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Through Anne Bellringer

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  Hatonn: This is a message to all Lightworkers.

There is a terrible battle going on in D.C., even at this time. The OWO is refusing to quit, want their money, will not step down, and will do anything to keep their OWO operating. They see the handwriting on the wall that there is no money to do anything, so they are planning to push ahead their plans for more terrorist attacks that would leave 911 look like a school boy’s job. Then they would declare martial law, round up, kill and imprison millions in their concentration camps, use their bio-diversity plan, spray bird flu on those in the camps, and on and on. Their plan is so horrendous even Satan is absolutely amazed that such evil could exist on any planet.

I tell you ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The countries of the world, who lost their gold to the embezzlement of your past Presidents, Obama and the U.S. Evil administration will not quit, either, and no threats by John Roberts has phased them. St. Germain and Sananda are at the meeting, not visible, but working with the Light to win this battle once and for all. This BATTLE is now at the finishing line, and leaks are being made from the “flies on the wall” that the OWO is attempting their “Ace in the Hole” card on the table.

We of the Lighted Hosts and Michael’s Warrior Angels have located all the areas in the U.S. and abroad where these Evil Satanists have planned their attacks, and have already neutralized them. This means, also, that they have neutralized Israel’s plan to attack Iran. The Russian BEAR is watching and has aimed their attack on the entire country of Israel, which would be no more, if Israel would be aggressive to attack Iran. This planned attack is part of the OWO plan to blame Iran’s attack on the Al Qaida or the Arabs, keeping the U.S. people focused on that situation while terrorist attacks would occur in the U.S. THIS HAS ALL BEEN NEUTRALIZED.

Remember, the Light WINS, always, and Creator Source has heard the prayers and petitions of the Lightworkers, who are exhausted and weary. We of the Lighted Hosts have heard these prayers and have stopped all the OWO evil. They have done enough to Mother Earth, and she can stand NO MORE. She, too, has pleaded with the Hosts of Heaven to stop this madness on her surface. She is moving fast to her birthing.

I do see the NESARA announcement and the funding packets to the recipients BEFORE Mother Earth tips on her axis, and that is very soon. Know that the OWO is now defeated and they are done. If it takes the Chinese Secret Society to eliminate your leaders in Washington, the rest of your government would capitulate and surrender. It is time, chelas, for these evil ones to be gone from the surface of this planet, whom they have devastated nearly unto death.

As Sananda said, your country is beyond reclamation, but not above bringing a semblance of balance to your country and to the world, even if for a very short time.

Do not be dismayed, for the Light has won. Keep your hopes and dreams high.

Be in peace.

I am Creator God Aton/ Hatonn of the Hosts of Heaven. SALU