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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Reposted 3-14-19


Planet Earth and the Pleiadean Connection

by Patrick H. Bellringer



1. Age of Planet Earth (206 million x 22 cycles) 4,532,000,000 (about 4.5 billion yrs)

2. Time humans have been on Planet Earth (One great cycle) 206 million yrs.

3. Length of one Earth civilization 10,000-12,000 yrs

4. Number of civilizations that have been on Planet Earth Approx. 20,000

5. The civilization prior to our present one Atlantis

6. The civilizations prior to Atlantis Lemuria/Mu/Pan

7. Beginning of our present civilization About 12,500 yrs. ago

8. Ending of our present civilization (The last one of third dimension on Shan) After 2,000 A.D.

9. Birthdate of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel -- Christmas Aug. 8, 8 B.C.

10. Attempted murder of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel at age 37, 29 A.D.

11. The time Esu (Jesus) Immanuel said he would return to Planet Earth Within 2,000 yrs.

12. The time Pleiadeans came with spaceships to Planet Earth to stabilize the poles (three groups of ships, one group each around the North Pole, South Pole, and Equator) 1954

13. Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda returned to Planet Earth 1954

14. Photograph taken of Esu (Jesus Immanuel Sananda) in tangible, physical form by one of thirty archaeologists working at Chichen Itza, Yucatan June 1, 1961

15. The change of the Cosmic calendar a) This is the date of the Harmonic Convergence! The Cosmic Calendar officially ended August 16, 1987. The counting of the new calendar started August 17, 1987, as Cosmic Day 1, Year 1.

b) On this date our Sun began a new orbit around Pleiades of 26,000 years.

c) On this date the Milky Way Galaxy (and our Solar System) began a new orbit around the Greatest Central Sun of 206 million years.

d) On this date Planet Earth began her Rebirthing Cycle and transition into fifth dimension of 12,000 years. The first 3,000 years are a cleansing cycle.

August 17, 1987

16. Pleiadean contract made with the United States Government August, 1987

17. Transmissions of Truth by Commander Hatonn to Earth to Dharma (Doris Ekker) began August, 1987

18. Sipapu Odyssey, Phoenix Journal number one, transmission received and recorded by Dharma August, 1987

19. Valley of Radiance transmissions received and recorded by Dharmah 1988-1995

20. Magnificent Seven (Rainbow Masters) transmission received and recorded by Dharma April 7-25, 1989

21. U.S. Government broke Pleiadean Contract by attempted destruction of some of Commander Hatonn's space craft 1989

22. And They Called His Name Immanuel - I Am Sananda, Phoenix Journal number 2, transmission received and recorded by Dharma Aug. 6-13, 1989

23. Phoenix Journal Express, Las Vegas, Nevada published Hatonn's transmission of Truth Jan., 1990-Sept., 1991

24. Phoenix Liberator newspaper, Las Vegas Nevada, began publishing Hatonn's transmissions of Truth Sept., 1991-March., 1993

25. Phoenix Liberator newspaper abandoned due to U.S. government harassment March, 1993

26. Contact: The Phoenix Project newspaper, Las Vegas, Nevada, began publishing Hatonn's transmissions of Truth Mar., 1993-Mar., 1999

27. Transmission of publication of 115 Phoenix Journals from 1987-1998