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'Hello, Central!' The Plan is Bigger Than You Think! (Updated Sept. 22, 2008)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: T
Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2008 1:59 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


Dear Casper,

I know you and yours are \'all over this and then some\' regarding Projects; while I sit here in general ignorance save the insightful and detailed information you bring...with a relatively tiny nod in Story\'s direction for his general reinforcement of reality (to me) and public confrontation of the Bad Guys.  I fully agree with your assessment regarding Story\'s attitude by the way.

Two questions and one request/suggestion if you will.  I can only hope you actually read this email, and if you are reading this then I would hope you see merit in both my question and suggestion.  If that becomes the case then perhaps you will respond via one of your next updates.

 My question is neither facetious or negative in attitude.

Question #1:  Why does not the World Court review and change their ruling regarding the Trigger Packs so as not to require said packs to be delivered first? Or why have not the Good Guyspetitioned the World Court to do same?

 Question #2:  Why oh why do you and/or your contacts repeatedly see the prospect of delivery of the Trigger Packs when--to my knowledge--there is simply no solid evidence ( obviously true it would appear) that Bush & Co. have been neutralized? How can you and we hope for actual delivery until we know with certainty that Bush, as sitting President, cannot stop deliveries?

Why would Bush allow deliveries when it virtually guarantees his own demise and humiliation? Right?

Suggestion:   I know this may not be at all comfortable and perhaps not practical either.  Nevertheless may I suggest that in accord with your own musing of several months ago in one of your updates you contact Story.  Let bygones be bygones.  Given the STAKES it would seem you and we and he have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Am I wrong? There might be critical clarifications or enhancements for all concerned.

To whom it may concern:  Please let this email pass in front of Casper\'s that I believe with all my heart these two questions and one suggestion are or would be centermost on readers\' minds.

With great regard, T.


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  T
DATE:  Sept. 21, 2008
Dear T:
    Thank you for your letter, suggestions and question.
    What people generally do not know is that the NESARA Mission, including the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims, were all part of a greater plan, which began in the 1950's following World War II to restore the U.S. of A. to its original status, as a Constitutional Republic by a quiet, bloodless revolution.  To avoid such a revolution of changing an entire government becoming a bloody revolution in the streets, as has happened in so many other countries, it was agreed that every effort would be made in bringing this nation back to a Republic by following the precepts already provided in the Constitution of the Republic for such change.
    Thus, the "revolution" could not be a simple military take-over of the government, done swiftly and cleanly, beheading all who opposed it.  It could not be done by a mob of "patriots" carrying pitchforks and broomsticks marching on Washington D.C.  Given the depth and breath of deceit and control of the U.S. Government by the Zionist-Illuminati One World Order, such a revolution had to be subtle, carefully planned and secretly carried out by selected people in positions of authority with proven integrity and commitment to the cause.
    Such a mission has been in process for many years.  One of the biggest handicaps has been not knowing, who is the enemy.  Another problem has been lack of communication between those, who must work covertly to accomplish this mission.  Bribery and black-mail and double agents have all played their part in this developing revolution to restore the Republic.  Mainly, it has been a paper battle, a legal/lawful battle, a battle of wits to maneuver and out-smart your opponent.
    The opponents are many, the president and vice-president of this nation, and former ones, the cabinet, the Congress, the judges and lawyers, the bankers, the military. . . the list is long!
    This is not only a change in a nation, but the principles involved shall change our world.  Debt settlement between nations and a Global Gold Banking System are huge changes.  Removal of the U.S. Government and corporate structure, the dismissal of the national debt, the removal of the Federal Reserve System and fiat money, and the cancelling of personal debt to that system are major changes, which were considered impossible not long ago, are now not only possible, but are actually now in process.
    Most people see only a very small part of the "revolution".  They see their Farm Claim or their involvement in the Prosperity Programs as the focal point of their attention.  They see NESARA as being important, but do not understand it as the very foundation of this entire "revolution".  They are impatient and become upset at all the delay, for lack of knowledge of the massive change being implemented.
    As I have written many times, and as explained in the Phoenix Journals by Creator God, this is His Plan 2000 in process to remove the Darkside's control over our planet and her people.  It is not about simply getting "your" money and living happily ever after, or about having all your debts suddenly removed, so you can go spend and buy, and do it all over again.
    This is a bigger change to goodness, and it takes time.  It takes courage and dedication and great risk on the part of great patriots and Lightworkers.  Though a complete fool, the U.S. President cannot be simply "taken out".  Our people must find ways to lawfully work around him, and still accomplish the mission.
    You ask, "why would Bush allow deliveries when it virtually guarantees his own demise and humiliation?"  It is a matter of lawfully "boxing" him in until he has no other alternative but to do the right thing.  This is like a fantastic game of chess being played until checkmate is achieved against the Darkside.  The World Court may issue many rulings and orders, but without enforcement they become worthless.
    Please understand that in this game, this mission of a bloodless revolution for our nation and our world, G.W. Bush, G H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc. are all very small players and have very little, if any, power left at this time.  They are "as dust on the scales of time".
    All is coming together nicely in Creator God's Plan 2000.  Focus your positive energies on the greater good, and watch with joyful expectation the daily unfolding of this Plan.  Truth is being revealed and enlightenment is happening in the most unexpected places to restore balance and harmony.
    We shall let Casper respond as he wishes.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
----- Original Message -----
From: T
Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008 9:23 PM
Subject: Re: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Dear Patrick,
Thank you most kindly for your most thoughtful and considerate reply.  Your personal reply together with your effort extended is much appreciated.
I agree with your comments and I am of same mind.  In my case we are aware of the various details you kindly shared in that we have done our research starting back in 1996 when Omega had not 'come in' as wife and I joined in May of 1995.  My first foray into this amazing world of behind-closed-door politics started with "The Creature from Jekyll Island" which, of course, left me in slack jawed amazement.  Our learning has continued since.
However your particular slant and style of communicating the details that you have shared has certainly helped us in this moment of fear.  We have braved it out after thirteen years.  We have struggled terribly because I had dumped practically all of our money into the Project (nearly $40,000).  Oh how I have paid the piper for my pomposity and irresponsibility of that time...All I had to do was loan $100 and results would have been the same.  Oh well.  Karma and lessons learned upon this school called Earth.
Please know that the political and spiritual transformation of planet Earth (...not to mention of myself!) is my first priority.  All the money we may be about to receive would be, at best, compromised if indeed it were not accompanied by accompanying changes for people of the world.
Again, thank you for your time, your sincerity, and your insight.  You have helped, and you have touched.