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Phoenix Journal 76
Phoenix Jouranl 76
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  220 Pages (124)

"As a man thinketh--so he is!" Well, Man's thoughts have digressed into destruction, greed, war, immorality and heinous acts one upon another. You need to understand what happens with "thoughts"--THOUGHTS "CREATE"--or destroy--that is ALL THERE IS IN REALITY. Therefore, you become, the nation becomes and the planet becomes a MIRROR REFLECTION of THOUGHT!" --HATONN

We will un-censor a few comments by a respected Brother, Will Loy--who has a whole bunch of "visions" that you all had best start thinking about most seriously.

He has some good observations: "Normal times are over! It appears very clear to me that THIS WORLD IS NOW FAST APPROACHING SOME KIND OF UNEXPECTED CONCLUSIONS. One of the real purposes of this world will soon be reached. In fact, the first changes are now upon us and many more are coming swiftly upon this world and our lives. (This world and your life have very real purposes.)"

"In forming any picture from the myriads of pieces of a pcture puzzle--you must first sort the pieces. This requires knowledge--in TRUTH. Lies will not make a picture whole--only the presented fable. ONLY in TRUTH can you make heads and tails of the WAY IT IS! It is time to SEE and HEAR that which IS. You cannot turn into the Spiritual journey unless you recognize that which has come about in your physical expression and the limitations being increased ase we speak--to break the bonds, you must come to see God and the anti-God in full reflection."

Some very important topics discussed are: Censorship by copy-right - The TRUTH of how God creates - Jews control the Bolshevik government in Russia. Fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Chiristan. Is the whole Jewish race to be condemned? More on home-schooling - The Teutonic knights and Germany - More on Aleksei Romanoff - South Africa military bases and news update - Future Revelations - Mountains in the Atlantic Ocean - True purpose of the Pope's visit - Clinton linked to CIA -- The 5 Elements Of Organic Matter—Bolshevism—School Issues—New York Trade Center Bombing—The Pope Of Rome—Mountains In The Atlantic Ocean—Clinton’s Meteoric Rise—Censorship By Copyright—The TRUTH Of How God Creates—Jews Control The Bolshevik Government In Russia—Fundamentally, Judaism Is Anti-Christian—Is The Whole Jewish Race To Be Condemned?—More On Home-Schooling—Origin Of The “300” Committee. (Index Included)


Phoenix Journal 77
Phoenix Jouranl 77
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  215 Pages (116)

As it seems the edges of universal burdens close in upon your shoulders--stand back from that which IS and allow perspective to overcome the confusion.

As was promised, the organized chaos--the planned upheavals--keep the minds flitting and searching for respite only to find a myriad of other distractions and, now, personal impact on life-styles, morals, jobs--all facets of life impacted with alien input and degradation. You are NOT different, as readers, than those of the "team" here--each thinking that perhaps another has a better grasp on "reality" and understanding. All think Dharma "has it" -- after all, "...she has Hatonn!" Think again --is the child of the teacher in a classroom treated better or mor firmly thant the other children? Dies the child of the teacher have more answers simply because his father is the teacher? Has the child not yet a bit farther to travel in the midst of peers to accomplish and learn--than the other s so that there is not partiality? Is it not so that I have said that Dharma would be given "LESS-INSIGHT" and "understanding" and " pre-viewing" for protection and her own lessons? I am not come here for individual solutions to the myriads of confusing problems-- you are on my team because the answers and actions are liad before you IF YOU BUT SEEK THEM OUT!

Some of the very important topics discussed are: Updates on Gunther Russbacher and Ray Renick - The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) - A HISTORY OF SECRET MIND CONTROL IN U.S. - America went to the moon with Dachu research - Gaiandriana and spelt bread WHY?? - The BNL banking fraud - The "300" Conspirators' Hierarchy - Institutions set up to control everything and everybody in the U.S. - Palestine-Israel Agreement -- Scowcroft and Vietnam deals - The Phoenix Project - GOVERNMENT SET TO POUNCE ON TRUSTS - Definition of word AMERICA -- Pop’s Diary Of Predictions—Gunther Russbacher. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 78
Phoenix Jouranl 78
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View PDF File - 13.8 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  223 Pages (124)

It is through gradual deceit and lies that you have become a planet of people of THE LIE. You have allowed the cancer to grow and gradually work within your joints until you can no longer stand against the beast attacking--you no longer RECOGNIZE the beast--UNTIL TOO LATE! YOU ARE IN THE TRAP, THE TRAP SPRUNG, AND THIS IS HOW AMERICA BECOMES AMERIKA--WHILE YOU ARE NOT LOOKING! Even "THAT" is a facade--for you long since have forgotten or failed to realize WHO HAS BROUGHT THE IRON TRAP UPON YOU.

This very day the speakers relate the happenings of the day in Moscow Russia (Yeltsin retrieving control of the government), to the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. It, therefore, would behoove you to study our material quite carefully for it is important to KNOW who were the Bolsheviks and WHO BROUGHT THIS ANTI-GOD STATE OF EXPRESSION TO YOUR GLOBE! IF YOU KNOW NOT YOUR ENEMY YOU ARE DESTINED TO FALL TO HIM.

Some of the very important topics discussed are: World religions meet in Chicago. The Khazars join the Democratic Party. Update on Demjanjuk - Kol Nidre "Vow of all Vows" - More about White Sands, NM Proving Grounds - More about Stanford Research Center - General Eisenhower's Death Camps - Bush sons seek Kuwait contracts, magazine reports - Flu shots, be careful - Tesla's turbine pump--generator - Inherent gas turbine problems —Tesla’s Turbine Pump Generator & The Ultra High Temperature Gas Turbine—How To Respond To IRS—Food/Medical Self-Sufficiency. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 79
Phoenix Jouranl 79
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  209 Pages (115)

In moving through this material referenced as a relationship between Communists, Zionists, and World Controllers, it is imperative that you be offered repeated tales of history and insight again and again to that which is confronting you.

Some of you will deny and denounce us for offering TRUTH--for YOU do not yet understand your terrible plight--you have been blinded and the intent is that you shall not see until too late to act. That is YOUR choice, readers. You can turn away, deny, denounce, cast stones, maim and kill in your denial--and it will not change one iota of the Truth of it.

You who think you are some kind of "Christian" are NOT. You, worse, who think yourselves to be Judean Jews under the rights of passage of God--ARE NOT! YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE! I cannot force you to SEE, much less understand that which you see--but the insight will blast upon you as will the nu-clear war coming down sooner than you can imagine.--HATONN

Will there be many Godly people making a journey HOME? Not if you don't awaken and take stock of the truth of your imprisonment--for you will actually turn away from that which was sent forth to attend you.

