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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: F
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2014 11:12 AMSubject: Light vs Dark
Dear Patrick,
     Every day we witness more and more stories of the goings-on of the evil Cabal that have penetrated even the police force with their cruelty.  The Fukushima radiation has , evidently poisoned the Pacific ocean where we see dead marine life strewn all over the western shorelines.
     The list of cruelty goes on and on.  We are awakening to these cruelties where now the American people can recognize how the US and evil Cabal have been furnishing Israel with arms to destroy Palestine and claim it wholly their territory.
     We are threatened with the crash of the markets and the death of the dollar.  This would have repercussions  throughout the planet and people will suffer even more. 
     I have pleaded with the ETs to come to our help.  What do you think about the Dragon Families of the East coming to our help with funding to engage the Global Currency Reset,high tech clean up of our planet, etc. I heard through their Ambassador that they await humanity to awaken to a peaceful frame of mind and the surrender of the Cabal.
     You just stated in a comment that "world change to Goodness is here!!! So, what is your vision for our near future?
     Thanks for all you do to awaken us to the realities that are on-going and hope for a NEW World.  Is that a possibility before mother Gaia turns on her major cleansing? 
Love and Light to you and Anne,
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
    TO:  F
DATE:  Aug 4, 2014
Dear F:
    Hang in there, Love!  The Forces of Light are in control, as the Dark Cabal goes through its death throes of violence and destruction and creating fear to control the unwary masses.  They have vowed to take as many with them into the Void as possible, as they approach their demise.
    Creator God Aton of Light has not deserted us.  The Forces of Light at our request have neutralized much of the Fukushima radiation.   Without their help, most of Shan's life would have vanished by now.  The same holds true for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.  Yes, there has been death, but not the extreme amount planned by the Dark Cabal.
    Hatonn has said that martial law in the U.S. would not be allowed nor further harm to the people through economic disaster.  Know it!  The Dark Cabal shall not win.
    The BRICS new gold-backed financial system is pushing out the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Zionist Federal Reserve system of debt slavery.  These Satanists are both furious and panicked, and causing horrible destruction and harm everywhere possible, still trying to win.
    Do not get caught up in despair or fear.  That is the trap set by the Darkside to neutralize our power.  We have the power of Creation, the power of God Aton within us to counter the Darkness.  Use it!  Send Light and Love to those, who have need of them.  Darkness and lies fade in the Light of Truth.  Our world is changing.  People are awakening, learning and taking action to confront wrong doing.  Our E.T. friends are helping, but only when we request them to do so.  Ask!  Demand!  Order!  Petition!  Believe me they are helping, big time!
    The future?  We shall have whatever we create.  There can be peace on earth and abundance and health for the people for a bit of time, before Mother Earth exists this third dimension.  Anything is possible!  The Toxins and negative energy are killing our dear Mother.  Can we change that?  We could put her into "Intensive Care" and prolong her time (and our time) in 3D a bit, but we cannot stop her transition into 5D.
    There is great hope and much joy in our future!  Know it!  We are walking through the Valley of the Shadow!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer