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OPEN LETTER OF August 17, 2003

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OPEN LETTER OF August 17, 2003

August 26, 2003

By Anne Bellringer

Good morning to all of you on this beautiful morning of August 26th. I am St. Germain of the Holy Lighted Realms and I speak to you today of the Open Letter that was addressed to me by brother, Patrick Bellringer, on August 17, 2003, and has so spread over the entire planet. Why have I chosen this method of reply? Why have I not suddenly appeared to the Bellringers in third dimension and told them my answers? It has not been necessary at this point in time to appear anywhere, but to choose that method which suits best and who knows in her heart what are the answers to the questions that were raised in this letter. The answers I am giving to the transcriber are coming from me, not her. She has been very quiet, and is almost afraid to hear what is going to be said, but this has to be the means by which I communicate to the thousands of people who want “answers” to these questions.

Ever since NESARA began years ago all the transactions and the movement forward of NESARA, which is God’s Plan 2000, have had to be done quietly and secretly. Years ago, back in 1990 when the Bellringer’s asked these same questions about “WHEN, God, are the prosperity programs going to fund? Why can’t they fund? We have had promises and promises and nothing becomes of it”. You, see, my friends, the answer they received at that time was “Who is the enemy?” The Secret Government, via the help of all the Draconian “alien” leaders had the advantage. Could the CIA, the FBI and anyone come forth and force the funding? No, because no one knew who was who. Who was working for the darkside? Who were double agents? Yes, some were, some were not. As with all government organizations, there are wonderful people working for good, and many are working for the darkside, but it was all secret. That is why NESARA was born quietly, and those who wished to bring it forward and heal Mother Earth, worked diligently behind the scenes. People have taken on “pen” names to hide their identity so as to maintain their physical body, otherwise being known would have put their life in jeopardy. Didn’t they know about the protection of the Forces of Light? No! Many did not, and so their physical survival was important.

ALL ones on this planet are returned Masters. ALL have come back for great soul growth. ALL have come back to learn great lessons, and many of these ones are here to assist Mother Earth in her transition to the Higher Realms. The one “disadvantage” is that ALL have come back without memory, and must awaken to their great purpose during this last physical lifestream on this planet. Earth Shan, Terra Nova, Planet Earth is transcending into 5th dimension. In order to do this she must be in harmony and balance. She was chosen for the GRAND Experiment of having inhabitants from many universes come and prove they could live in harmony and balance and bring Earth Shan to the birthing of enlightenment, as has Venus, Jupiter and the rest of the planets in our solar system. Each civilization failed to do this, and this last civilization looked as if it would follow suit; however, people are awakening and the mass consciousness is accumulating to bring Mother Earth to the glorious transition she so desires. All negativity must now be transmuted off Mother Earth.

During all the progress of bringing NESARA to fruition, much frustration has been borne among people, the little people. Questions have been asked, but no answers have been given, at least not to them. Patrick echoed what people were thinking and feeling, but was never expressed. Who are these people? Are they what they say they are? Why the secrecy? Why the “labels”. Why the delay? Why are promises never kept? It’s like a carrot on a string! You reach for it. Then it is pulled away. When will it happen? Why doesn’t it happen? I want my money! I want it now!

Patrick has stated in many of his writings that we are all here for soul growth. So, if everyone had their money, then what? If there has been no awakening of why NESARA, many of those getting great amounts of money would become as the controllers, powerful, greedy and controlling, and would spend the money on themselves with more houses, more cars, more and more. NESARA is not just about money. It is about bringing balance and harmony back to our Earth. Greed, power and tyranny are not allowed, and so in the process of all these delays, many have awakened. Many have left Earth to continue their soul growth elsewhere. Patrick reflected the questions in his letter that no one dared to ask. The letter was not aimed at any one personally, but released the negative energy hidden in people about NESARA, about those working behind the scenes to bring it forward, and to transmute this off the planet. No fractures have been made, but the wound caused by the hidden frustrations of people was opened, the infection drained out, and the healing process has begun. Yes, the letter was needed.

Am I right? Can I prove that to you? No, I cannot. All, and I mean ALL the answers to your questions, dear ones, lie within you. Go within and prove to yourself what is Truth.

Is Fourwinds done with? By no means, but only begun. This website stepped forward to assist NESARA when the time was needed. By so doing, many people and many of those enlightened, have grown tremendously. The Mission Statement by the Fourwinds website stands. Go and read it! Why Everyone is at a different level of soul growth. Many are like little children coming to a great school, a university, and where do they start? What classes do they take? This new website is for those who are starting to learn, to know what changes are taking place. It does not mean that the Fourwinds stops, but only contains a huge library of knowledge that ones can partake of along their soul growth journey. We are all helping to bring forth this great transmuting of our planet. Let’s not forget the purpose. Remember that after NESARA is announced there must be a great learning taking place about your true history, where you came from, why you are here, and release the knowledge that everyone needs to know, not only in history, but in religion, math, science, etc. Some of the science knowledge is in the “banned” Phoenix Journals called the Pleiades Connection series. They are difficult to read and understand, but they begin to show people that what has been taught deliberately by the controllers was done for control. People are controlled by lack of knowledge, and are kept poor and ignorant of the great power within each person.

Do not judge those who are bringing NESARA. What have YOU done to help NESARA? Thank God for the negativity that has been removed from this planet concerning NESARA by Patrick’s letter. We are moving forward at a great speed, and we need to catch up to Mother Earth. She is not waiting in the raising of her frequencies to the higher dimensions. Wake up, people! Get on the “band wagon”! Go to the website that suits you best. Ah, dear ones, is this not a great time?

As for the Phoenix Journals, ah, the darkside has subtly tried to remove these books of Truth from your websites many times. Yes, there are a few discrepancies in the remarks in the last issues, but the brunt of these journals contain the documented history of what has been happening to this great nation of the united States of America since its birth. This has opened people’s eyes to the Truth, and revealed those in power and control. The Phoenix Journals have been the “beginning” of enlightenment to many people, and those who truly read them from cover to cover have found that the Secret Government has been in control for thousands of years. Ones cannot be enlightened by sticking their head in the sand like an ostrich and hope everything comes out ok. I will say this. Ones must read, read, read, learn, and expand your thinking. Ask your God-Spirit within what materials to read, and go where these materials are, and study and learn. Remember, in the pathway of enlightenment one never stands still…for you are either going forward or backward. There can be no fence-sitting.

Further questions were asked about the gag order. This has been very necessary. I spoke through Nancy Tate about the necessity of the gag order. Go and read it on the Fourwinds site or go to Remember, as I told your family and others, no one has a corner on St. Germain. I speak to many people, so what I am telling you now is truth.

How the dark ones have tried to stop NESARA! Of course they want to stop it, for NESARA spells doom to their reign of 65 million years. Their One World Order plan has been stopped, but it has not been easy. We of the Lighted Realms work with you, and as enlightenment increases, so our help increases. We match Light with Light. Did you know that even as late as January 1, 2003 we of the Lighted Realms had almost given up on Earth, and were seeing a terrible world war because the enlightenment was not high enough to stop it? Those wonderful peace rallies held around the world and the prayers and concerns of the people was a tremendous boost to the mass consciousness of Earth’s people, and the people spoke---“NO MORE WAR! We want peace!” Their spirits said NESARA, even though they had not heard of God’s Plan! So you see, things are moving forward.

No one has been immune to darkside attacks. The dark ones are not interested in the sleepy-heads, the sheeple. They want those who are enlightened to fall into their clutches again. This is why the attacks against all of you, who have worked diligently for Mother Earth Shan and for the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Remember WHO you are! You are great ones with the Mighty I Am Presence within and the power to stop all darkness. We protect you when you ask. Fourwinds has asked for protection and has had it for many years.. The new website can have the same protection. As for all of you who are working, never, never, stop asking and knowing and believing in your heart that you are protected.

