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JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ: Good News from Friends in the Territorial/Municipal Trenches


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Good News from Friends in the Territorial/Municipal Trenches

From Anna Von Reitz

February 21st 2018

This announcement just came in from Rod Class --  he has won his Supreme Court Case which was argued October 4th 2017 by Jessica Amunson of Jenner and Block, Washington, DC.  Court case ID:  16-424 Class v. United States, decided today, February 21, 2018.

It was a six to three decision with Breyer, Roberts, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan and Gorsuch vindicating, Alito, Kennedy, and Thomas dissenting.

The Dropbox Link to today's Supreme Court Decision is here:

The Link is in this Folder:

As many of you may recall, Rod Class was arrested in DC, simply for having firearms in his car.  Things got nasty and convoluted, as such things tend to do, and finally distilled into this Supreme Court action

And here is the Dropbox link to the transcript of the oral arguments for those of you (like me) who prefer to read it and/or have a copy in written form. 


Rod has been on the forefront of the effort to limit government over-reaches and get to the root of the problem of mis-administration for many years now.  He has also trained many Private Attorney Generals to defend people who have been improperly addressed and attacked in federal and federated state courts.

It's too early for me to assess the impact of this latest win as I haven't had time to review the transcript and think it through,  but given the background, we can guess that it will lend substantial credence and strength to individual property rights claims, including gun rights, and may also underscore freedom to travel.