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Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: GD
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 10:29 AM
Subject: :SPAM: Stay in USA ...
HI Patrick !
First you must excuse my english is not so good but y want talk to you .I am a reader for Fourwinds for a long time and your action it's so important  .
We just arrive from a week-end in USA, in NH ...we just avoid your country for a long time but we try a short visit ..and we are very surprise and distrup for what we have feel in our soul and body .
We drive from Canada and stop Bretton Woods ..that's so heavy ,and hard ( we understand that is the place  where was born the financial system current , is it true ? ) but we continue in the White mountains .
All the time of our visit, we are very concern and sad about the way whose the population eat , and the quality of the food ,the preparation ...and we can talk of that a long time .... That we fell a deep stress for the soul , a very hard irritation in the humain being  for us and the people around but they are no conscient .
We are very sick  the day after and we don't understand at this time what 's happen . We are very concern about the conscience ,and we ask to your Conscience what is happens in our visit .
We just understand that is a time very hard for the humain in your country , like all the country in the world , but in USA the humain is in destruction for the soul and we observe by the humain body the quality of the food ...
Do you believe that ?  We just look the food that is serve : the bread, the fruit ,the so large portion  , no savor ,sweetest ,  no sense like the food has lost the ''soul '' .
That seems like the body of the persons we see, large whith no consistance like that is inflate and in the supermarket y became very panick ...perharps y am paranoia...y don't believe that .
Y just think ''inflate like the EGO '' and observe the so big trucks ...
Is it possible that the population are very controlled by the food that serve and sell and they don't know ? Y am so confuse about that . The real truth for me is that y feel whith my senses .
Y am so sorry for this thought about your country but y want understand what we have lived and y feel it's important for me .
My companion and me have a small bussiness for the development of leadership in the organisation , a leadership of Heart...( )
THanks for your attention ...y can read english but y am no very good for write or speak .
Have a good time with Fourwinds !


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  GD
DATE:  Feb. 16, 2009
Dear GD
    Thank you for your letter and kind words.  We are glad that Fourwinds has been of help to you.
    You are correct that Bretton Woods, NH was the location where forty-four nations in July, 1944 created the Bretton Woods Agreement, a system for international monetary management.  That whole system is presently being converted to a Global gold banking system.
    As you observed, the American people in general are obese, are eating very poor food and are greatly stressed and depressed.  This has been intentionally done by our government to break the spirit of the people.  The economy is creating unemployment, loss of homes and great hardship for families everywhere.  This is happening worldwide, as the One World Order is marching onward to their goal.
    They shall not win!  Many evil leaders are in panic today, because Truth is being revealed.  Goodness shall soon prevail.  You traveled through some beautiful country.  I hope that made your trip worthwhile.  Be in peace.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer