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'HELLO, CENTRAL!' IMPETUOUS CHILD! (Updated Jan. 8, 2014)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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----- Original Message ---
From: GW
To: Bellringer
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 1:35 AM
Subject: Documentation of Ongoing Struggle to Support the Light
Dear Bellringer,
       I am giving this to you in hopes that your insight shall prevail, and that my "shared"-concerns be appropriately represented, redressed, and understood, with eyes unclouded.    
       Thank you, for your great works!  May you create yet another awesome one, regarding this documentation:
This writing is, hereby, to properly document an unfolding event, within the parameters of "mankind"'s current processes available.  This event shall, furthermore, respectively constitute my choice, in its entirety, as to whether or not I will choose to abide within the Laws of Balance, as given to us (explained in the Phoenix Journals).  Be it as unfortunate as it seems, I am at a sort of impasse...
       Do I continue to act, faithfully, upon the knowledge I've attained? -- or do I attempt to forget that which I thought I knew, oh, so long ago, now, it seems...?  And WHY do I allow myself to believe in places, events, and people THAT I HAVE SEEN NO CONFIRMATION OF other than what may be, perhaps, HALLUCINATION, "HEAR-SAY", or false understanding?  Is that what Creation and God desire?  -- that I should use my reason and logic OVER my five senses, or rather, INSTEAD of them?  It is claimed, within the journals, that the Spirit of God is within, and that He NEVER leaves me, it is only I whom leave Him!  How can this be so?  HOW IS THAT TRUE AT ALL?!
       Oh, how I've called out!!!  Oh, how I have asked!!!  Oh, how I've knocked on the door!!!  I have called out and received NOTHING.  I have asked and WAS REFUSED.  I have sat in AGONY, begging to be let in the door, only to be DENIED. 
       I write this because I have to know the real truth.  I must have the answers to my questions.  I will find them (the answers) one way or another.
       I have performed "God's" way to the best of my ability.  I had set aside my wants for those of Creation.  Is there to be no satisfaction, NO GOOD, NO MEETING, for one whom attempts such a feat?!  Is that what a righteous God does --  lies?!  I think not!  I think that if God says something, to His children, He tells them the truth.  I asked and did not receive.  What else do I need to do?!
       As you can see, I am left with a dilemma... the "God" in the Phoenix Journals claims to grant free-will choice.  Then, why are my choices, somehow, marked as 'inferior' (something He also claims to not do) and not allowed?  I choose for beings of higher planes to meet with me, in some way that I may remember it with my physical vessel afterwards.  Do I get granted a meeting?!  NO!  Well... WHY NOT?!  Is it, perhaps, that I am turned away from? (Claims to never do ["God"]) Could it really be that, given there ARE millions of Intergalactic Federation members, above the skies, of the planet I AM on, there ARE NONE whom wish to meet with me personally?  How insulting... to think!!!  
       Am I, somehow, considered not to have any authority over issues regarding my planet or peoples?  If so, I'd like to know why that was decided.  I'd like to know why it is that I AM EXCLUDED from the decision-making process for Terran--Extraterrestrial encounters.  As an omniscient being, SURELY God would NOT MISUNDERSTAND our current state of world-affairs enough to not KNOW that the corrupt politicians DO NOT represent the people of this world -- THEY SLAVE-DRIVE THEM!!!  So, tell me, why is it that THEIR opinions, and choices, have been given authority, by God and the Spirit of Creation, OVER mine?!  -- how is it that our evil world controllers have more of a "say-so", to these extraterrestrials, than do I?!  THAT is the most serious question here...  
       Does Hatonn judge me inferior, in "say-so", for my planet and her peoples, compared to our current evil controller puppets of maliciousness?  He claims to live the Laws of Balance, so the answer is, obviously, NO!  So, if MY authority  to meet, or deal, or request a formal First-Contact (open to the public) with an extraterrestrial presence is EQUAL (not inferior nor superior) to theirs (evil's), then why is it not RECOGNIZED as so?!  
       I ASK TO MEET.  
