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"Hello, Central!" Russia's Scalar Technology and Her Bases On Moon and Mars

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: AB

To: Bellringer

Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 3:59 AM

Subject: "Hello, Central!" Russia's scalar technology and her bases on Moon and Mars

"Hello, Central!" Russia's scalar technology and her bases on Moon and Mars

Dear Mr Bellringer,

On the 4th May 2008, at the foot of the page entitled "What Was Wrong About What Wright Said?" ( you made some comments about Russia's scalar technology and her bases on Moon and Mars. I would like to ask some questions about this topic.

(1) You mention Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the Serbian scientist who became an American citizen. Is it true that he was what is sometimes referred to as a walk-in; a fully-conscious extraterrestrial in human form? If so, which star nation did he come from and why?

(2) How did the American establishment treat Tesla and how did he die?

(3) If Russia has developed Tesla technologies to control Earth's planetary airspace, why has she not also developed Tesla free-energy technologies to power her electricity grid, industry and vehicles?

(4) Was it Russian scalar weaponry which shot down the Space Shuttle Challenger over the Florida coast in 1986, and the Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas in 2003? If so, why did the Russians do this?

(5) You say that Russia is working with benevolent ETs such as the Pleiadians (Hatonn etc) and other Star People, which I assume from the context of your comments must include the Martians. Does this mean that Russia is the only Earth nation dealing with positive ETs at senior government level? Or are others now doing this?

(6) With regard to the Russian bases on the Moon and Mars, are these located on the surface of those celestial bodies, or are they on the inside? How do Russian personnel travel to and from these bases? By Earth-manufactured vehicles? By ET vehicles? Or through interdimensional portals?

(7) In what sense is the US Space Programme a fake? Do you mean it doesn't exist? Or do you mean that a theatrical Space Programme does exist for media and disinformation purposes, but that the real US space action is covert?

Thank you for your consideration in addressing these questions.

Yours sincerely,



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  AB
DATE:  May 5, 2008
Dear AB:
    Thank you for your letter and questions concerning the space program of both Russia and the U.S. The Truth is that the space programs of these two nations are as opposite as  black and white.
    Your questions:
    1)  In the Phoenix Journals and in communications since these journals were written, Creator God Aton of Light has said that there is no such thing as a "walk-in" on Earth Shan, and there never has been.  By walk-in is meant that a soul chooses to leave its human physical body and another soul chooses to enter that body and carry on in physical format.
    Your statement of a fully-conscious E.T. in human form is common with the Star People of higher dimensions but is not the same as the "walk-in" I have described.  Nikola Tesla was nearly a fully-conscious person and E.T.  Note that we are all, as souled-beings, E.T.'s from the Stars, here as Returned Masters to do our mission of helping Earth Shan to make her transition into fifth dimension.  Tesla was a Pleiadian.  The Pleiadians are the ancestors of most of the souled-beings presently on our planet.
    2)  Nikola Tesla was a threat to the established scientific and political order of the day.  His free energy technology would cause the government to lose control over the people by removing the need for fossil fuels.  J. P. Morgan arranged for Thomas Edison to steal Tesla's alternating current technology and claim it as his own.  They burned his Colorado Springs, Colorado laboratory to the ground.  The media was told to trash Tesla's free-energy car, and the government rejected Tesla's free-energy system for home lighting and heating, and his technology to stop all war!
    Tesla lost J.P. Morgan's funding for his research, lost his assets, and died a lonely and penniless man.  He was murdered (shot) by the Edison/Morgan Cabal and his research both destroyed and buried from public knowledge by them and their stooges.
    3)  Russia has seen much trauma.  The principle people of Russia are the White Russians or Christian Russians.  The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was an attempt by the Communists to destroy the White Russian people.  During the 62 year period from 1917 to 1979 the Bolsheviks killed more than twenty million White Russians, but in 1979 the White Russians finally threw out the Communists, leaving only a Communist front government to fool the world.  At that point the Bolsheviks came to the U.S. and took over the U.S. Government.
    Since about 1900 when Tesla took his technology to Russia the White Russians worked covertly to utilize Tesla's technology for both domestic and military purposes, and free-energy has been used for some time for some domestic and much military purpose.  Very little is publicly known about the internal affairs of Russia due to the controlled media.
    4)  The U.S. Space program was developed solely for military purposes.  The goal of every shuttle launch was to wipe out Russia's ground to air military defense system or to do aerial photography to aid that goal.  For that reason the Challenger was destroyed by Russian scalar weaponry aboard one of their Cosmospheres.
    The space shuttle Columbia was not in landing mode when it blew up, as the media said.  It was to make one more earth orbit and pass over Iraq and drop a hydrogen bomb to wipe Iraq off the planet.  Thus, Hatonn gave the order to Ashtar aboard the Phoenix Starship to disintegrate the Columbia by particle beam and take the seven crew members aboard the Phoenix, as was done when Russian destroyed the Challenger.  This was done.  To cover the Truth of this incident the U.S. Military dropped human clones and parts of military hardware from their junk yards over Texas, as proof the Columbia blew up just as they had said.
    5)  Yes, Russia (the White Russians) is working with both the Pleiadeans and the Martians and other Star People to bring goodness to our planet.  I might add that Earth Shan is the only planet in our solar system that is not presently in fifth dimension.  You are correct in that no other nation has progressed yet to the level of enlightenment to be allowed to work directly with the Forces of Light,
    6)  Russia's Mars base is beneath the surface of Mars and her moon base is on the surface of the backside of the moon.  The U.S. was allowed to land on the moon only once, the first moon flight.  Because her intent was to set up space weapons on the moon to control planet earth, the U.S. was told to leave and never return.  All succeeding moon flights were fake, created in the Nevada desert and in NASA's Hollywood studio for display on the lying media
    You may recall taht during the first and only U.S. moon mission, the astronauts reported to Mission Control, as they flew around the back side of the moon, that they saw green fields, they saw water and they saw buildings.  Immediately, the transmission was cut off.  This has been verified by short-wave radio operators, who were listening to the transmissions to NASA at the time.  Why, do you suppose, Mission Control did not want the public to hear this information?
    Russians travel in space using their own Earth-manufactured space vehicles.  You may recall that Adolph Hitler also had such technology, and did not commit suicide, as we were told, but at the end of the war in 1945 few to Peru and then to his base at the South Pole aboard his space craft.
    7)  The U.S. has had no successful space program ever.  Repeatedly through their space launches, the U.S. has tried to wipe out Russia's technology with no success.  In most cases a similar pattern was followed.  When a launch was planned, two space vehicles were built, one taken to Cape Canaveral, Florida and one to Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) in southern California.  The astronauts were cloned and the clones placed in an assimilator at EAFB to replicate the actual launch from Florida.
    The launch was made as scheduled from Cape Canaveral, the shuttle craft was blown up somewhere in orbit by the Russian Cosmospheres, the media kept on with their "space mission" lies, at the end of the U.S. space mission a 747 would piggy-back the second shuttle craft from EAFB in California to the proper elevation, release the shuttle craft with clones, and the craft would land at Cape Canaveral right on schedule, mission accomplished.  Astronauts swear they have been there and done that, as they climb out of the assimilator.  It is that real!  No, the U.S. has no true space program, and never has.  It is all a joke!
    Read Space Gate, Phoenix Journal #3.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer