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Donald Trump Opens McCains Treasonous Can of Worms - A traitor can NOT be a War Hero

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FW:  2/25/17

Donald Trump Opens McCains Treasonous Can of Worms -

A traitor can NOT be a War Hero.

Gordon Duff article of Veterans Today: Gordon duff has first hand knowledge of John McCain's involvement with blocking the return of POW's.

" 33 POWs faced execution for treason after Vietnam until Nixon pardoned all POWs. McCain was on the list of the 33, in fact at the head of it.

Here are the facts as we know them:

According to Colonel Ted Guy, John McCain’s commander as a POW, McCain collaborated with the enemy.

McCain is accused of giving information that led to the downing of 60 US aircraft

McCain is accused of training North Vietnamese air defense personnel

McCain is accused of making over 30 propaganda broadcasts against the US, broadcasts he moved to have classified when he was elected to the senate

These 4 accusations are the only real and supportable accusations against McCain. The evidence for these acts exists and is substantial. What is stranger still is McCain’s longtime war against veterans, other POWs and their families. When John was a bit younger and better capable of looking after himself, he was often both verbally and physically abusive to POW families, POW activists and veterans. We hear nothing of these brutal outbursts of McCain’s though they continue to this day, now taken as the ravings of a mental defective." (Gordon Duff, VT).