       PERMISSION DENIED?!  Ahh!!! -- But NOT denied for others committing HEINOUS ATROCITIES upon this world!!!  I ask again, WHY?!  How is THAT okay?!  That IS NOT OKAY, by ME!  Where am I included?  I FEEL LEFT OUT!  I AM NOT STUPID!  Include maliciously-willed people's decisions and NOT MINE, huh?!  I see THAT AS STUPID...  THAT IS A VERY STUPID CHOICE, according to the Laws of God and Creation.  Remember the Golden Rule?  Well... apparently, God would want us to float around, in comfort, while PEOPLE SUFFER AND DIE, without ANY assistance from us other than vibrations, good-will, and kind wishes!!!  WHY NOT ALLOW one to make physical contact?  If I create a starship, to orbit earth-Shan, that, somehow, gives me the right to sit by and refrain from helping (physically) others and THE SPHERE below?  THAT would be THEM turning from ME, would it?!  I think not!  I think very much so that it would be quite INEXCUSABLE!
       I forgive them (extra-terrestrials), of course, for their BLATANT LIES, contestable and PREJUDICED decisions, regarding earth-Shan representatives, and their authority, and for their HYPOCRISY of disobeying the very rules they claim to have brought us in clarity.  I do forgive them.  I forgive myself for any and all transgressions perpetrated upon them, and I ask that God forgive us all.  I forgive them for any and all transgressions against us and our world.
       Now, LET US move on!  I shall be, heretofore, regarded as "continuously-waiting", for answers to my questions, which I demand I be shown the answers to immediately.  Heaven's Perfect timing looks like a disease.  I can and will DO THE CURE!!!  LAND NOW!!!  LAND NOW!!!  What are you waiting for?!  I give you MY choice!  What need ye more?
       My choice is to come into FULL understanding of the knowledge of the TRUTH of the reality of God and Creation, as long as I abide within and obey all cosmic Law, to the best of my ability and awareness.  Does God want me to choose something else?!  If so, WHAT?!!!  I MUST HAVE RESOLUTION!  I MUST HAVE GOD HONOR HIS PART OF THE DEAL!  The deal is that if we choose the Law, over evil distractions, that THAT IS OUR BOARDING PASS.  Well, I choose the Law... where are the CRAFT?!  So be it!
       P.S. As an informative measure, so that you "know where I stand", I have read eight of the many journals (1,2,3,5,7,27,37, and 47), with a few re-read, twice, or three times, I've read the website (fourwinds10) articles daily, for more than ten years, I have seen "Venus" cruse around, like only a starship could, AND have seen many 'faint' visions, and felt many vibrations (in Ethers, perhaps, or in my thoughts) of COLORS and BEINGS of a Lighted Realm, but none to my satisfaction (ALWAYS I am LEFT wondering if they were real, or falsely-imagined and projected by me, despite my best efforts).  I know that I have to believe I have the help, first, in order to receive it.  I know that those of the Hosts WILL NOT DO ANYTHING FOR US, but will help us, if we ask.  I know, perhaps, many of the "straight" answers to my own questions; but, it could be that I am not seeing the full picture of the correct perception of their application in reality.  I remember them saying something like, "Curse us, if you'd like, but it is YOU who made the mess... YOU clean it up!" and things of that nature --  just, so you know what type of a response would be inadequate to absolve my grievances.  Which came first? : The belief or the doubt?  Aho!  -- belief, my friend, belief came first!  The doubt creeps in, now, because there is, seemingly, no response.
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----- Original Message -----
From: GW
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 4:17 AM
Subject: Follow Up on the "Struggle"
I'm pretty sure all the answers I need can be found in the sun-warmth, on a beach or lying in the grass.  I realize...  I need nature.  I've been a vampire.  My inadequacies are plain and laid-out before me.  Self First, right?  I have not been taking care of my vessel as well as I could be.  Maybe that is why I am secretly choosing to wait, so far, to 'ascend'...
May all those, whom walk the same road, discover that which they so desperately seek.  I have discovered at least part of my answers today:  GET YOUR BODY INTO NATURE MORE!  
Too much computers, shadow, indoors, stale air, stagnation, and BROODING and DWELLING in corners of MY MIND instead of LIVING FREE and ENJOYING that which life has to offer!!!  HA!
Maybe when I continue to raise my body's vibration, I shall, indeed, be ready for an audience with our space family...  I "documented" like it was the end of the road!  I was just about to "give up the ghost" as some might say!  Well, I think writing that and sending it out did me some good.  I feel better.  I remember the SERENITY PRAYER and, simply, SHALL DO ALL I CAN, NON-STOP!!!
Yay!  Thank you for being there!  You are a fulcrum for my Spirit to LAUNCH!!!
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----- Original Message -----
From: GW
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 2:28 PM
Subject: Hello?! Is anybody 'out there'?!
I've sent THREE e-mails now that have all been tossed aside, as far as I know.  



You used to respond to me.  Why the silent treatment?


One e-mail was a "channeling", with a lot of errors in it.

Another was a beautifully-done "doubt" piece, which could answer A LOT of your reader's questions.

The last one was a follow-up on my "doubt" documentation, that gave really good advice.



THAT CROP CIRCLE LOOKS LIKE THERE'S BRAILLE INSIDE!  If so, it reads "#192", in braille.  I think that means that IT WAS THE 192nd CROP CIRCLE from our star-brethren.  What do you think of that?  Has NO ONE ELSE even noticed THAT?!  Why am I the only one here...
----- Original Message -----
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
    TO:  GW
DATE:  Jan. 3, 2014
Dear GW:
    For the last two weeks Anne and I have been visiting our children and have been posting remotely via laptop computer.  Thus, I have not been able to read and respond to much of my e-mail.
    With more than 1000 e-mails to sort through, it will take a bit for us to catch up.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer
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----- Original Message -----
From: GW
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2014 5:00 PM
Subject: Re: Hello?! Is anybody 'out there'?!
Soooo.... nothing about the crop circle?  I do apologize, if you feel "swamped" with e-mails, but, perhaps, you could utilize the assistance available to you more appropriately, and effectively. 


Are there not those with enough knowledge to help you answer most e-mails?  No one you trust enough to send the correct information back?

I love your hard work!  I wish I could help!  I would do just about ANYTHING to 'be in your shoes' right now!



----- Original Message -----
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:   GW
DATE:  January 5, 2014
Dear GW:
    Greetings to you from Santa's workshop at the North Pole!  How do I respond to an impetuous child, who is trying to order God around to his liking?  I did not know that I was required to present to the world all of your wondering thoughts, doubts, fears and assumptions about your life.  I must have missed that memo!
    I am reminded of a wise saying, "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!"  Too often we play the fool by drowning out that "still, small voice within".  We expect answers in the mighty wind, but it comes in a whisper.  We demand Violinio Germain to suddenly appear before us, when the beggar at our feet has his answer for us.  We plead for a sign, proof in blazing color, that any fool could understand, but we miss the sunlight sparkle in the dew drop on the rose petal and the blade of grass.
    Does God refuse to listen to your sincere request?  Does He turn you away or exclude you?  Does He judge you as inferior?  Never!   Already, you have found answers by bonding with our great Mother Earth.  She holds many answers and great wisdom.  Your God Spirit within knows All.  Go within and listen.  Ask and you shall receive!  Be in peace and hope, always!
    Have you figured out the message the crop circle is giving to us?  That may be more important than the number 192!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer


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----- Original Message -----
From: GW
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2014 10:14 PM
Subject: Re: Hello?! Is anybody 'out there'?!



I had no idea you were working up there!  That's COOL!!!  (no pun intended)  In fact, I thought the North Pole would be a huge opening into inner earth... not any place for a workshop!!!  Oh, well, I guess I was wrong.


To answer your questions, a well-balanced response to impetuousness would, perhaps, be to demonstrate some patience, or any otherwise "considerate" demeanor, seeing as that it may teach, by example, another way, a way which may benefit the one exhibiting such behavior.  You mistakenly utilize the label 'child' as if it were, somehow, a bad thing!  I may be childlike, but isn't there a great deal that adults may learn from children?  Seek ye the Kingdom of God like the children... with their energy and inquisitiveness not yet dulled.  Isn't that what I'm supposed to do, BY GOD?!  Impetuous, huh?  More like CARING, I think.  I CARE VERY MUCH about the issue.  I CARE.

WHAT I HAD DONE WAS ASK HIM.  ... and ASK... and ASK... and, well you get the picture!  IT WASN'T WORKING, so... I DID order God around.  I DID.  I said, "LAND NOW!!!" I said, "I DEMAND THE ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS!"  I am part of this world and HE HAS excluded me!  That's a FACT!!!  If not, then tell me, WHERE AM I INCLUDED?  Has their federation INCLUDED me?  Not that I can tell, anyway.  And why would they want to?  I'm so childish, foolish, (judgments) and demanding.  Oh, I demand so much!!!  Ooooo -- answers to my questions, or landing a ship to meet with us, BOTH are just SOOO DIFFICULT for an omniscient being!





