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'Hello, Central!' After NESARA What Are The New Guys Going To Do About the 'Dammed Jesuits'? (Updated 8/26/08)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: WW
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Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 4:13 PM
Subject: hey Patrick -- good question from Wild Bill
Hey Patrick --
     I know you hate to waste time with me but I have a pretty good question.  Let's say that NESARA should actually be announced some day and if so, what are the NEW guys going to do about the OLD guys -- the damned Jesuits?  The Jesuits can't just be left there to mess up the new govnment.  And there are so many of them, too.  Do you have any idea how NESARA is going to deal with the Jesuits?  How's that for a good question?   Thanks for your time -------------- WW
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  WW
DATE:  August 24, 2008
Dear WW:
    It is not a waste of my time to respond to a serious question.
    You ask a very important question, and the answer varies with that which you believe shall happen in these "End Times".  Those, who believe in Plan A, believe that NESARA will be implemented and the domino effect of goodness will then sweep across the planet with all governments of all nations being brought into goodness in third dimension.
    Over time the people increase in enlightenment, creating positive energy, which would raise the planet's frequencies gradually to the 5D level.  Those souled beings of lower frequencies, such as "the damned Jesuits", would physically deteriorate and die and go on to their next lifestream in 3D or the void to continue with their lessons in soul growth.  Those remaining on Planet Earth are to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
    Plan A is not what I believe shall happen and it is not what Creator God Aton says in the Phoenix Journals shall happen.  Let us call this Plan B.  In this plan our Earth Mother goes through her normal cycle of physical cleansing and restoration, as she has done many times in her history.  Esu Immanuel Sananda has told us that our planet is dying, and that it is now impossible for Earth humans to restore her to health.
    She is tilting on her axis in preparation for tipping over, causing major volcanic eruptions, violent earthquakes, ocean floors rising to the surface, present land masses sinking under the oceans, and huge salt water tsunamis cleansing the land.  At the point of tipping of our planet, all who so choose shall be evacuated by starship to safety.  Those of low frequencies (Darkside, evil), such as "the dammed Jesuits", shall die of earth changes or drown in the salt water.  Should they choose to be evacuated, they would die passing through the tractor beam for boarding the ships, because their frequencies would be far lower than the Light beam for levitation to the ships, and their physical bodies would be compromised.
It is planned for NESARA to be implemented to declare victory to the Darkside and to bring closure for the Lightworkers prior to evacuation, but that all depends on the time allowed us by Mother Earth.  We are that close to change!  The Darkside has worked hard to delay NESARA, for they know it will bring their demise.  Be assured that with or without NESARA they still lose and the Light wins.
    Creator God Aton's plan is for Earth Shan to be cleansed and restored to fifth dimension (not third dimension as in the past), where evil is not allowed including "the dammed Jesuits,!  Only those, who had graduated to 5D and higher would be allowed to return to Shan and help build her new enlightened civilization of "Heaven on Earth".
    May you find the Truth you seek, my friend.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: BH
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 8:18 PM
Subject: in reference to your posting about plan A and plan B
hello patric...just a moment of your time....i used to fully and totally believe in plan A....i really worked hard meditating to co manifest this outcome......but i feel it is very "late" and i feel mother earth is very very sick....i feel like all this has gone on way too long respecting free will of the dark at the cost of a dieing planet....from my view it makes no sense to let this go on any longer...

.your plan B  is sounding more realistic (all due respect) after what i have seen over the last 11 months of stalling and following every update every day from everyone (Casper,Story,Sarcha fal ,and Sheldon Nidle)....i know people give you a lot of shit about your views and opinions....but all the promises and reassurances being made of nesara are still stalled.....its august 24,2008....and nothing!...

so what i wanted to say was as for plan make it on the ships and through the beams what "requirements" must there be of ones self....i understand it has to do with each persons vibrational frequency....but is it like ,if you are more service to others you will make the beams....and if you are more service to self you wont make it? it about pure intent and love for everyone and respect?....what is your opinion i ask you with great sincerity? im not asking for my self as my intend is firmly established with the light ,,,i ask for others who are unaware....peace and light brother


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  BH
DATE:  August 26
Dear BH:
    Thank you for your letter and question about requirements needed to be "beamed aboard" the evacuation ships.  To suffer no physical damage to our 3D physical body, our frequencies must match the frequencies of the tractor beam, that is, they must be as high as those of the beam of Light.  If they are higher, that is not a problem.
    If they are somewhat lower, physical damage may occur, and if they are really low, physical death will occur.  Medical teams will assist where needed, but in the case of death the soul simply moves on to the Astral Plane (4D), where one judges oneself before Creator God and decides what lessons in soul growth remain and where one will go to learn them.
    I can not answer your question exactly, as to the requirements to reach the evacuation beam frequency level, but I can give you some guidance.  Those people living their lives with good intent, endeavoring to live the 18 Laws of God and Creation, showing compassion for others, and helping where they are able, would most certainly have no problems boarding the ships.  It is a matter of your positive energy level, and you can know where you stand by simply in meditation asking your God Spirit within.
    When you ask, what is your gut feeling, or what is your heart telling you?  Do you have a good feeling that all will be fine?  Do not worry, my friend, for you would not even be asking this question, if you were of low frequencies.  If you are concerned about your ability to safely board the ships, ask Creator God or your Guardian Angels to assist you in raising your frequencies.
    Attitude is basic to changing your level of frequencies.  Fear, anger, hate, revenge, gossip, unforgiveness, ego, use of alcohol and other mind-altering drugs create negative energy, while kindness, forgiveness, love, compassion, acts of helping others, etc. create much positive energy to raise one's frequency level.
    By Cosmic Law whatever energy you create, whether it be negative or positive, goes out into the ethers and then is returned to you in like kind but in multiple amount.  To use street language people live like "crap", and then wonder why they get "crap" dumped on their head.
    Have you even done a spontaneous act of kindness with no thought for yourself, and afterward had a really good feeling inside?  Giving, caring and helping with no strings attached creates much positive energy.
    I shall see you and your friends aboard the ships, in Bellringer's Corner!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer