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Would These Liberalís Outbursts Get Them Red Flagged?


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Liberal celebrities and media figures have been going crazy online and on-air since Trump got elected. They show every sign of Trump Derangement Syndrome and are as unhinged as they come. Here are the liberals who might be subjected to the “Red Flag Laws” they advocate for:




1.) Chris Cuomo

By Senator Chris Coons (DNC CNN Camerota & Cuomo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Chris Cuomo had a violent outburst that was caught on tape, he started berating someone who said something he did not like with very violent rhetoric. Had he not been caught on film he may have gotten away claiming he was a sane person.



2.) Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin took the media by storm when she posted a photo of her holding the severed head of Donald Trump. The image was harshly criticized and revealed that she really wasn’t all there after Trump got elected. 



3.) Donny Deutsch

Gage Skidmore ( Via Flickr

Donny Deutsch went on MSNBC several times in the month of July to compare Trump to Hitler, each time he did so he was completely unhinged and practically foaming at the mouth. If you replaced Trump’s name with anyone else people wo