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Fireworks Company Receives Bomb Threats After Trump Praise


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President Trump tweeted his praise to an Ohio fireworks company for its donation of fireworks to the 4th of July celebration. In response, multiple bomb threats were called into the company.

According to Fox News:

Multiple bomb threats were called in to an Ohio-based fireworks company Tuesday night -- just hours after President Trump thanked the CEO for donating the explosives to light up Washington D.C.’s Fourth of July celebration.

The Youngstown Police Department received a 911 call from the Phantom Fireworks headquarters on Belmont Ave. after the office received two calls threatening that “there was a bomb in the building.”

Officer Brad Ditullio with the Youngstown Bomb Squad told Fox News on Wednesday the first threat was called in at 8:30 p.m. by a man claiming there was a bomb in the building and everyone “needed to get out.”

He hung up, but three minutes later another call came in, with the voice saying “Tik-tok, tik-tok” before hanging up again.

Trump tweeted this praise for the company:\

Thanks to “Phantom Fireworks” and “Fireworks by Grucci" for their generosity in donating the biggest fireworks show Washington D.C. has ever seen. CEO's Bruce Zoldan and Phil Grucci are helping to make this the greatest 4th of July celebration in our Nations history!

Thankfully the threats turned out to be just that and no explosive devices were found.