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Christian arrested for 'insulting Islam' on Facebook


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A young Egyptian Christian was arrested for allegedly insulting Islam on Facebook after a mob of angry Muslims chased his parents from their home and ransacked the house.

Morning Star News reported Fady Yousef, 25, was arrested June 11 in Giza, southwest of Cairo, despite having posted a video claiming hackers had placed the offending material on his Facebook page.

Citing the Coptic Bishopric of Maghagha and El Edwa in Minya, Morning Star News said Muslims angered by the material attacked his parents’ home in Eshneen el Nasara village, near Maghgaha in Minya Governorate.

Bishop Anba Aghathon said in a statement the mob “entered and destroyed the contents of the house, then moved to the house next door where his brother lived and attacked it from the outside.”

“They were shouting against the Christian religion and the Copts of the village,” the bishop said.

Fady Yousef’s father, Yousef Todary, his wife and daughter were able to escape minutes before the Muslims broke in and destroyed the refrigerator, television set, mattresses, furniture and windows, according to the bishop.

The young Copt posted an apology on his Facebook page claiming innocence and insisting he would never do such a thing.

His sister, Nermeen Yousef, posted a message insisting her brother did nothing wrong and was apologizing only “because he respects your feelings.”

“He is not a child to do such a thing, and also his friends are Muslims and always tell me they are dear to him and they know this well,” she said.

Police also detained Fady Yousef’s brother and uncle. Two other uncles turned themselves in as soon as they heard that police sought them. Copts United reported the brother and uncles have been released.

Yousef remains in custody facing charges of posting material offensive to religion, according to Copts United.

In Egypt, insulting Islam, Judaism or Christianity is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of 500 to 1,000 Egyptian pounds, about $30 to $60.

Egypt ranked 16th on Open Doors’ 2019 World Watch List of countries in which it is most difficult to be a Christian.


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