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'Hello, Central!' Christopher Story Accuses Whistleblower/Fourwinds of Libel!

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Our readers are asking why the response including questions, from Whistleblower to Story concerning his update of June 25, 2008 was removed suddenly from Fourwinds homepage.  This was done to comply with the demand by Christopher Story that we do so.  Because Story has refused to accept my letter to him in response to his accusations of libel against Fourwinds and Mr. Whistleblower, I am including this communication in the "Hello, Central!" for all to read.  PHB.

1.  Story's angry response to Mr. Whistleblower's questions.

2.  Bellringer's letter to Story

3.  Story's automatic e-mail response.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Christopher Story FRSA" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 4:51 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


With reference to the scurrilous diatribe by 'Whistleblower' that you have posted on your website:

1. The text contains certain very grave libels against the Editor of International Currency Review which your website is promulgating internationally.

2. Notwithstanding the several grievous libels against the Editor contained in this diatribe, its perpetrator has zero credibility because she hides behind anonymity, lacking the courage to reveal her identity. Even if we were so minded, one cannot dialogue with a coward who is too scared to reveal who they are, not least for fear that they might be sued for libel. This stance strips the diatribe\'s author of any right to be respected and reveals the person concerned to be a bully as well as a feckless coward, thereby contaminating the reputation of the owner of this website who is aiding and abetting the grievous libels contained in the diatribe. The fact that the author and the diatribe lack credibility does not, however, cancel out the libels. A libel stands by itself. By contrast, the Editor of International Currency Review does not hide either his identity or his coordinates.

3. The diatribe renders the website and its owners liable to answer any legal action we may have to take for libel in the English Court. Awards for libel damages are often much larger in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

For your further information:

4. The Editor has acted de facto as a Rapporteur for parts of this global crisis. His interests are to inform our international financial sector subscribers about the crisis and to report financial crime. These interests are the legitimate concerns of a long-established specialist journal serving the international financial community such as International Currency Review. Such investigative financial journalism has been our speciality for nearly four decades. If the results of our objective research do not please or meet with the approval of certain recipients of our information, that is their issue, not ours. 

5. This objective investigative and exposure activity, which has been undertaken by the Editor\'s organisation non-stop since 1970, will continue. Moreover we will continue to report on financial crime, especially on financial crime issues exposed by our prior coverage of this crisis.

6. Further information about the background to this crisis may be obtained by ordering and paying for a commercial subscription to International Currency Review, which has financed the exposures. If more information is needed, we can supply it in that format. As a commercial organisation, we do not provide a free service, with the exception of the website reports.

International Currency Review contains extensive background and documents concerning this crisis.

7. Contrary to the diatribe\'s ramble, every dimension discussed in the Editor\'s report dated 25th June 2008 is indeed strictly revelant and related to the ongoing resolution of the crisis. If the anonymous author of the diatribe cannot understand what has been published, we regret this but since others around the world have understood everything we have posted, it is evident that the problem lies with the author of the diatribe and not with the Editor\'s text.

8. Our NEWS reports were intended both as an add-on service for our subscribers and also for law enforcement cadres in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. The reports were never intended for a lay readership. We are not and have never been concerned with educating or informing such a readership. If confusion exists in certain minds, it is not our job to remove it, and nor will we attempt to do so.

9. As a direct, indisputable and internationally recognised consequence, in part, of our reports, the long-delayed Settlements have been triggered and the world will probably now avoid a depression. Furthermore, we have stood up to and faced down elements of the criminal gangs who long since hijacked the American Government. Decisive action is being taken against certain of their number. Reporting high-level financial crime is a risky business, but our work has shown that when one stands up to these crooks, they fall back to the ground. Please refer to the Gospel of John, Chapter 18, verses 4-6 for verification of this reality.

10. In order to avoid further correspondence and consequences, you are hereby requested to remove the mentioned grievous, libellous and anonymous diatribe posted by \'Whistleblower\' from your website forthwith. It should not be stored in any part of your electronic archive. You are also advised that you should ensure, please, that no further grievous libels against the Editor of this service EVER appear in future on your website or on any other website with which you may be associated. May I also remind you that you have persistently breached the Editor\'s copyright, and that these egregious and repeated breaches will be taken into account in any legal action that we may have to pursue against the owners of this website in the English Court should you fail to comply with the requests contained in this paragraph. We also reserve the right to lodge a complaint against this website with the relevant US Federal authorities in those circumstances.

11. You may publish this response in full, verbatim, without any preamble or amendment, or else not at all. The Editor will not correspond further with you on this matter, or on any other matter, unless we are obliged to resort as indicated to legal action in the English Court for libel damages and to compensate us for your repeated breaches of our copyright by your habit of lifting articles from without our prior permission. In such an event, you will be hearing from our lawyers.

Christopher Story FRSA

Editor and Publisher

International Currency Review

World Reports Limited

108 Horseferry Road


London SW1P 2EF

United Kingdom


Original Message -----

From: "Bellringer" <>
To: "Christopher Story FRSA" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:30 PM
Subject: Re: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Dear Christopher Story:

    I am in receipt of your letter requesting that "the scurrilous diatribe" by Mr. Whistleblower be immediately removed from  This we have done.  You claim that both Fourwinds and Mr. Whistleblower have committed "grievous libels" against you, the Editor and Publisher of International Currency Review.

    That certainly was not my intent, and I know Mr. Whistleblower to be a man of integrity, and that he meant no ill intent either.  He was asking some direct questions of you based upon your recent report, and was seeking clarity not only for himself but also to the many, who had read your report and were raising similar questions.  As a Christian man, how can you claim such to be libel?  Would it not be wise to try to clarify any misunderstanding?  If you did not wish to reply publicly, you could certainly respond through a private format.

    Mr. Whistleblower is not a "bully" and a feckless coward", as you so state, and you demean yourself by making such claims.  I am surprised at your violent reaction to his questions, and why you would claim libel, as your only response.  Reasonable people respond with reason.

    I remind you that the Mission of Fourwinds is to present Truth freely to the world.  My wife, Anne, and I own and operate this website, as a service to mankind, and on a very slim budget.  Without the financial help of a few of our readership, we could not continue this service.

    We have presented your reports on Fourwinds for more then a year, as we have done for other material from other websites.  Usually, we receive your reports from someone, who sends them to us.  Anyone can go to your website and freely read and copy your reports.  I am not aware of any restriction by you or any request required for permission to do this.  If our posting of your reports was a problem to you, why did you wait a whole year to say so?

    If it truly is about presenting the Truth in your reports to the people, who need to hear it, Fourwinds has done you a great service, my friend.  I hereby request your permission to continue to present your reports on Fourwinds, and to hold in our archive those of your reports, which we have posted in the past.

    I sincerely apologize, if our actions have harmed you or your work in any way.  We mean no ill intent, but only to present Truth to combat the Darkness.  I await your direction.

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 12:37 AM
Subject: Re: Re: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Thank you for contacting Christopher Story FRSA. This is an automatic reponse to every email he receives. Our private publishing group, with offices in London and New York, is structured as follows:

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