Furthermore, just WHEN did I express ANY fear?!  Did you even read my e-mails?!  Please, attempt to show me ONE SHRED OF FEAR I SUPPOSEDLY EXPRESSED!!!  I DARE YOU!!!  VERY CREATIVE OF YOU!!!  Is that what you do now? -- spin messages into whatever you want them to be?  It surprises me that I held you in such high esteem, and regarded you as such a hero, and then you attempt to BELITTLE and LIE about me.  Sheesh!  I'm sorry that I thought you were so great!  That is how you treat your admirers?  I admired you for your ability to demonstrate the faults in other's thinking and provide them with the appropriate ways to improve, NOT to PUT WORDS IN THEIR MOUTH!


YOU HAVE MISSED THE 'MEMO' because THERE WAS NO MEMO SENT!  How rude! : A memo that YOU must present, to the world, something of MINE?  How did you come up with THAT one?  Was it, perhaps, that the material I KINDLY and COURAGEOUSLY shared with you (NOT REQUIRING you to do anything about, in ANY WAY, but instead, thinking that you may WANT MY MESSAGES), IN HOPES that it would be responded to with some measure of insight, contained some very intriguing and compelling questions, to which the answers may, indeed, reveal something very dark and insidious occurring?  


As for the crop circle, I was implying that the number WAS the message of the crop circle.  That it may have been the 192nd legitimate one, or maybe the message, they were attempting to give us, had something to do with the BRAILLE-like images inside of it.


It seems you misunderstood almost everything and didn't register most of my points.  You display NO insight as to why our star brethren would be all around us, with their advanced technology, and not help us.  As I sit and watch a child die, I think to myself that, if I had a starship, with technology capable of helping, that I would use it to help.  THAT is what I am going to do, major in physics, and build a device capable of granting unlimited energy, so that I may assist others, since, apparently, an omnipotent being refuses to do so.  I DON'T BLAME GOD FOR OUR MESS, I simply note His UNRESPONSIVENESS.  I AM DOING ALL I CAN TO CURE THE WORLD'S PLIGHT, IS HE?!  I think He can do more than He is doing, but He refuses to.  I don't fully grasp this concept.  He claims the law of Non-Interference?  I GIVE HIM PERMISSION!  You see?!  IF I INVITE HIM TO LAND, AND HE DOESN'T, THEN WHAT IS HIS EXCUSE FOR STANDING BY WHILE THERE IS ALL THIS SUFFERING OCCURRING? Does He simply ENJOY THE SUFFERING?  Because, if He doesn't, then I think He should SHOW SOME COMPASSION.  I WOULD!  Are you telling me that I have more compassion than God?  Wow, that is impressive!!!


Oh, and that saying you were reminded of, is not wise at all, I think, because Angels are incapable of fear!  REMEMBER?  How can you go against EVERYTHING YOU EVER TAUGHT ME?!  THAT, IN FIFTH DIMENSION AND HIGHER, THERE IS NO EVIL ALLOWED?!  Fear is a sin, therefore evil, yes?  So, Angels (who are fifth-dimensional, or higher, beings, correct?) DO NOT "FEAR TO TREAD" anywhere.  They simply would not, NOT fear to!  Don't you agree?


I THANK YOU for your time and effort, responding and posting to my many inquiries, on your site.  I DO NOT REQUIRE you to.  I sincerely feel as though you may not have the desire to put THIS one up, though, due to its critical nature.  

My whole purpose of sending my previous e-mails was to receive deeper knowledge regarding the many questions I composed.  I feel like I received none, but simply the same, and NEWLY-REVEALED RHETORIC of "Ask and you shall receive".  MY WHOLE POINT WAS THAT I AM ASKING AND AM NOT RECEIVING.  I do not wish to be so critical of your response, but I felt I was being slandered a bit.  What with the whole "Child" and "Fool" implications... but it is appreciated nonetheless.  


My apologies, sir, I didn't know you were bothered by my e-mails.  I thought that you enjoyed receiving responses from readers.  I'll refrain from sending any further inquiries, if you wish.

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  GW
DATE:  Jan. 6, 2014
Dear GW:
    Why must God land in a starship to meet with you?  What would the starship prove, when He is already only a thought away?  Would that satisfy your ego that you can order God around?  Do you need physical proof that God Aton of Light is real to believe in Him?  Do you not know that you are a spiritual being here, now, having a physical experience in 3D and need to awaken to your true potential?
    The challenge is to let go, to take that leap of faith out of this holodeck illusion and into the real world of spirit, where everything is possible.  The challenge, my friend is to live "balanced", with one foot in the physical world of 3D experience and the other foot in the spiritual world of positive energy and endless possibilities, where knowledge leads to wisdom and finally to knowing.
    We are here, as souled beings, to learn our lessons in soul growth, but not to individually save the world.  Hunger and suffering are part of the 3D experience, and also for lessons for those, who hunger and suffer.  We dare not deny them their lessons as well, but we help those that touch our lives, those that we are allowed to help.
    It is honorable of you to show compassion for others.  Many do not, and many that do not are clones with no God-connection and ability to do so.  They, also, are here for our lessons.  You take the word "fear" literally, when the author's meaning is different in the statement that "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!"  Through knowledge Angels of Light have gained wisdom and would not act impulsively, but would hesitate and be reluctant to act foolishly.  You interpret that as "fear".
    Creator God Aton's promise has not and shall not be diminished in any way, "Ask and you shall receive!"   So be it!
                       In Love and Light,
                       Patrick H. Bellringer
P.S.  I add a note for your further understanding.  You may have watched too many science-fiction movies and not read the Phoenix Journals with full comprehension, but the Pleiadian Star Fleet and the Command ship, the Phoenix, have no intention of landing on our evil planet.  At lift-off the Lightworkers shall be beamed aboard ship via a beam of Light to ships as far away as Mars.  To land on Shan with ships four times the size of Shan would block out the sun and upset the planet's balance.


#6  - UPDATE:  JANUARY 7, 2014



Spectacular crop-circle mystery solved!

Elaborate design in California captures imagination

Crop circles remain one of the mysteries of the ages.

What causes them and what do they mean?

The latest spectacular example of a crop circle was found etched in a farmer’s barley field near the community of Salinas, Calif. on Sunday, Dec. 29.

Aerial photography and video showed an approximately one-acre site with a breathtakingly detailed design.

And now the mystery has been solved.

Mysterious flashes of light seen where a massive crop circle was discovered near Salinas, Calif.

It turns out the crop circle wasn’t the work of aliens, but instead – surprise! – it was a publicity stunt by Nvidia Corp., a maker of chips for PCs and smartphones.

The crop circle contained a stylized image of a computer chip and the number “192″ in Braille. On Sunday, the company announced the Tegra K1, its new chip contains 192 computing “cores,” or mini-computers, for graphics applications.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said at a press conference in Las Vegas, ahead of the International Consumer Electronics Show, that he had given his marketing department the mission to promote the chip on a shoe-string budget. The crop circle received wide attention.

As WND reported, two friends driving alongside the pasture noticed flashes of bright light coming from the site in the early morning hours – before it was ever revealed in daylight.

Aerial view of the crop circle discovered Dec. 29, 2013, near Salinas, Calif.

The video shows the two men first capturing the strange light flashes from their car. Then they leave their vehicle to investigate what is causing them. They follow the lights to discover that the grass in the area has been flattened. The cameraman is heard to say: “Holy! It’s all laid down. Dude, this is a crop circle.”

It was only hours later after the sun rose that television news crew descended on the field to film the huge crop circle that is only visible in its spectacular detail from the air.

“It is true. The NVIDIA marketing team is behind this phenomenon,” Huang said as he stood in front of a picture of the manicured field. “What you’re looking at here is 310 feet in diameter. It is what people call a crop circle.”

The circle was plowed under a few days after its discovery.



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----- Original Message -----
From: GW
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 3:23 PM
Subject: Re: Hello?! Is anybody 'out there'?!
Oh, thanks Bellringer!  That does explain my misunderstanding quite a bit...  even though I already knew these answers, this helped me to learn them more fully, or to test their resolve, again!




So, the Beings of Light don't help cure the diseases and death because it is the CHOICE of the individuals involved to GO THROUGH the pain!  If I were to cure them of their problems, then they wouldn't have learned the lessons their souls wanted to, and would have to simply reincarnate again, in the same painful circumstance, for their lessons.   Yeah, I really only wanted them to meet with me, and land their ships (Small craft! Sheesh! HA!), to help rid us of the diseases, pains, and deaths occurring worldwide.  So, for them to do so, would "set back" all of those creatures they "helped", seeing as they'd have to then "re-do" that experience anyway!  I think I understand now...





YOU TRULY ARE A BLESSING!!!  I am very impressed that you continued to demonstrate some measure of honest response and patience with my IMPETUOUSNESS!!!  God bless you and your circumstances in your journey!


... and I knew the message, of the crop circle, had to do with Braille!  Wow... they really are desperate to sell their product!  If only HEALTH PRODUCTS were marketed with such remarkable stunts...  




Much Love and Gratitude to you and Anne!  Selamat Majon!  Selamat Kasitaram!