Page 20 The SPECTRUM FEBRUARY  1,  2000 of colloidal silver include: acne, athelete’s foot, burns,  cancer  (Dr.  Bjorn  Nordstrom  of  the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used silver in his  cancer  cure  method  for  many  years.    Dr. Robert  O.  Becker  MD,  in  extensive  research and experiments with silver, discovered that all cancer   cells   changed   back   to   normal.), conjunctivitis,   diphtheria,   diabetes,   ear “affections”,  eczema,  gastritis,  impetigo, intestinal  ailments,  leprosy,  lymphagitis, menier’s symptoms, neurasthenia, canine parvo virus,  pleurisy,  pruntis  ani,  ringworm,  scarlet fever,  septicemia,  shingles,  staph  infections, syphilis, tonsillitis, trachoma, ulcers, whooping cough,  arthritis,  bladder  inflammation,  blood poisoning,   cholera,   cystitis,   dermatitis, dysentery,   fibrositis,   gonorrheal   herpes, influenza,  keratitis,  lupus,  malaria,  meningitis, pneumonia,  prostate  problems,  rheumatism, rhinitis, seborrhea, skin cancer, soft sores, strep infections,  tuberculosis,  toxemia,  trench  foot, viral warts, yeast infections (i.e. candida ), and many others. Though  there  is  no  known  (to  this  author) data  regarding  A.I.D.S.  (Acquired  Immune Deficiency  Syndrome),  Dr.  Gary  Smith,  a medical researcher, suggests that silver may be linked to the proper functioning of the immune system.    While  analyzing  hair  samples,  Dr. Robert  Becker  noticed  a  correlation  between low silver levels and sickness.  He believed that a  silver  deficiency  was  the  reason  for  the improper  functioning  of  the  immune  system. Dr. Becker’s experiments concluded that silver works on a wide range of bacteria without any adverse side effects and without damage to the cells of the body. Dr.  Becker  also  states  that,  in  the  presence of  the  silver  ion,  cancer  cells  change  back  to normal cells, regardless of their location in the body. The  March  1978  issue  of  Science  Digest had  an  article  called  “Silver,  Our  Mightiest Germ  Fighter”  in  which  they  stated  that  more than  half  of  the  world’s  airlines  use  silver- treated  water  as  the  method  of  choice  for protecting    passengers    from    water-born diseases.”    Additionally,  the  article  quoted  Dr. Harry  Margraf,  St.  Louis  Missouri,  as  saying “Thanks  to  eye  opening  research,  silver  is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine.  An antibiotic  kills  perhaps  half  a  dozen  different disease  organisms,  but  silver  kills  some  650. Resistant  strains  fail  to  develop...silver  is  the best all around germ fighter we have.” Indeed  no  known  bacteria  have  developed an immunity to silver.  The comeback of silver in  medicine  began  in  the  1970s.    The  late  Dr. Carl    Moyer,    chairman    of    Washington University’s  department  of  surgery,  received  a grant  to  develope  better  treatment  for  burn victems.    He  and  Dr.  Margraf  sought  an antiseptic  strong  enough,  yet  safe  enough,  to use  over  large  areas  of  the  body  without reacting  violently  with  body  tissues.    As  a result  of  their  efforts,  many  important  new medical uses for silver were discovered. Colloidal  silver  has  been  used  successfully against  650  diseases.    Colloidal  silver  can  be applied  to  cuts,  scrapes,  bug  bites,  and  skin conditions  such  as  acne  and  eczema,  and  is  so safe  that  it  is  a  common  practice  in  American hospitals  for  doctors  to  put  a  few  drops  in  the eyes of newborn babies to kill bacteria that can cause blindness. Bacteria  are  developing  immunities  to modern  specialized  antibiotics  at  an  alarming rate.          The     medical     community     has acknowledged this publicly for years.  The Los Angeles  Times  reported,  in  an  article  titled “Arsenal  Of  Antibiotics  Failing  As  Resistant Bacteria  Develop”  for  October  23,  1994:  “But in  the  last  decade,  a  broad  resistance  to antibiotics  has  begun  to  emerge.    And  because bacteria  can  transfer  genes  among  themselves, experts only expect the resistance to grow.  The potential  nightmare  is  an  Andromeda  Strain,  a super-microbe  immune  to  all  antibiotics  that could  wreak  havoc.”    UCLA  Medical  Center has reported that “colloidal silver...killed every virus that was tested in the lab.” Colloidal  silver  is  considered  by  the  Food and  Drug  Administration  (FDA)  to  be  a  pre- l938  drug.    As  stated  in  a  September  13,  1991 letter  by  Food  and  Drug  Administration consumer  saftey  officer  Harold  Davies,  the FDA  has  no  jurisdiction  regarding  a  pure, mineral element. Contemporary  medical  tests  indicate  no known adverse effects, including Argyria, from the  use  of  properly  prepared  colloidal  silver. Argyria  is  the  only  known  side  effect  of prolonged ingestion of large particles of silver, such  as  was  experienced  by  workers  in  the mining and photography industry.  Argyria is a cosmetic  condition  resulting  in  the  permanent blue  discoloration  of  the  mucous  membranes. There  are  no  known  adverse  health  effects  of Argyria. [Editor’s   note:      Just   to   keep   things accurate, a typical medical dictionary definition of Argyria is: “Deposition of silver salts in the skin  from  excessive  oral  intake.    Signs: permanent  blue  to  bronze  discoloration  of  the skin  and  mucosa  that  is  darker  in  regions exposed to light.” ] There  has  never  been  a  recorded  case  of drug  interaction  or  reaction  with  any  other medication.    Colloidal  silver  successfully Medicinal Applications Of Colloidal Silver* Acne Encephalitis Purulent Ophthalmia AIDS Fibrositis Rhinitis Allergies Gastritis Ringworm Appendicitis Gonorrhea Scarlet Fever Athlete’s Foot Hay Fever Seborrhea Bladder infection Herpes Septic conditions of eyes, ears, mouth and throat Blood parasites Impetigo Septicemia Blood poisoning Indigestion Shingles Boils Keratitis Skin cancer Bubonic Plague Leprosy Staph infections Burns Leukemia Stomach flu Cancer Lupus Strep infections Candida, yeast infection Lyme Disease Syphilis Chilblains Lymphangitis Thrush, yeast infection Cholera Malaria Thyroid Colitis Meningitis Tonsillitis Conjunctivitis Neurasthenia Toxemia Cystitis Parasitic infections Tuberculosis Dandruff Pleurisy Ulcerated stomach Dermatitis Pneumonia Virus, all forms Diabetes Prostate Warts Dysentery Pruritus Ani Whooping Cough Eczema Psoriasis Yeast infection, feminine ( *  This  list  is  reprinted  from  Colloidal  Silver  And  You,  pages  10-19, published by the Silver Education Coalition, Salt Lake City, Utah.)