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Leftist Threatens to Kill GOP Candidate's Kids in Closely Watched Race

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Leftist Threatens to Kill GOP Candidate's Kids in Closely Watched Race

Jay Webber, the Republican nominee in New Jersey's 11th District, is the latest victim in the far left's bellicose campaign against conservatives. (Politico)


New Jersey Republican congressional candidate Jay Webber received a threatening letter that mentioned his children and urged him to drop out of the race, his campaign said Wednesday.

“What the f--- is wrong with you … scumbag?” the typed letter, addressed to “Jay,” states. “You BETTER hope that you don’t win! Or else. How many kids do you have… 7? Unlucky 7. What is what we think of you. Time to get out of politics.”

The letter and a ripped up “Webber for Congress” campaign sign were sent to the candidate’s place of business, his campaign said. Law enforcement officials are investigating.

“Criticizing a candidate on the issues is part of politics. Threatening my children is not,” Webber tweeted on Wednesday. “We are thankful for the support of law enforcement as we work to find whoever is behind this gutless act. We will not be intimidated as we work to make #NJ11 better for everyone.”

The latest New York Times poll has Webber down 11 points to Democrat Mikie Sherrill.

The retirement of long-serving Republican Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen has presented an opening for Democrats in this political climate.

 Source: AAN