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"Hello, Central!" What Can I and My Family Do To Become Enlightened?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: HZ
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 10:04 PM
Subject: Subject: Gods Plan 2000

Hi Patrick,

I've became one of the reads recently. I've read many messages from Chris Micheal and by others. Chris Micheal speaks my heart and I love his messages. From the link to link so I am here now to read your message by subject Gods Plan 2000. I understand your message:  3d, 4d, 5d and frequencies and  I just have some questions about by2012. After 2012,  will be the earth  on 5d completely or still need to take a while to 5d?  I want to help my sisters and brother and friends to understand their consciousness can save them from the destruction . Obviously they don't believer me.  From your message, they shall die and continue to lifetime lessons in next 3d lifetime? Time is running out. I wonder what I can do so I can be enlightened and help my family.  Can you explain a little more about enlightened? I know you are very busy. However, I would like to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much,


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  HZ
DATE:  March 31, 2008
Dear HZ:
    Thank you for your letter.  Your question of how to become enlightened is a very important one.  I shall give you a very simple answer.
    To become enlightened is to learn Truth and to live the Laws of God and of the Creation.  By learning Truth we crate positive energy that raises our body frequencies.  We raise our frequencies also by living God's Laws.  These 18 Laws have been given to us again most recently in the Phoenix Journal # 27 ( ). 
    You can find the Phoenix Journals on our Fourwinds website.  ( Go to the main blue MENU on our Homepage and hold your mouse over "Phoenix Archives".  When the blue box pops down, click in "Phoenix Journals".  Click on the picture of the Phoenix Journal.  This takes you to the listing of the published Journals.  That URL is: ).   These Journals are a basic source of Truth today.  I recommend that you begin by reading the basic Journals of # 2, 3, 5, 7, 27 and 47 first. 
    You become enlightened by learning what is lie and what is Truth.  As you gain knowledge, you gain wisdom.  Wisdom is knowing Truth.  You may believe something is true, but not until you have confirmed through your God Spirit within that it is true, will you know it to be Truth.  Believing and knowing are two different concepts.  Please understand, my friend, that your God Spirit within knows all Truth.
    You said you were concerned about your family. Teach them the Laws of God and of the Creation, and help them live these Laws, for they bring balance and harmony.  Every souled-being has the knowledge of right and wrong, given to them by Creator God.  Children up to the age of 5 or 6 years old are not held accountable for their actions under God's Laws.  These little children will be taken to the starships automatically at evacuation of our planet.
    Those children, who have reached the age of accountability, normally age 5 of 6, now know right from wrong according to God's Laws.  They must by their freewill choose to board the evacuation ships to safety or to stay behind.  Their frequencies must be high enough for their physical bodies to pass through the evacuation beam of Light without harm.  The same holds true for adults.
    Do not worry about your enlightenment being great enough, so your frequencies are high enough to pass through the evacuation beam of Light. All who choose to do so, shall be taken to safety.  There are medical teams ready to help those, who may have difficulty.  Please understand that during severe earth changes, the starships do not land, but just use a beam of Light to bring us aboard.  Also, the ships can be as far away as Mars and still beam us aboard.
    Creator God measures the intent of the heart.  We can raise our frequencies quickly by gaining knowledge and wisdom through reading the Phoenix Journals and other sources of Truth, by learning and living God's Laws and by helping and caring for others in any way we can.
    You asked about the date of 2012.  Had we followed the original plan, 2012 would have been the time for our planet to move into 5D.  Because the Photon Belt energy has speeded up time, we have already passed this 2012 date.  Because pollution, destruction and evil energies have increased on Earth Shan, she is dying and will very soon begin her self-cleansing through severe earth changes.  She shall go through a period of 3000 earth years to be restored to her original pristine condition, but this time our planet shall be in 5D, where no evil exists.
I hope this brief letter helps your understanding.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: V

To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 11:32 PM

Subject: HZ Enlightenment

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for all you and Anne do at Fourwinds10, especially all thelittle things - did you really scan every Phoenix Journal yourselves for us? A tremendous amount of effort in just one tiny example - thank you.