Some of the important topics discussed are: History of Bolshevism - Spelt and bread - IRS - Behind Communism, the persecution myth - The Jew in Europe (many were expelled for crimes) - The Iron Heel-by Jack London - The 1917 Revolution of Russia - Russian mock nuclear hit on U.S. - Many U.S. traitors named - Propaganda in the movies.

Phoenix Journal 80
Phoenix Jouranl 80
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  224 Pages (124)

What you will find in this JOURNAL will undoubtedly be controversial (as you ones like to say). I can only ask that you READ IT ALL--CAREFULLY--so that you do not miss the confirmations of the Truth within.

“WE ARE NOT A PATRIOT GROUP—WE ARE NOT A `GROUP’ OF ANY KIND. WE ARE EFFORTING TO DO A JOB (A MISSION) WITHIN THE ASSIGNMENT OF HOSTS INTO A CHANGING ERA OF EXPRESSION—THE TRANSITION INTO THIS RADIANCE WILL `GET’ MOST OF YOU, AND OURS IS TO LEAVE A HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION OF `WHAT HAPPENED’. We will always do the best we can to fill your needs and desires as to offerings—but we compromise NO ITEM OF TRUTH TO PLEASE ANY MAN. This is hard for our workers in the focus on THE LIES. I can only ask that you go to the end of this Journal and read what one, Rosenthal, had to say about you, the masses and `them’, the Elite. GOD WAITS—BUT NOT MUCH LONGER!” --HATONN.

A few of the many enlightening topics discussed are: Thoughts on freedom - Saint Germain's role in the signing of the Declaration of Independence - A tax recovery SCAM - Disarmament--Soviet Style - Our troublesome WHITE community - Assaults on WHITE culture - A chance encounter with two KGB agents by two Americans - Zionist Occupational Government’s, ZOG's tremendous power and control of ALL media - ZOG is a CANCER that has infected every fabric of our culture. Life as we know it will be snuffed out SOON. American steel mill being shipped to China - Midwest floods created by man--DETAILS given - Purpose of GWEN towers—Liberty Vs. Slavery.

Phoenix Journal 81
Phoenix Jouranl 81
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  233 Pages (124)

"Trying" to keep to a given subject so that we can identify the major points in each JOURNAL for library reference is as difficult to accomplish as is the word itself, "trying".

These volumes are coming off Dharma's keyboard in about biweekly offerings. I can't urge you enough--to really effort to keep-up because it is all but impossible to catch-up once fallen very far behind. Is the information worthy of extra attention? YES!

I hear complaints about our production and the most frequently used terms are "scan" and "xerox". The accusation being that Dharma just scans in through a device, directly into the computer and/or "they just 'xerox' stuff and we have to catch up." NO--EVERYTHING THAT IS OFFERED THROUGH DHARMA IS OFFERED WORD FOR WORD, WITH COMMENTS--BY ME OR BY ANOTHER AUTHOR. IF THERE IS REPETITION OF SOMETHING SHE HAS WRITTEN PRIOR TO THE MOMENT--IT IS REPEATED, BUT READ CAREFULLY FOR SUITABILITY.

Some of the important topics discussed are: Damage control by the media - CLONING OF HUMANS - Satellites and other lies - Underground nukes - Hello, NAFTA. Pamyat - Is it really Marcos? Red China blackmailed and then double-crossed - The Newstates of America Costitution - Modern Noah's Ark: SPACE-CRAFT - How Tavistok set-up and used the Beatles—New Type Of Remote-Controlled, High-Heat Fire Starter Used In Those LA-Area Arson Firestorms—The Newstates Constitution—Underground Bases—The Beatles And Mind Control—Iron Curtain Over America—Gunther Russbacher. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 82
Phoenix Jouranl 82
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View PDF File - 13.7 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  223 Pages (124)

In the terrors that befall a pathway, my beloved children, a conscious being is torn and often immobilized by assaults upon the very soul. You ones who serve so closely to God (not in pious drivel of assumed "the way it is") are the most sought after souls for the adversary's "scalp belt". You can, therefore, choose: you can be immobilized, cease and desist in the "work" and pray the adversary will "go away"--or, you can hold tightly to my hand and I'll bring you through--with soul untarnished and peace in that valley of terrors. Will this cause the attackers to stop? No, but you shall be able to prevail and the prevailing will ALWAYS bring greater insight and ability to gain Mastery.

Does this mean that there will be no "concentration camps" for our people? No, it means that if there are such you shall be able to walk through it, OR, if too weary to longer serve or if your service is finished on this plane of expression, you shall be able to make transition.

How? By holding my hand, learning "HOW" and holding the course IN TRUTH and KNOWING. More importantly, you shall, if you cling to Truth and your commitment, you shall be able to create a NEW and better way; for YOU OF GOD can do this--your enemy must work only with that which is al-ready created. REMEMBER: WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE EXHAUSTED EVERY ALTERNATIVE, YOU HAVEN'T!

Some important topics are: Gov’t Attempt to Shut Down Conservative & Christian Radio And TV—Concentration Camp Plans For U.S. Citizens—Wormwood, Herculobus, Annunnaki??—Iron Curtain Over America—McAlvany: “Censoring Free Speech…” (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 83
Phoenix Jouranl 83
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View PDF File - 12.7 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  213 Pages (116)

This JOURNAL, POLITICAL PSYCHOS, must be totally con-fused with PSYCHOPOLITICS or you will have nothing upon which to base reference.

We can talk day and night into infinity and it will not mean nearly as much to you as a clear-cut example of what we effort to bring to your attention. I can only urge you to REALIZE FULLY that these things are not happening to "someone else" "somewhere else". It is not "just in Russia" or "just here or there"--IT IS IN YOUR DOORYARD--HAPPENING TO YOU! THIS is mind control utilizing the very physical expression of your physical brain. It is all but too late to change the direction of the world--for with the elder generation moving on there will be nothing to distract you ones of the younger generations from the programming already being set into your recognition--all other will be memories lost into oblivion for all history; all Truth is being rewritten into that which the adversary will have you believe.

How many Dharmas will there be to write the Truth that you may awaken? So few as to cause you to stumble in despair if I told you. But, the glory is: It only takes ONE! IT ONLY TAKES ONE IN GOD!

Some of the important topics discussed are: Who has the monopoly on the world opium trade? Princess Grace Kelly and the drug trade - How Tavistock of England controls the U.S. government, in detail. THE IMPORTANCE OF SPELT AND RED LENTILS FOR SURVIVAL. British East India Company (the Elite of England) and the drug trade - How Mind Control & Psychopolitics is used to enslave the world's population, YOU!!!

