country should have a single vote that equals the vote of large group of countries, regardless of their landmass, population, wealth, military might, what they’ve done in the past (good or bad) - or contribution in front of, or behind the scenes to the bringing about of these changes.   If is truly to be a New Beginning, Everyone MUST be Equal on a level playing field. 

The need for regional votes truly being regional becomes even more pronounced when two of the largest and most powerful nations on the planet are expected fund and risk their citizens for a planetary defense force – with their vote being but a voice in a crowd.  Meanwhile, the third partner nation in the Earth Defense Force has one vote on the council, while another nation, who also has a single vote on the council, is not required to contribute money or risk their citizens to defend Our World.

Everything else about the proposal seems just and fair, and borne in the spirit of fostering real changes.  I simply feel every nation should be part of a group of nations, if regional representation voting is to be used for world government and defense in an arrangement such as this.

I have come up with two different proposals for how the regions can be divided, and drawn them out on the maps that are attached.  The first still has seven seats, but the regions are sectioned differently.  The second has eleven seats.  I am no expert in world politics, so the lines can be redrawn as needed.  They are just a rough idea.

On a side note, I also feel some sort of People’s / Citizen’s watchdog group needs to be created to evaluate Mass Media, along with Governments, to keep them in check,  from this Earth Federation Council all the way down through National and State/Provincial governments to city commissions.  The purpose of this watchdog group would be to ensure corruption doesn’t creep back in to the media or the government arena, to make sure they report the truth and pass fair and just laws with the People’s, not Corporation’s interests in mind and to prevent inappropriate corporate influences in media broadcasts or government policy. 

Having been a reader of Fourwinds for years, I’ve come to realize you are a decent, honest man with some pretty amazing connections.  I thought that if I would be able to communicate this to you, that you would actually read it with an open mind, and if you see wisdom in what I’ve said here, maybe you will pass it along to the Powers That Be, either through Mr. Benjamin Fulford, or directly, and they might see the wisdom of it, and make adjustments to their plans as needed.

May God Bless You and Keep You Safe!

Best Regards,


Proposed World Federation Map #1

Proposed World Federation Map #2


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  Jonathan Skeens
DATE:  April 2, 2015
Dear Jonathan Skeens:
    Thank you for your letter and wise thoughts concerning the proposed world federation. My response to you is not to be stressed over this proposal because it "won't happen!"
    People in general and some world leaders and the White Dragon Society think they are going to restore Planet Earth and build God's Kingdom on earth in 3D.  They propose world peace and equality, no hunger or homelessness, and everyone living in harmony.  Again, I say, it "won't happen!"
    Why?  What people fail to understand is that Creator God also has a plan for Earth Shan. Our planet is dying and is beyond recovery, because the people and the corporations and the armies have trashed it.  Our planet has suffered enough and has earned the right to graduate into the fifth dimension, where no evil is allowed.  She has already begun this cleansing process, a natural Cosmic Cycle that cannot be stopped by mankind.
    Secondly, to create a "Heaven on Earth", how would we eliminate evil?  How would selfishness, greed and hatred be removed to create harmony?  Creating regions for order and "Watch Dog" groups to evaluate them is all back to human self-interest, which leads to competitiveness and selfishness and greed for control, and hatred and violence all over again.
    Creator God will no longer tolerate such foolishness on Earth Shan. Shan is moving on to a better life, and we must choose our own destiny.  If we live the Laws of God and Creation to the best of our ability, we can go with her, but this 3D civilization is ending.  Shan has earned the right to a 5D civilization. and that she shall have very soon.
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer