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St. Germain Through Anne Bellringer

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To Patrick and Anne Bellringer,

Germain: Greetings to the Bellringer’s, Patrick and Anne. This is Violinio Germain of the Lighted Realms, Ascended Master and your brother speaking to you at this time. I am most happy to greet you and answer any questions you may have. It is now appropriate that I speak to my brother and sister – for we are all ONE.

Please proceed with your questions, Anne, for I am here with you and ready to serve you ones.

Anne: Thank you, Violinio. I am humbled that you are here to answer our questions and give us an update on all situations—NESARA—the Gulf situation and how things are progressing.

Germain: Yes, I hear your prayers and petitions for our interceding in the Gulf situation. We have sent the Angels of mercy to sustain those people who have not been rescued as yet. The human body, as Patrick told you, can survive three days without water and 30 days without food. Some of these people have survived a week without water, and yet as you see them, they are still living, and able to walk around, talk, and pray for rescue. We have not interfered directly at this time because of the response of the entire world and the many prayers that have resulted because of this disaster.

We have sustained ones, but if we were to have all our ships come in and pick ones up, what does that prove? The lies and trickery of the Darkside are being revealed. The prayers of the thousands worldwide have made Earth Shan shine like a star in the heavens, and because of these prayers and offers for help, and of the many people helping one another, the Light has shone more brightly. I know you ones cry for those in need, who are locked in the Astrodome, who are waiting on the bridge with no rescue. The antics of your administration to reluctantly help (esp. the blacks) has revealed to the world their terrible evil.

Many who have died in this disaster died because it was in their contract. Those that died that did not fulfill contracts have been granted mercy by Creator God and have completed their contracts. The Law of Returns is demonstrated by the fact that the city of New Orleans went down---they were below sea level. I know it sounds harsh, but if you want to drown in a hurricane, build your house on the sand below sea level a very short distance from the ocean.

The cries and prayers of many have forced your administration to rescue and they are shocked at that fact that people survived a week (they thought they would be all dead) without water and food or sanitation facilities. Things are gradually progressing—and yes, we are there helping.

We shall soon intervene, as Christ Michael Hatonn told you, and that is momentarily. The kindness shown, the help given and the prayers have pulled Earth Shan to the top of the mountain, and now the NESARA announcement can go forward.

You can feel the frequencies rising, the hopes of people rising after such a traumatic experience. The Darkside did manipulate the hurricane, but all did not go according to their wishes. They had no idea of the positive effects of this terrible tragedy would put them deeper in darkness and bring LIGHT to Mother Earth and her people.

As the days and hours pass, the lies of your dark administration are and will come forth—their manipulation of the storm by mind control, their reluctance in getting help. Their evil plan of letting those horrid black people-useless eaters die, and their mind boggling scheme of paper work before rescue can begin.

If your federal government had not interfered with the rescue, it would have been completed in much less time. If your president had not refused help from all the countries, it would have taken much less time to rescue people. Yes, the evil is being revealed. People are angry with Bush, are disgusted at his lack of caring, and seeing him for what he is – a controlled soulless clone – with no God connection.

I know you await NESARA. Yes, it is here and ready to announce. It is inevitable, and we come like the thief in the night. There is silence from the Lighted Realms about NESARA but plans are made, the preparation is done and the exact moment approaches quickly. I give no date to you ones, but you know that Creator God/Hatonn is in charge and all is in his hands. Do not fear the One World Order or their senseless Homeland Security in which they wish to enslave America first, and then the entire world. They are headed for the hell planet, and the fear and trembling is already among these Dark ones, including your president. They fear for their lives and are trying to stop the ocean of lies from sweeping them off their feet in their death throes.

Earth Shan and her people have endured enough. Contracts have been completed. Prayers have been heard and recorded. Shan’s people want peace. Although there is lack of NESARA knowledge, they shall welcome it. I do not know the numbers of Earth people who have decided at soul level to stay with Mother Earth. I do know that the joy and happiness that awaits all of you is beyond human description as the tragedy of Katrina was also beyond description for you ones.

Do not fear or be hopeless that all is lost and the Darkones have gained a strong foothold. They did not expect such LIGHT as a result of Katrina. Those prayers of you ones—and your prayer on Fourwinds—have made a great leap of hope and Light for mankind. Fourwinds does stand as a Lighthouse for the world, and many have been helped by this website.

Now, know that NESARA is not lost or set back. We are about to directly intervene more than we have been, and you shall know in your heart we are here. As Patrick says, keep hope alive, keep the prayers and Light going. Be prepared for the announcement, the First Contact and Sananda’s glorious coming. You ones have your own God Spirit, and you know that what I say is truth. The funding is ready to come to you ones. …..and yes, the Gold Standard is already in place. Many have received packets, although it has slowed a wee bit since Katrina. It is now picking up speed. Be prepared for that knock on your door.

We have protected Fourwinds from bombardments from the Darkones, and you have no idea how your Guides, Angels and Guards have protected you and your family. The beacon of Light over Rapid City is great. It shines into the ethers. Very soon I shall meet you and shake your hands, my brother and sister. Very soon!

It is getting late, dear ones, and I close for now. This is Violinio Germain of the Lighted Realms taking only a short leave. I remain close to you ones. Call upon me, brother Patrick, at any time. You share my aura! Greet your wonderful children for me. SALU.

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