The delays have been for a reason--sorting. The Lighted Realms cannot interfere with freewill, so people make a choice of whether to stand with Mother Earth—NESARA—and go with her into ascension or to leave and continue on their own pathway elsewhere. This had to be.

I must speak about the Reports being changed, if that be the case. There are a number of servers that the Reports pass through to arrive at their e-mail destination The darkside can interfere and can stop these e-mails from time to time, and remember, the darkside never, never, ever quits, even down to the last man.

I want to commend all of you who are bravely working to bring on the wonderful Ascension of Earth Shan and yourselves. I want to commend all of you who realize your great power within and know that the greatest power in the universe is your power of thought. Bring those thoughts in line with NESARA happening this week. Concentrate on your soul growth. Go within and obtain the answers you need to all your questions. We are very close to the NESARA announcement.

The questions no one dared ask have been brought to the Light. Think not about the suffering that all have endured, and the horrible things that have come to pass these past few months. All are on their pathway, both the victim and the victimizer. Think about where you are going and the wonderful Age of Peace and Enlightenment we shall all soon experience. No one, no thing, no power of darkness can stop those thoughts, for they/you are the thought of Creator/God.

I trust that I have “enlightened” all of you and have sufficiently answered the questions raised by Patrick. Someone had to slash through the underbrush and bring into the open the hidden wounds and let the healing process be done. So, the energy of Patrick Henry (Bellringer) came forth again with the letter that matches his earlier statement, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Today is a great day! NESARA has been done in the Etheric Realms. Let us now bring it to the physical realm. Today, for each of you, may you find peace and joy and happiness. Do something nice for someone today, for in giving you shall receive back 10 to100 times, and by thus doing you push the NESARA ball down the mountain!

I am St. Germain of the brilliant Violet Flame that surrounds all of you ones today. Go forth in peace and love. SALU.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

ADDENDUM: Who are the Bellringer’s?

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Bellringer have celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. They have four children, and both Mr. and Mrs. Bellringer and their children live in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Their family and a fourth “adopted” daughter make up the Red Ray Ground Crew that support and man the two websites of and

Anne Bellringer, the daughter of a circuit court judge of South Dakota holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Education (Magna Cum Laude) and a Master of Music Degree. She has taught public school for 29 years in South Dakota, New Jersey, Missouri and Minnesota. Her teaching career has been music education of children, kindergarten through college of vocal and instrumental music. She has composed music, presented original operettas, plays, directed musicals and is an accomplished choreographer, set designer and costume design maker. Anne. is also an accomplished piano, piccolo and flute player and has been a solo performer with many bands. She is an artist as well with many original paintings and designs on wood and stone. For the last seven years Anne has been a receiver of the Ascended Masters, and especially of Hatonn and Sananda.

Patrick Bellringer was raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm and learned how to work at an early age. He holds degrees of a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Forest Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science Education, a Master’s of Religious Education, and a Master’s of Divinity. He has worked as a Forester in both Alaska and the Black Hills of S.D. Patrick also taught public school for 18 years in biological and the physical sciences at junior and senior high levels with emphasis in health education. He was Director of Christian Education for the Presbyterian Church in New York City for two years. He has also served as a pastor of six United Methodist Churches in South Dakota, Missouri, and Washington State.

In their earlier years the Bellringer family owned and operated a dairy farm with their four children for 16 years. During the early 1990’s they held many seminars across the Midwest and East Coast for the Farm Claims program.

The entire family was called to the Black Hills in 1996. There they established the Fourwinds and the Phoenix Archive websites, which they have owned and operated for the last seven years.

They also owned and operated the for 3 years until the Spectrum Newspaper took on that responsibility for themselves.

Of the “five” Bellringer children, three daughters work in business management, one is a florist, and their son is the webmaster of the Fourwinds & Phoenix Archives websites. Anne and Patrick assist with the web-work.

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