I wanted to offer a little note to HZ about our growth to enlightenment. We have spent years examining how we as human beings technically raise the vibration of our own selves. The key is Attitude. The frequency of our consciousness and perception is controlled most significantly by our core Attitude. HZ's willingness to grow and help others has started him off on  the journey of increasing his own vibration. We have also found that although many people simply refuse to ever use the attitudes necessary to support growth, we can at times encourage them to do so; think differently; for a limited amount of time. Playing and pretending can help make a difference. Perhaps encourage family members to just play and pretend for a little while and agree that it is entirely possible that the

world is changing, then have a hypothetical discussion about what kinds of events this might entail. At this point the rightness or wrongness of the ideas doesn't matter; we're 'just playing'. Some may need to start with even simpler ideas, perhaps things like, "what would life be like if I 'forgave' Johnny and wished the best for him." Just temporarily adopting higher attitudes can give us some experience with the increased contentment in thinking that comes with the higher levels of vibration.

No one can change over night, but if we can sow seeds now and then and allow people to experience some of the tiny possibilities of thought by

temporarily shifting their parameters, then they will have a starting place for when the time comes in which they choose for themselves to grow. From the 3d perspective in the world right now, thoughts and attitudes from higher levels of vibration (grace, forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance etc) can seem unbelievably frightening. Providing safe times where the outcome of thinking in this way is predetermined; that is, they won't 'change', they are just having a look, just 'pretending' and they will still be the same person tomorrow, can be a good way to give those we love, a taste of growing towards enlightenment.

Some things truly have to be believed first, before they are seen. I hope this idea helps.

In love and light,



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From:   M

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 8:40 AM

Subject: re: Unusual question maybe related to Hello, Central! What Can I

and My Family Do To Become Enlightened;

Hi Patrick,

I read with interest the post marked Hello, Central!" What Can I and My Family Do To Become Enlightened, and I have a sort of similar question on related lines. I'll leave it up to you whether you wish to put it with those posts on a separate thread.  It's a bit unusual, but here goes.

I "get" what the Ascension Shift, near future, of Earth humanity's true history & roots are all about (well most of it) and although my family doesn't fully understand it, they're fairly open minded and spiritual non-religious people. However I have a personal problem.  10 years ago I picked up a virus which turned intoencephalitis (viral brain damage). Although I've made massive strides in recovery (which is itself a miracle considering it took a couple of years to diagnose (diagnosis should be less than 48hrs for even a reasonable chanceof both survival and non-coma), I struggle to meditate properly / have

problems getting answers from within, as well as other problems regarding balance difficulties & headaches, etc. To put my question bluntly, how do I know if I will make the Earth Ascension - Shift, what is your opinion after reading the following, and if so, will these problems persist post-shift?

I feel a generally high buzz;in myself, have a deep compassion for all of humanity, Earth, am attuned to Reiki,have always felt very uncomfortable on Earth  struggled to relate to many  people who won't wake up, have felt thatwhatever job I get would go beyond normal retail  office stuff (planetary healing ideally), feel pulled to and resonate with Ascension channellings (Mike Quinsey, Sheldan Nidle, etc) like a magnet, and even reached the pointwhere I feel I've evolved beyond hatred for Bush-et-all for their actions (though I do still feel a little anger frustration at how things have / are dragging on beyond the best possible timeline that could have been). I've also had a VERY intense dream where I was onboard one huge starship / mothership in what felt like a medical / clinicallevel in the presence of the most warm, loving person I've ever met with a similar feel given off by the ship itself, though sadly I recall nothing of what was said / any healing done (but the energyduring it was unmistakably different from normal dreams  an extraordinarily high buzz that I felt very comfortable / almost cried with).

So what is your opinion of whether or not I will make it based on what I've said? The usual answer is to go within, but that's really the biggest problem in my case - with mild brain

damage, my attention concentration ease at being distracted by even slight noises, etc, is pretty bad and I just cant seem to get any answers through meditation. Is there such a thing as "an unlucky starseed" where things don't go to plan?

I thank you in advance for any advice you can give (or maybe any reader in a similar position can give?), and also for a great and much needed website and positive words.

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  M
DATE:  April 3, 2008
Dear M:
    Thank you for your letter.
    Know that all Lightworkers are faced with obstacles for our lessons in soul growth, and that we have the ability with the help of our Guardian Angels to create miracles, which you have done.  Anyone, who desires to board the evacuation ships to safety can do so.  Creator God is only a thought away and He Knows your heart's intent.  Tell him verbally or through your thoughts your wishes and request to be evacuated at the proper time.  Then believe it shall be done, as you request, and it is so.
    Everyone will be given the choice to go or stay, when the proper time comes.  No one will be left behind, who desire to got to safety.  There is no such thing as luck.  We all came into this lifestream with a mission, and we agreed to experience these things for our lessons.  We do not know this, because we came back without memory.  That too, we agreed to do, for if we had full memory of our homes in the stars, we would not want to stay here and learn our lessons and complete our mission.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer