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Trump is playing everyone: Of course he's going to prosecute Hillary Clinton... he's just posturing to prevent an Obama pardon

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Nov. 22, 2016

(NaturalNews) It's always amazing to me how incredibly gullible everybody is. People just never learn, and today, they're all being expertly played by Donald Trump yet again. According to a NY Post story, Donald Trump "won't pursue charges against Clinton" as he promised during his campaign.

Has everybody just become incredibly stupid or something? For starters, Donald Trump said no such thing. Nowhere in any interview has Trump stated that he won't pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media, as usual, is exaggerating all this by falsely interpreting the words of Kellyanne Conway to mean whatever they want them to mean.

Secondly, Donald Trump is a master strategist. What he's doing with this signaling is practicing the Art of War, where you feign weakness when you have strength. The best way to prosecute Hillary Clinton is to make sure that President Barack Obama doesn't pardon her in advance. And yes, Obama can pardon Hillary Clinton in advance, issuing a blanket pardon for crimes that she hasn't even been charged with.

So for today, he's having Conway imply that he's not super interested in prosecuting her. But the minute he's sworn in and Obama is out of office, the real plan kicks in: LOCK HER UP!

Hillary Clinton will be investigated for her crimes in 2017

This isn't even hard to predict: After January 20, some new information will surface about even more outrageous criminal conduct on the part of the Clintons. President Trump will then tell the press, "I wanted to let this all go, but now this new evidence demands we uphold law and order." And the prosecutions will move forward, as they should.

It's stunning to me that nobody seems to realize how all this works, and they stupidly believe Trump is going to let Hillary walk. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised since everybody in the media has been wrong about everything for a year and a half. I guess they're all still too stupid to know when they're being played.

Mark my words: In 2017, Hillary gets investigated and very likely indicted. The only real way for America to heal, after all, is to break the hypnotic trance of the Clinton cult and show Clinton worshippers what a con artist criminal they were supporting.

No matter what happens, we still live in a country where the mainstream media is populated by complete morons who are going to be out-maneuvered by President Trump on a daily basis. That's going to be incredibly entertaining to watch, no matter who goes to jail.