Phoenix Journal 84
Phoenix Jouranl 84
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  208 Pages (116)

In all the darkness which may abound, there is enough light in one tiny spark to show the way and therein is not only the "hope" but the PROMISE. I come not to lecture you on your moral views nor preach to convince you of some doctrine or an-other. I am sent to bring the Word of Truth that "Man" might rearrange his thoughts and focus within wherein Truth lies--for Man will find it not--out there somewhere from another's mouth shouted in opinion and perceptions of that which has been equally misinterpreted to him.

All you have to do to understand is LISTEN TO ANOTHER' S DREAM as doctrine of a Church or "Belief" which confronts your own--say a Tibetan Pagan Monk and a Methodist Preacher--and hear the rules for getting to "heaven" and celestial Grace by a Mormon or a New Age Rainbow-child. ALL have left out the important message to Man in instructions: TRUTH! It goes beyond "versions" of some this or that--YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIE--NOT THE LIGHT!

Why do "WE" have no doctrine for a group, church or cult? Because we are the body of God sent forth to do our job that HIS people will recognize HIS LIFEBOAT for His precious creations of Light which cannot be snuffed-out.

Some of the important topics discussed are: Comments about "X"-mas - Why don't people like Hatonn? Gold in 2000 - Is Gorbachev a Republican? The Phoenix Institute Project - 50,000 Russian trained Chinese in Moscow waiting to be shipped to U.S.--WHAT FOR? Collapsed economy - ADL wiggles off the hook - Nature's products for a natural life - What is Project Monarch? — NAFTA—Project Monarch—Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee Of 300 cont’d. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 85
Phoenix Jouranl 85
Download - 10.2 MB
View PDF File - 12 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  211 Pages (116)

What we offer is indeed "shock therapy for awakening citizens". The assaults come so quickly now that we have not been writing regular columns but I note that you have abundance to digest. I must take this "introduction" as opportunity to update you readers on a few ongoing things so bear with us if the subject seems to have no connecting linkage. We work as we can when we can and appreciate your editorial allowances.

This will be one of the more "shocking" but awakening volumes which we have offered so please stay tuned for until we can get all this information to you we are unable to do an intelligent job of sorting and counter-acting.

As you go through this JOURNAL you will note that you are not even nearly out of peril but incredible information is flowing and through the courts ones are at least making an effort to fight back. This is hopeless at present but when we can draw some unity into the "attacks" through the Law Center and get some funding flowing with which to be able to attain legal help of the proper variety we will make great strides.

Some very important topics covered in this JOURNAL are: A review of how VOTESCAM is orchestrated - GUNTHER RUSSBACHER UPDATES - Perot update - Christ's picture comments - Comments on Dr. Coleman's new book DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION - Update on Ken Vardon and Harry Martin - Extended exposé on crime and politics by an INSIDER, Gary Wean - EUSTACE MULLINS SUES TERROISTS, ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE - More on ex-judge Jason Brent. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 86
Phoenix Jouranl 86
Download - 11.1 MB
View PDF File - 13 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  221 Pages (124)

As the "front" heats up in confusion and time for "takeover" of the New World Order I wish to offer thanks and appreciation to those who work diligently and unendingly to PROVE MY PRESENCE. I specifically wish to take note and offer appreciation to ones, Col. James "Bo" Gritz, George Green, Gary Anderson (known under so many names as to be unable to list appropriate or current label), and all those participating in their nest of co-workers.

Mr. Green, for instance, gains ability to lie and have the courts back him up by his unending stream of "connections" (such as: "Ask Bo Gritz," and, "I'm just an 'agent' smoking out these cult operators..." etc.). Gary Anderson goes forth with their costly and DANGEROUS plan for sucking you nice people into "trusts" which will be confiscated and a full-out effort to see to it that you "patriots" do all the right things TO GET YOU DEADED IN THE UPCOMING CLOSE-DOWN OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Do not think for one minute that I am "against" these goodly teachers for they serve the most impressive jobs on the globe--that of disinformation, deceit and legal manipulation which ex-presses the very epitome of that which has GONE WRONG in your nation and world--AND PERSONAL VALUES.

Some very important topics covered in this JOURNAL are: Update on George Green and the above gang - An Illinois suit against FEMA - Russians "feeling their oats" - Patience vs. inaction - YOU must decide as a nation do we live or die. Paul Wilcher's letter to Janet Reno - WEAN'S DYNAMITE EXPOSE - Serious earthquakes ahead - Judge Smith guilty of jury tampering - New World Order targets Calif. first - The missing gold from Fort Knox. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 87
Phoenix Jouranl 87
Download - 10.5 MB
View PDF File - 12.3 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  201 Pages (115)

The ADL/Mossad has tracks all over the Trade Center Bombing trial and convictions. I told you that the bomb used is called an Israeli Briefcase Bomb. You have just seen the case which rep-resents the epitome of the seriousness of your plight as regards your Judicial system.

"Ah," but you ask, "isn't it more important to scrape the goo off Dharma and the WORD which is being discounted at every turn by such as Bo Gritz, et al.?" NO!

Why? Because one group is the ENEMY of GOD OF LIGHT--the other are MEN out to strip, deceive and "gain wealth" off of you-the-people. YOU must be aware of those ones and do that which is "justice"--I do not intervene nor put down any MAN unless he impacts my mission and work. These have done so but I can still "negotiate" for I am NOT a "patriot" of some kind blundering around with minuteman rifles or "Bullets in '96 if not by ballot in '92". I SHALL PROTECT MY PEOPLE, BRING ALL INFORMATION AS IT FALLS, AND GET OUR MISSION DONE--THE WORD, THE AWAKENING TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY TO THOSE WHO DESIRE SAME--AND GET A REMNANT INTO UNDERSTANDING, SURVIVAL--AND "THROUGH"!

Hillary's Hellcats--the women of the New World Order Find out if Hillary’s law partner was murdered because he knew too much.--ARMED WITH GESTAPO POWERS (Big Sister Is Watching You) - "We women are going to bring an end to God!" Remote mind control technology - God is Light--God is love! Communist goals - Vince Foster murdered - The impeached President - GaiaLyte, Sucrose Neutra-Bond, Caffeine Neutra-Bond -- Learn the answer to the question: Have You A soul? Discover The Medical Disaster Of Bacteria Evolving Into Potential Killers—Read Why CarbraGaia Is A Better Product Than Shark Cartilage—Understand That God Is Light And You Are The Thought Of God—Study The Understandings Of Vibration, Light, The Mother/Father One, Cycles, Matter Is Not Spirit, Grace Given Of God, Mercy, Seeking And Knowing That God Within—Learn How Washington State Senator Jack Metcalf Wants To Restore To The U.S. Congress Its Power To create Money—The Protocols (Short Form). (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 88
Phoenix Jouranl 88
Download - 11.8 MB
View PDF File - 13.8 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  222 Pages (124)

You have all, as a society, turned your "screen-play" writings over to the very Zionist Khazarians who proclaim of their own mouths and projections in every media to be atheistic, agnostic, humanistic, pleasure-seeking peoples. You have given over your "news", your media of all manner, your churches once teaching the Commandments of goodness, and your very GOVERNMENT of "LAWS" into the hands of that which destroys and does not rebuild. [The Noahide Law, Public Law 102-14 (signed March 1991 by Bush--without Congress) gives the ZIONISTS control of the U.S.]


Some of the important topics are: Details of the Noahide Law - The ADL and its history of treason and other crimes since its birthing - Exposure of some of the Clinton appointees--their criminal activities, their ties to the ADL - Ethnic cleansing - Michael Milken and his Raiders who looted America The promotion of the pedophile agenda - Update on Gritz - What happened to Robert Vesco - Details of the taking over of corporate America - Farrakhan speaks out against Jews. The best Dope that Gov't can buy - WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Phoenix Journal 89
Phoenix Jouranl 89
Download - 11.8 MB
View PDF File - 13.7 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  222 Pages (124)

“If you do not know your enemy—how shall you prevail against him?” --HATONN.

You can witness as you go through these journals that the weakness, and the strength, of any society is dependent upon the level and quality of its spiritual life. You can have great industrial wealth and much abundance but you have NOTHING without that which is moral and Spiritually sound. Your WORLD, not just a nation here and there, has become buried in the LIE and Spiritual TRUTH is buried around the corners of the graveyard of a dying moral civilization. All the signs of a perishing civilization are at hand--visible and rolling upon you as a tidal wave washing all that WAS in goodness into the ocean of forgetfulness. It is the awakening which now brings the growing pangs, the heart wrenching pains of hopelessness--but readers, GOD is infinite--only the perception of TIME holds you bound to that which is projected in prophecy or revelation. This too is tampered so that you EXPECT destruction without capable recourse. Within GOD all things ARE--and all is POSSIBLE. Change your minds and you can change the entirety of the world. You who choose to follow Satan's Drummers--are destined to end up in Satan's chaos. Follow GOD and TRUTH and you shall cease to march in the band of human deception or in the army of the incarcerators.

Some important topics included are: Controversy over Louis Farrakhan - ADL corks popping - Zhirinovsky--mad dictator or man of peace? Aleksei's. proof of identity - Aleksei's information accurate - South Africa warning - LIGHT AND MIND - Conspirator's Hierarchy "300" cont'd - Vince Foster--Clinton's cocaine connection?? - Hate Japan campaign - Control by "sanction" - Meditation & Yoga - Space age technology and our money system - The Michael Benn story - Mother Teresa. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 90
Phoenix Jouranl 90
Download - 10.3 MB
View PDF File - 11.8 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  202 Pages (116)

In this journal we will have listings of key players in this Conspiracy of One World Everything. We will also phase out of that subject and directly into the work of Rodney Stich as regards the saga of one Gunther Russbacher.

This is for the purpose of responding to all the inquiries about just "who is this man?" It is not "who" he is or was but rather a personal knowledge of what went on within the CIA and ad-ministration behind your backs--YOU-THE-PEOPLE.

We are nearly through with the latter subject and as to the former--you will have to prepare yourselves for there is an even higher cabalistic Committee above the Committee of 300. We are not yet ready to deal with THAT one so we will leave it lay for the moment while we catch you up on some other fascinating material which will begin in the upcoming (next) journal.

I understand the difficulty facing all you readers, that of being boggled by the unfolding. No matter how slowly or how many times we effort to prepare you, the TRUTH is always bigger and more confounding than that which is brought before. All you can do, readers, is gain as much insight and knowledge as you can so that you can be a step or so ahead of the major impacts--AND BE PREPARED TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. We can't do anything FOR you but offer this information and remind you that "these things will happen." Also remember: AN INFORMED PUBLIC IS THAT WHICH IS MOST FEARED BY THE ELITE CONTROLLERS.

Read about these important topics: Need proof about the ADL? Impeachable offenses by Nixon?? - Cosmospheres and space stuff - BLACKMAIL OF THE U.S. - Persecution by the Justice Dept. - More details about October surprise - Looting of U.S. military warehouses -- Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Committee Of 300 by John Coleman (Parts 21 through 24)—Begin reading Defrauding America, the work of Rodney Stich regarding the saga of Gunther Russbacher (Part 1 through 8)—How Did He Ever Get Involved?—Operation Interlink—Operation Cyclops—Operation Moth (MH)—Operation Gold Bug (GB)—Operation Thunder (T)—Operation Blue Thunder (BT)—Operation Fountain Pen (FP)—October Surprise And Much More—Learn About The Removal Of Huge Sums Of America’s Money Overseas By The CIA—New Bill Introduced To Suspend Parental Rights—Two Views On The Right To Bear Arms. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 91
Phoenix Jouranl 91
Download - 11 MB
View PDF File - 12.9 MB

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  209 Pages (121)

Each of the many whistleblowers who contributed to the contents of this book have been targeted and persecuted, as well as their families, by Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges, seeking to silence them. Many other informants who could have provided additional information were killed or mysteriously died. The authors and their confidants are risking their lives in bringing this information to the American public.

May the offerings of these and other daring truth-bringers offer you strength and determination to reclaim freedom and sovereignty in your nation and world for you are in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

Hatonn gives us important information on some of the following topics: The continuation of the book DEFRAUDING AMERICA – Removal of money from U.S. for payoffs – Markets and economic panics – The pattern of judicial corruption – “Nukes” in warehouse – The curse of Israel – MAN’S FINAL GOAL.

Also: JFK assassination and mysterious deaths: parties benefiting from them – YOU ALREADY CARRY THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Organized crime in the Justice Dept. – Sending senior citizens to prison – Gun owners beware. Lucis Trust—Satanist-led Outcome Based Education (OBE) scam – The coming police state -- More from Defrauding America by Rodney Stich about the saga of Gunther Russbacher (Parts 9-16)—Removal Of Money From U.S. For Payoffs—Markets and Economic Panics—The Pattern Of Judicial Corruption—“Nukes” In Warehouse—The Curse Of Israel—MAN’S FINAL GOAL—JFK Assassination And Mysterious Deaths—YOU ALREADY CARRY THE MARK OF THE BEAST—Organized Crime In The Justice Dept.—Sending Senior Citizens To Prison—Gun Owners Beware—Lucis Trust—Satanists-Led Outcome Based Education (OBE) Scam—The Death Of Camelot By Ronn Jackson—Education/Taking Your Child Away. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 92
Phoenix Jouranl 92
Download - 11.7 MB
View PDF File - 13.5 MB


By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

  213 Pages (123)

It is good to know when to “take a break” but it is better to confront those things which oppress and not allow them to come into power. What would you have this day if some two centuries ago the citizens of the U.S., as a for instance, said each morning, “I will check and will not allow anything to arise this day which will curtail freedom, the Constitution or man'’ rightful application of living"” However, now you awaken to the dirty deeds having been done while you pursued the trivia of the moment in protection of self from any assault of that which "“doesn't’ feel good"”-—he exact opposite of “if it feels good—do it!” There is magnificent difference in the soul “feeling good” and one or more of the “five senses” feeling good. Ah, but if something can be achieved which makes BOTH feel good—you have touched on Glory!

I promise you that if you will LEARN TRUTH and what is planned in the takeover of a world—YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE TRUTH IN THE NEWS TO GET THE NEWS!

Some of the important topics covered are: WHY THESE JOURNALS?—World Gov’t By The Year 2000??—Controlling The American People—Excerpts From Book Final Judgment—More On The Kennedy Assassinations—ISRAEL’S CENTRAL ROLE—A Change In Middle East Policy—Israel, Lansky And The CIA—Covert Actions In The Gaza And Israel—Latest Technology—What About The Ames Case??—Many Deaths Surround The Clinton Presidency—WHY AND WHO??—The Canadian-American Free Trade Deception (NAFTA).

Phoenix Journal 93
Phoenix Jouranl 93
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  209 Pages (116)


By David Briscoe, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON--Organized criminals from Russia, China and Africa are forging ties with old European and Latin American crime groups to threaten national economies and world security, the CIA director told Congress on Wednesday (April 20, 1994).

R. James Woolsey said a Russian "criminal politburo" could emerge as a powerful adversary with the network and resources to deal in nuclear warheads, while violent drug traffickers and other criminal groups are spreading and coordinating activities throughout the world. [H: Please realize that this is coming forth AND IS VERY IMPORTANT, READERS. This is actually saying that there is a FACTION which is now in competition with that which has been totally controlled by the "COMMITTEES" of power up to this point and now is setting up even stronger "arms" against the traditional power-brokers. You are simply witnessing a rising-up of one of the "Titans" of power who will be confronting the other "Titanic" powers that already "be". It is for this focus and confirmation of that which we have brought you prior to this that causes me to choose to offer this bit of press.]

Some of the important topics included are: Criminal politburos killing your world - The book There's A Fish In The Courthouse by Gary Wean - Sovietization of America - Big brothers continuing attack - Treasurygate - Report a crime. go to jail - The book Defrauding America by Rodney Stich - Covert gov't activities - CRIMINALS PROTECTED BY THE BAR
ASSOCIATIONS - Prayer definitely works. What is "Montauk"? -- The book, The Death Of Camelot by Ronn Jackson — International Organized Crime Groups—A Clash Of “Titans”—Supreme Court Justice Named In Treasurygate—Government Persecution Of Whistleblowers—Corruption In The Legal System And The Legal Fraternity—The Sovietization Of America—the Hoover Files—Laws, Treaties, And The Federal United States—The U.S. Went “Bankrupt” in 1933—Gunther Russbacher—The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor—Senate Report No. 93-549, etc., By John B. Nelson. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 94
Phoenix Jouranl 94
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  201 Pages (115)

As we move quickly along with offerings of information regarding the unfolding of proven corruption in your market places, your governments, your religions and the incredible corrupted control over you-the-people by the INJUSTICE SYSTEM, I can only say that, here in the beginning, we are just WINGING IT... As ones "with" are willing to share with those "without" so that strides can be made in reclaiming that which was yours, we will move quickly in offering that which is pertinent in the changing times.

“Our full and ONLY intent in offering works of anyone--is to present that which is available (and usually long since buried or forgotten) as a reminder that truth has been there all along--you only needed to be nudged and SHARE. There is NO CORNER ON TRUTH and beware the person who claims same for self—always check WHY they might be doing so.

“The variety of information offered in this journal is seemingly on opposite ends of the poles. No—it is so connected that I cannot urge you strongly enough—TO MAKE THE CONNECTIONS. It runs from Clintonistas, through Usurpers of other ilk to and into the Hopi (AmerIndian) projections and prophetic offerings—along with HOW IT WAS AND IS.

Some of the many important topics presented are: Defrauding America, By Rodney Stich—Nixon’s Funeral—Israeli Acknow-legement Of World-wide Assassinations—More On Treasurygate—The FBI Blackmail Files—Preliminary Draft Of A World Constitution—More On Inslaw And Crimes By The Justice Department—Crimes By The U.S. Bankruptcy Court—Declaration of Independence Of 1994, By Linda Thompson—Americans Take On The IRS: A Class Action Suit -- Hawaii State sovereignty - More from Ronn Jackson on "Camelot" & other information - Nixon's funeral - Israeli worldwideassassinations admitted - Update on the Russbachers. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 95
Phoenix Jouranl 95
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(Phase One)

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  249 Pages (137)

A lot of people are WAKINGJP America! From Fed-Up American: “It is time that all of us Fed-Up Americans come face to face with reality and fully understand that government at the highest level desires us to be their sex slaves to the fullest extent.”

“Indeed, the sleepyheads are beginning to stir…! First you are going to find it helpful to `heave-up’, then perhaps you can `heave-ho’ and then maybe, just maybe, you can `heave the bastards OUT!’ ” –HATONN

Living the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, and causes you to bump into people not going your way. –Ferber.

Looking back is as necessary as looking forward but while you are doing either—you are often overlooking the “now”! Hatonn….

You must see from past experience and history, tainted and untainted (if you can find it) that which was trying to “getcha” as come this far and right to the point of “gotcha” –and how, for goodness sakes (not to be confused with “badness” sakes) you can “gettem” so that you CAN HAVE a future to perceive in freedom and LIGHT.

Among the important topics discussed are: THE MONARCH MIND CONTROL PROGRAM - Money changes – Politics could doom a new currency plan. Vincent Foster suicided – Ancient Prophecies – Gold in them-thar vaults – The Jackson connection – The “Butch” Acheson of “Justice” - Photon Belt warning again – PG&E and Diablo Canyon - Satchel nuclear bombs – More on Russbacher and Ronn Jackson - Satanism and missing children – Kevorkian – More on Inslaw—Suiciding Of Vince Foster—Doomsday 1999 Prophecies—Currency Shift To Gold-Standard Base—Caspar Weinberger Conspiracy — Terrible Fate Of Missing Children--Interview With Inslaw Bill Hamilton—Hawaii State Sovereignty—Interview With Ronn Jackson—“The Photon Zone”, by Robert Stanley—The Gulf Breeze Prophecies—“Satanism, A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting”—“IRS Pink Papers”. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 96
Phoenix Jouranl 96
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(Phase Two)

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
  208 Pages (115)

“We will win this. We may lose the initial battle, but we, in fact, will win the war.”—HATONN.

"Very few people are aware that the intense drama of our twentieth century--the life and death struggle between capitalism and Communism, freedom and slavery--has its origins in the late eighteenth century. All Americans are aware that the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. Few are aware that Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, which provided the ideological foundation for capitalism and for the Industrial Revolution, was published in 1776. And fewer still are aware that in that same year, 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University in Germany, founded the Illuminati Order, a conspiratorial organization which embodied all of the goals, aims, and methods of what we now call Communism. All history books will tell you of the first event. A good many will tell you of the second. But practically none will even allude to the last. Why? When you know the answer to that question you know history better than the historians."

In this volume some of the very important topics discussed are: Proofs of a massive conspiracy - The Constitution of The United States of America (relative to the Federalist Papers) - Dr. Carl Sagan and MJ-12 - DNA-genetic engineering and alternatives - Treatment of cancer - Malcolm-X - Outcome Based Education (OBE) - Patriotism vs. use of patriotism - Fractals - Underground bases - Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy - Gaiadriana--life or death option - Ronn Jackson interview - Refounding Amendment—And the Refounding Of America—Death Of Jackie Kennedy—International Standards Organization And The NOW---Biomagnetic Field As A Carrier of Genetic Information/Alternative To Genetic Engineering—Wilhelm Reich And Orgone—Gaiandriana—Life Or Death Option—Update On Jim Vassilos—Lesson In Physics: Fractals, Chaos, Four Forces Of the Universe—Ronn Jackson Bulletin -- Proofs Of A Conspiracy, By John Robison—The Constitution Of The United States Of America, Integrated With The Federalist Papers—A Constitution For The World—Electorate Is Being Denied Right To Vote”, By R. Clampitt. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 97
Phoenix Jouranl 97
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(Phase Three) Part 1

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

218 Pages (123)

Readers, I hereby go on record as telling you that there are "aliens" among you, under the ground, around you, and working with some of the elders of every government you serve. Whose side are "they" on? Well, it depends on which side YOU are on as to whom you consider a friend or enemy. I hope you will read right through this journal--or go to the last portion about the "Blue Beam" project--and see if my writings seem quite so false and amusing to you--it is YOUR CHARACTERS WHO PLAN THESE CUTE GAMES AT YOUR EXPENSE AND HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS--I ONLY TELL YOU ABOUT THEM.

Topics Discussed Are: Sharks—Zionism Isn’t Judaism—Messages From God—The Great Election Fraud Of 1944—Update On Ronn Jackson a And Gunther Russbacher—Constitutional Treason—The U.S. Constitution Compared With The Federalist Papers—Gerry Spence—Prophets—The U.S. Government And Extra-terrestrial Entities— Saving everyone in the world - Prophets - Excerpts From: Childhood’s End By Arthur C. Clarke—Election Of Judges Is Mandatory—Comrade Herr Henry Kissinger—Clark Clifford THE BLUE BEAM PROJECT—Zhirinovsky— Earthquakes - Synthesis Of Science And Religion—The Truman Doctrine—Earthquakes. Many other timely news and/or educational items (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 98
Phoenix Jouranl 98
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

217 Pages (123)

As the days pass and you get closer to the time of the operative "fulfillment" you will witness the frantic efforts to "save" you in the name of this one and that one. The evangelists, especially those having gained recognition through multiple books, TV, Radio, etc., will be in almost panic expression--to get you SAVED for your RAPTURE (as now used). This, they will tell you, is to keep all goodly (but you must believe on Jesus) Christians from going through the TRIBULATION.


Some of the important topics discussed are: O.J. Simpson Trial—Depopulation—The Zhirinovsky Threat—The Noachide Laws—Selections From Edgar Cayce—The Constitution And The Federalist Papers—The 32nd Degree Masons—World Ascension Day—Henry Wallace And The Radical Tradition—The Kol Nidre—Pictures Of Spacecraft—More On Kissinger—Easter Island—Ronn Jackson - More on Russbacher - Moving to Mexico. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 99
Phoenix Jouranl 99
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

203 Pages (115)

As I move on to write on Russia, Khazars, the CIA and other topics, you ones seem to keep forgetting that ENGLAND was and IS your controlling monarchy.

There is no way to stress this critically enough. You had Cecil Rhodes who formulated this very plan of New World Order--and it was based on operations which would be fulfilled through the Freemason-type action (which is according to the Zionist Protocols of "do it in total secrecy"). This PLOT was in fact a major plan to destroy civilization which would, in result, pro-duce a return to the Dark Ages. Is this a "conspiracy"? Of course--for a single man may well formulate a plan but it requires other energies in assistance to pull it off.

Some very important topics are: The New Dark Ages Conspiracy By Carol White—The Anglo-Jesuit Link—The Sun Never Sets On The Hollinger Corporate Empire—Treasonous Executive Orders—Blue Beam Projects—What Is A Christian? Who Is A Jew?—Auctioning America—Brazil Money Exchange—Gaiandriana—O.J. Simpson—UFO Base Off Florida Coast—The Usurpers, By Medford Evans—More On Treasurygate—The Vatican Of Judaism—Executive Order #12919, Presidential Authority Over Industry And Technology—Constitution: Amendment II (Right To Bear Arms). (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 100
Phoenix Jouranl 100
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

235 Pages (131)

I look and I see such denial in a time of confusion in your lives, your nation and your world that I am hesitant to cause worse confrontation.

You can deny me, readers, but please don't deny your people who bring you truth and back it with confirmation. If you wait too long to take a stand in that which has come upon you gradually while you slept, you will lose opportunity to BE HEARD. I do NOT speak of taking up arms--I speak of taking a "stand" in TRUTH so that the perpetrators of the criminal and unconstitutional acts against you, as nations and citizens, can be stopped. Once totally open and uncovered--the criminals will have to cease and desist--IF YOU CAN REGAIN CONTROL OF YOUR COURTS AND BRING ATTENTION TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. FURTHERMORE, YOU START WHERE YOU ARE AND THEN YOU JOIN FORCES, I. E. , CANADIANS WITH THE U.S., BOTH WITH MEXICO AND THUS AND SO--YOU CAN HAVE A UNITED CONTINENT WITHOUT FORFEITING GOODNESS AND HONOR.

I do not speak of "FREE TRADE"; I speak of uniting in goodness and honor, integrity and brotherhood as sovereign citizens individual, then sovereign nations UNITED.

Some very important topics are: Repetition Until You Understand The Seriousness Of Your Plight—Misuse of The Milita—U.S. Could Keep Panama Canal—“Brazen” Lies About Islam—Prophecies Of The End Days—The Usurpers Cont’d—The UFO Threat—Professor Says Kill Off 3+ Billion People—Secret Military Maneuvers—The Constitution Of The U.S.—Warning! Militia To Washington—Gold fringe On Your Flag—Excerpt From The Thirteenth Tribe, By Arthur Koestler: “Jews Are Not Israelites”—Continuation Of Presidential State Of Emergency (Serbia)—Congressman Louis T. McFadden’s Speech—History Of The Milita—The United Nations Concentration Camps Program In America—Book I, By Serge Monast - Who are the Khazars? - Solzhenitsyn at center stage in Russia - Professor says kill off 3+ BILLION people. SECRET MILITARY MANEUVERS. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 101
Phoenix Jouranl 101
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

238 Pages (131)

You and I know that millions have died for freedom. And we appreciate beyond all human understanding the efforts and lives they gave so we could enjoy a certain measure of freedom. We will carry on now to regain those freedoms stealthily stolen from us by those who were supposed to watch out for our interests. Instead they have looked after their own selfish interests ahead of the common man. Way ahead. Let us now take up the pen, which is mightier than the sword, in the singular struggle to regain our constitutional rights.

Let this be your clarion call if you have not heard one yet. This is it. Take effective action now in your own sphere of influence and keep at it. The battle of words and wits has only begun. With God the Creation backing those who struggle for freedom there is only one outcome: Victory! Take action now.

Your inner self will urge you what to do. Do it as long as it follows God's rules. Of course, you all (readers) are doing the best you can. This is meant for the fence sitters.

Some of the topics included are: St. Germain And Our 4th Of July (Independence Day)—Where Has All Our Freedom Gone”—Pan Am Flight 103 And Its Links To The CIA, The Syrian-Lebanon Hostages And The Clinton Connection, Etc.—Details Of The Monarch Mind-Control Programming—Bo Gritz Connection—“God Will Save This Nation And Constitution.” Oh?? God HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES—You Don’t Like My Religion??—The Usurpers, Cont’d—More From Ronn Jackson--Militias & ADL/O.J. Connection—Linda Thompson On Armed Militia And Insurrection—U.N. Committee And Sodomy—Glue Bombs, Eye Poppers—Map Of U.N. Bases In U.S.—John Schroepfer’s “Journey To Freedom”, By Rick Martin—Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria—The Story Of Our Money—Solar Rays Warning—Mondex: Electronic Money. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 102
Phoenix Jouranl 102
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

214 Pages (115)

Our full and ONLY intent in offering works of anyone--is to present that which is available (and usually long-since buried or forgotten) as a reminder that truth has been there all along--you only needed to be nudged and SHARE. There is NO CORNER ON TRUTH and beware the person who claims same for self--always check WHY they might be doing so.

The variety of information offered in this journal is seemingly on opposite ends of the poles. No--it is so connected that I can-not urge you strongly enough--TO MAKE THE CONNECTIONS. It runs from Clintonistas, through Usurpers of other ilk to and into the Hopi (Amerindian) projections and prophetic offerings--along with HOW IT WAS AND IS.

I remind you that PROPHECIES are only the telling of that which has been experienced--and unfolds as it WAS--the "future" is for the CREATING! The information and speakings along with perceived "actions" along the way--are TOOLS for your WISE CREATING. Wisdom is Sacred--and so, this journal will be called for identification: SACRED WISDOM.

Some very important topics are: The Plight Of The Krikava Farm Family (Take Heed)—North Korea And Ex-Pres. Carter—Monarch Programming—Tidal Wave Of Haitians Come To U.S. -- Excerpts from The Usurpers book continued—Kissinger Pitted Against Rival—Ancient Prophecies of World Ending by 2000 A.D.—Hopi Nation Cries Out—The Hopi Prophecies—Water Lines Threaten Hopis—The Beginning Of Life—The Arrival Of Another Race Foretold—Aton Speaks On Ancient Teaching—Comets Hitting Jupiter On A Specific Day? (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 103
Phoenix Jouranl 103
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

224 Pages (123)

Let's tell it like it is about Committee crimes and Hopi hopes, big plans and then let us DREAM OF RECOVERY, FREEDOM AND GOODNESS--THAT WE MAY LIVE IN BEAUTY.

We MUST speak of crimes and criminals, misled, deceived and deceivers, schemers and hopes--but only that we may know where and upon whom and what to base and focus attention and action..

In this journal there will be a bit about black helicopters and thus- and so--and what might be their purpose. Col. Gritz tells the world there. are none of such. Well, he actually didn't mean it as reported by those who would pick his words to pieces. He SAID (in meaning) that he had experienced no black helicopters hovering about, terrifying citizens. Is there a difference? In-deed! Whatever might he the lacking in Col. Gritz--HE IS A PATRIOT TO THE U.S.--OR HE WOULD NOT HAVE SERVED WHEN CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE. No one has all the answers and if one has LIVED BY THE SWORD--he 3ha11 know no other way in which to reclaim that which is physically in danger of being taken.

YOU need these strong men to lead and serve, friends. What-ever one Bo Gritz may be, he would serve freedom if he could find direction and valid REASON for doing a thing a different way than as he recognizes. TOUCH GOD AND YOU TOUCH INFINITY--all ELSE can be peered away.

Some very important topics: Where’s That Comet heading for Jupiter? Unsolved UFO Sightings—Korea, China Power Keg—The Philadelphia Experiment—Kissinger’s Treason—Swannanoa Palace - More Excerpts From The Usurpers—Jupiter And Bogus Boulders -- Race riots—Questions Regarding Spiritual Truths—The Decline Of The U.S.—Russia’s Flying Saucer—The Livermore Computer Hackers—COMMITTEE OF 17 NAME LIST—University Of Science And Philosophy—Ancient Prophesies, Doomsday: 1999 A.D.—Clinton Administration Policy On “World Peace”—Ronn Jackson—Grandma “Sings”. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 104
Phoenix Jouranl 104
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Whether long or short—the road matters not if the first step is never taken!

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

234 Pages (131)

It is important, from time to time, to REMEMBER that we have THOUSANDS of pages of information out to you and, yet, new readers find only an issue or two and base all conclusions on same. It is not wise nor is it appropriate to do so. This is, further, WHY we write dated "journals "--so that the story is inclusive of myriads of pieces of information and comment of additional input--and is without beginning or ending. I am NOT in the novel writing "business" of ANY KIND. When the "novels" are written about these times, places and events--it will be so-stated and will be through the hands and minds of those who EXPERIENCED the actual play--or FOR those directly involved.

Some of the very important topics discussed are:. What to do when you see them coming for your land.' If you think they are after you consult a lawyer now. Time to clean house WHAT TO DO IF POLICE SHOW UP WITHOUT A WARRANT.

Some very important topics include: Know Your Rights!—What To Do If Police Show Up Without A Warrant—Civilization of The Universe—Essence Of Nature Of Human—LAWS OF CREATION—God Has A Plan 2000—BLUE BEAM--Revenge Is Out; Make Friends Of Enemies—Who Is HATONN?—Soltec And Recent earthquakes—Government’s Business Is To Control—Electronic Shutdown of Autos—More Success With Pen And Paper Power—The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction By Gunther Russbacher (Complete)—Living “Through” Without Damage?—Committee of 17—Ronn Jackson—Grandma—Militia Of Montana (MOM)—More Excerpts From The Usurpers—Cosmos Seafood - The real cause of our problems. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 105
Phoenix Jouranl 105
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

211 Pages (115)

One of the most important topics today--as regards YOU--is in-formation which deals with EXECUTIVE ORDERS and a warning: Wake Up--Freedom is not Free!

You cannot hear it often enough, citizens, because it is obvious by actions and continual tightening of consolidating additional Executive Orders (E.O.s) without any voting, recognition or public access that you are "had" and it is intended that you never KNOW or be able to act against this treason. You CANNOT be exposed too often nor too strongly!

Executive orders are laws established by United States Presidents. These laws are not passed by the Congress or the Senate, and create an end-run around the Constitution. These laws be-gin as Executive Orders which are simply printed in the Federal Register. After thirty days these orders become law and carry the full impact of any law passed by the United States Congress. These laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL because THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT AFFORD ANY PERSON THE RIGHT TO CREATE LAWS BY HIMSELF THAT NEGATES THE CONSTITUTION.

Some topics covered are: Executive orders—Protocols of Zion—The European Parliament—More From The Usurpers—The Schemers Such As Abe Fortas And Others—Will The REAL Clinton Stand Up?—Seven Years From August 17, 1987—Black Helicopters—Mexico Retaliates For NAFTA Invasion—Background Check On Ronn Jackson—Chelation Fights Heart Disease—Cosmos To Treasurygate—Gold Certificate History Lesson—Grandma—Flesh Eating Bacteria—Wholesale Elimination Of Populations—Religions Kill Off Religions—Update On Ray Renick—A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste—Jackie Kennedy’s Gold Certificate—Help The Hopi Nation—THE COMMITTEE OF 17 LIST. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 107
Phoenix Jouranl 107
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

212 Pages (115)

I no longer find it acceptable to have to counter such claims as "anti-Semitic". I, and most of YOU, I repeat, ARE SEMITES. Most of those referring to themselves as "Semites" ARE NOT! So, WHO are the "revisionists" of historical truth? You will note that "your enemies" will ALWAYS grasp a "term" and change definitions of said word or term and reverse its meaning--so that somehow YOU are the culprit no matter on whose "side" you effort to reside.

How do I DARE speak of these things in TRUTH? Because, after a while--you must use the terminology (before it is changed) to express a point. "Jewishness" is taking a far different turn than you might expect, beloved readers--FAR DIFFERENT.

Some of the very important topics are: America in peril--Calif. update. Abe Fortas was one of the schemers - More about "Treasurygate". - Update on Ray Renick - Help the Hopi Nation. Very large MICROWAVE towers in Alaska - THE COMMITTEE OF 17 LIST - More on gold certificates - The Star Lady - SOLZHENITSYN ON COMMITTEE OF 17 - Black helicopters - Wholesale killing of populations - Jackie Kennedy had one of the gold certificates -- Wake-up call for M.Ds. - Flesh-eating .bacteria - Congressional reorganization - China and human rights - Kissinger and British plan India's dismemberment. Anglo-American geostrategy - Judges Or Criminals? By Eustace Mullins—Jewish/Zionist Influence—Ronn Jackson Interview—Grandma—IRS/Collection Agency For Private Federal Reserve Bank—Cancerous Khazarian Fake “Jews”—Linda Thompson Update—More Excerpts From The Usurpers—Gun Control & disarming You—Jack McLamb/Ex-Cop Labeled Impersonator Protest In Blue, By Jake Batsell—Jewish Terrorists—Hidden Government Info On POWS & MIAs—Nez Perce Face New-Nazi Invasion By John Young—Vince Foster Murder—Kol Nidre—The Crime Bill—Aristide/Israel And Hatti’s Drug Secret—Pope Draws Jewish Ire For Knighting Waldheim. (Index Included)

Phoenix Journal 130
Phoenix Jouranl 130
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By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

236 Pages (131)

“This message journal is going to be printed in its most reasonable format for it must reach as many as will hear and see. You think that your diet-mongers, your `shape-you’ directors and your `food expert’ teachers are showing you the way. NO, they are NOT. You are becoming a planet of insane and deficient humanity. You have even crippled the very animal and plant life upon your place. IT IS ALL A PART OF THE NOW FULFILLMENT OF THE `PLAN’. YOU ARE DYING AND BECOMING TOTALLY INFIRM BY MALNUTRITION. IN THE `REAL WORLD’ YOU CAN’T EVEN OBTAIN THAT WHICH YOU NEED AS THE PLAN HAS WORKED ITS MISERY SO WELL.

“Since the most of this journal will be about beriberi and the various deficiencies of food as tampered with, we will give you a definition as presented to us. BERIBERI: Caused by a deficiency in vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) and other vitamins, and is found in areas where the diet consists primarily of polished rice, white flour, and other nonvitamin-bearing food. Increased need for vitamin B1; fever, high carbohydrate intake, or alcoholism may lead to deficiency."” --HATONN

Some of the important topics discussed are: INCARCERATION AND SPACE SHUTTLE’S ROLE AS EFFECTIVE PARASITE-SPREADING TOOLS—The Talmud Unmasked—Tracking Down The Killer—the Bible War Program In Action—Gaiandriana And Spelt Are God’s Gifts To You.—Hydrogen Peroxide Usage For Health—How To build Up Body Defenses Against Diseases—“Blue Beam Postponed Temporarily—The Messiah Of 1665—ROME WAS DESTROYED BY THE JEWS—Food Secrets And Other War Fronts—Antibiotics Won’t Work—What Should We be Taking? By Sandra Tulanian, D.C. - Change diet for health - Demineralized bread as war against you.

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